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My Story by Kathy Gold


Nikki Sixx

I'll break down my case, the love hate implant thing.

I always said, there had to be love before the hate

I found it.

My past lives with him put into sequential order, case ie your past lives does not go in sequential order, you have to put it in sequential order yourself. If you crack your own case like me.

If you go to an auditor, they will just listen to you. Called negative case gain. This is confidential, this is something you do on the upper levels after clear. I had no choice but to crack my own case. See my story, my side.

Security implants, agreements of trust. No betrayal.

If I'd gone into the church, I would now be open to blackmail like everybody else. I did the right thing in all my journeys. It's called Ethics. There is nothing wrong with me being honest, direct and overt.

You're suppose to tell the truth in a court of law, not lie. I'm not David Miscavige and his management crew. I know I would have won court, everybody else failed me. I'm just one woman.


I was royalty, Hapsburg and we got married, he went off to fight and put a chastity belt on me, but took the key with him. I was also pregnant with his kid. Not this life Hapsburg lol Past lives meaning more than one lol

He died on the battlefield, never came back. I died a horrible death. He went out 2d with Kat Von D, she was married to another guy.

So her man went off to the battlefield too. But while I was being a good wife, Kat Von D was whoring all over town ok.

Sixx went out of present time thinking about her and got killed. I loved him, he never loved me. It was an arranged marriage.

I created this pic for him, when I was looking for him, I just didn't realize it was him.

And this poem I wrote with Jett in mind but it was really for him.


Then Indian track, I was married to Frankie Starr, had our first kid DJ Ashba, our 2nd kid, I was pregnant with Juliette Lewis.

Frankie and me split the tribe and went off on our own to give birth, We left our son with the tribe. Me and Frankie got taken out by Sixx and Tommy Lee.

Pre Earth

Me and Sixx were a 2d, we were both cops. We worked the nightshift. He was cheating on me and didn't want to honor his agreeement of marriage, he was my first love. After we broke up, he started stalking me. My father and brothers were also cops. Sixx timed it right so I would lose my pension. He wanted me off the force. I found Jett and we got married and had our family. Sixx eventully got fucked, his father a politician was embezzling money from the city. He was connected by family and my dad and brothers didn't want to lose their jobs, get railroaded because of Sixx and his family. My dad in that life was not gay, Harvey Levin. He was a great dad, he guided me out of the force and towards Jett. My brothers loved him, they got free tickets to his races. He was a race car driver. His father in that life was Sumner Redstone. His whole family was in the race car driving industry lol.

Pre Earth

My first life away from the force, as an independent contractor, an assassin. It was legal. I lived on a planet where it was ok. My mother was Kirstie Alley in that life and my father were both mob, good mob and my uncle Versace. I was the oldest of three. I left home and went to assassin school, got trained and got my license. My comm lines where attorneys. I handled real injustice cycles, like a pedafile that killed a kid and got off on a technicality. So I hunted them down and took them out. Justice was served for the victims and their families. It was legal, not against the law, to kill the person that killed your loved one. Nobody went to court for money for the death of a loved one. Nope, an eye for an eye. That kept people in line. Big Time lol.

Me and Sixx got together but we would break up and get back together. I liked being alone, doing my job. He had a tat that he got before we got together, I hatted him and he got it removed, no tracking. This is what couples do, they help each other. We had our own game. Just me and him. I loved him and he loved me. He gave me a piercing on my left side over my heart, that's how I spotted him, his piercing lol. on his heart lol That was me lol. I wasn't ready to settle down and have kids and he was lol. He was retiring. So he put it in the PR, he was getting married, time for me to come home and honor my agreement of marriage or he was gonna move on with this new chick lol. I was on my bike, leather, crushed up the press release and put it in my pocket. Road into town.

So, I was like ok, fine, I came home, in the dead of night. He told her, my ex is back, see ya lol We got married and we had 4 kids. I had piercings for each kid and then twins, no piercings lol He gave me both O's. We had a very intense 2d ok. We lived in the city and sent the kids to boarding school. We were rich. We both made a shit load of money in our field and banked it. We didn't spend it. There was no prenup and we merged together like a team, one unit. Death kept him in line. He didn't cheat, he knew I'd kill him and keep it all lol. And if I did that, the same went for me lol. He'd buy me this kind of art Our girls went into the music business. We became their managers etc. His mom was The Countess LuAnn and she drove him nuts ok he felt like the dude from Brazil with her plastic surgeries and doing her thing lol

As for the piercings, I spotted him, there was an article where Nikki in present time went over to a woman's house and pierced her nipple, I think she was a fan and she went online and bitched how it got infected LMAO. He did it himself, he couldn't wait, he got tired of waiting. Alot of people dramatize their case, their past lives, so they're soulmate can spot them, find them. In present time, I have no piercings on my body except for my ear lobes. Not into pain and sex, degradation, you have to have pain in order to get your O's. That life, I was always high as a kite, always exterior to my body, I was a hired gun, I loved my job. Killing people for a living. You really have to be one of us to get it. And when he came over, we did tantric for hours and hours and hours. It was a whole thing, he wasn't a 1 or 5 minute man. Oh no, I love tantric and so did he. How else do you think we were able to do our jobs without going nutty LMAO hours and hours and hours pretty much lasts about a week or two. He had it timed pretty well LMAO. It didn't hurt I was high as a kite from my job. And later in middle class heaven, I took them out and of course as soon as I found out I was pregnant ok. And so did he. It was a game we played, not a lifestyle. Everybody has their own game, on the 2d.

His mom and dad double dated with mine. My dad past away from a heart attack before we got married. I went through a bad period. His mom, understood and we got along fine. She loved me and accepted me. Me and her never had a problem. I was closer to my father than my mother. But both my mother and mother in law would do the circuit lol Make their rounds. They were funny lol. Me and Sixx would laugh lol We had a great 2d.

Shit looked like this

Our girls

His mom

Life Before OT3

My life before OT3, I was married to Jett and pregnant and Sixx and Juliette Lewis killed both of us.


Sixx killed me and I was married to Jett and pregnant with our 4th child.

So that was the life where we had love, the rest was shit lol We had a long happy life. We won the game that we played together. We had mutual trust and understanding. We were honest with each, we didn't lie to each other and we worked through our problems. And neither of us cheated on the other.

But I'm not his soulmate. I never met him in real life. I pulled him in, meaning he was at the same place, same time I was, but we never met.

I'm not his one, I never was.

Juliette Lewis is his soulmate, his wholetrack 2d, like I said whores and strippers are his thing, his fav. Everybody's got one lol

Now I have all my whys, I'm not spinning on the 2D anymore. And it feels great.

Updated October 13, 2012

In that life with Sixx, I spotted him from this movie cameo trailer a few years ago, the shooter. LMAO. In that life, David Miscavige and Jett were both there too. Miscavige was an attorney that I did some work for. Jett was off on 2 or more year contracts playing the Snake Plissken game. I was fucking Miscavige but Sixx assumed it was Jett, that's what set him off and went on his war path and he gave me that piercing. It means ownership. We were broken up, he was fucking other people and so was I LMAO. He really didn't like that. He was afraid he was gonna lose me to somebody else. That night, great sex, great O's, me and him and chinese food. and it was raining. My place was kinda like this but different, it was a dump, a single, with a bed, a desk by the window, a phone, comps and a bathroom, what did I care, I was working, on the job, that was more important than being suzy homemaker LMAO. He brought the food over, spontaneous, he knew me so well, he knew what my fav thing was, when it was raining.

Anyway, after doing one of my jobs for Miscavige, we hit the hay, at his pad, my release, he noticed I had something new, the piercing, after that he wouldn't touch me. He broke it off. I was like, whatever, he was just a fuck to me. He was trying to pick between me and another girl for marriage and he went with her.

Btw Miscavige had nice clean white sheets, hospital corners, clean pillows. No scent. Clean. No weird headboards, kinda modern art deco, wood finish, nice cars in the driveway, he had 2 cars. One for back up just in case. Never stayed for breakfast, even though he did tempt me. Breakfast in bed. LMAO

I ran into Jett and we were gonna fuck too, while he was in town on a job, in a dump, but he also saw the piercing and was like ok. But me and Jett had a nice ole conversation after we made out. He asked who and I told him. He got it immediately. Our conversation ended in, I'll see you next life. I was like fine.

After we got married, Miscavige saw me on TV, we promoted and marketed our kids etc, he was bummed, he picked the wrong woman. I straightened out in middle class heaven, had kids, was rich etc etc.

The other woman he picked she kinda looked like this she went nuts, psycho, he ended up hiring Sixx to take her out of the game for him, she was in jail. He didn't kill her, he just got the info from her, her side. He did not trust this guy. Sixx later gave me the scoop, we talked and I gave him the scoop too and we both put 2&2 together. He wanted to use Sixx to take her out of the game to cover his bullshit, trumped up charge and assumed Sixx could be bought, easily. We were all on the same circuit.

Miscavige actually called me, a few times and hung up, but the phone number showed up. I in turn decided to find out who, so I went to a pay phone late at night and rang the number, it was his office. I figured it out, he wasn't calling on business, he wanted to patch shit up. When Sixx came by and told me what was going on, I was like ok, that makes sense and filled him in.

We might have been broken up but we were still in comm, we were friends, we liked each other. We just weren't ready to settle down and have our family. We weren't done yet, playing our game. Boy, alot of women were really jealous of me, I had his heart and I knew it. Nothing they could do to get it and they were pissed ok. LMAO, too funny. Kat Von D was in that life too.

After we got married, her and Jesse James came by, she wanted him and he wanted me. Middle Class Heaven bullshit drama rama games. Me and Sixx saw them coming a mile away in slow motion. He took her and I took him. She died then Sixx fucked me so good, both O's. I went for Jesse but he ran away, never to be heard from again, he blew town. He realized Kat was dead and me and Sixx were together again when we walked in the bar. He put 2&2 together and high tailed it out of there.

I'm sure Juliette Lewis was there too, but not in middle class heaven, I'm sure she was a whore Jett fucked on one of his contracts LMAO

Btw Sixx, did Kat Von D call you her dark prince, vampire fetish by any chance, this was after you saw me at Bar Sin back in 2008 before Texas? Food for thought.

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I got Sixx's computations, reality tv, rock n roll houswives style, his master plan or where psychiatry and scientology meet, fish out of water format, love conquers all etc etc. and in the end a tell all book, a-z all the women he fucked by religion, get it. It was between me and Juliette, scilons, which one first. I took myself out of the equation. LMAO. I never met him LMAO and I never will.

Past lives are pretty fun to remember or memory lane. You really know who's who in the game. In present time, not interested in either David Miscavige or Nikki Sixx. That was the past, no need for any reconnection.

Updated October 15, 2012

So when I was crossing the wall of fire, shit was hitting the fan in Sixx's universe with Kat Von D and Jesse James. Remember WW2, I saw a nazi whore sandwiched between 2 nazi's, playing ping pong.

I also took Michelle Bombshell Mcgee's side. I agreed with her, even if she hates Jews. I wasn't in WW2 and there were some good nazi's so you never know LMAO. Suicide Girls, LMAO Hot girls with tats, it's a fashion statement. I personally have nothing on tats and don't think everybody that has one is a criminal, I go by actions.

Updated Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here's what I liked about Nikki, I saw an interview on VH1 and he was married to Donna, he died, went exterior to his body and came back. I was like that guy, out of that whole band, that guy is hot. I wasn't interested in any of these people, not my lifestyle, never been to a crue concert, just bought their cd's, liked their music.

I was never looking at his way. Sure I saw the whole Kat Von D and him thing when they got together. I was like cool, they are happy, good for them. He was never in any of my equations. While crossing the wall of fire, I picked up the rumors, one for Nikki and one for Tommy. Both me and Daisy were at Bar Sin, in fact I went to see her ex Charles Edward play down there and she was there. Then after shit hit the fan, Daisy went on tour with Tommy and I saw those vids too and figured it out LMAO Btw Charles is hot ok, we had fun, him on stage and me looking at him, playing the game of I got his attention, corner of my eye, his eye etc etc. Too funny.

What I didn't like about Nikki, I noticed in his PR, all he does is attack women. Who does that? A girl ok. A man would attack another man, not girls half his age in the music industry, it's not a fair fight, his justification, controversy. It's weird. And not how a masculine man operates. He's in lower conditions. Oh well, not my probblem LMAO. His ethics are out, it's his job to put them in. I noticed he started shit with other bands, but then pregnant women, ok. That's weird. I'm not him, I wouldn't handle my PR this way, but then again, I'm not in the spotlight, I'm not famous and I haven't walked in his shoes nor have I experienced what he has. Who am I to judge his journeys, his travels? Nobody.

I hope he is happy with his current girlfriend, maybe they'll tie the knot if not, then I'm sure it will be somebody else. It's none of my business and I really don't care.

Ok now for the past lives stuff. This is called negative case gain, the good memories are behind the bad. In present time, if we were both in a position to be in a 2d, I'm sure sparks would fly, but that doesn't mean it would end well. I'm fully aware of what he is capable of. In the life I had with him, I remember a really gentle loving kind man who didn't cheat, no drug use, great at his craft, killer instincts, take out game. What I see in present time is a guy who has fucked alot of women, out 2d, cheating, stds, drug use, both psych drugs and non, psych history, spin city on his past lives, transgressions in present time as well as past lives. He's told to put his shit into his art, to make money off of it, but he gets no case gain, just more spinned in. He takes no responsiblity for anyone but himself, he is the rockstar, the celebrity but no non profit to help others, nothing to help mankind. Help for no personal gain. Inside of there is a good guy, the guy I knew in that past life but in present time, I don't know this guy and it can be confusing, cause deep down, you are like, I know you can be this guy, this is who you were and I watch you not be that guy and it breaks my heart. So that is the dilema people face with past lives. Once you spotted them and who they are, move on. Don't get emotionally attached or you'll spin your own case in, your past lives and down that dwindling spiral you'll go. In this life he's not that guy. People always hope for change, improvement, betterment etc etc. I'm overrun on it. I don't see any change in the human race, it's on it way out. So as scientologists, we spot them, we acknowledge it, accept and move on. No heartbreak, no pain. Just freedom.

And as you continue on, you meet that person, that you hoped the one you left behind could be, past lives and all.

Updated Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looks like Kat Von D has HIV, I'm gonna assume it was from Jesse James and his 21 women he fucked and if Kat Von D fucked Sixx, then he has it too. Ex Sex, Revenge, True Immortal Love or Forever......

If you assumed Sixx would change and become someone he's not and be that guy, boy did you get it wrong.

Updated Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Congratulations to Jesse James and his new bride to be. He's a stand up guy LMAO, that's a little dig toward Sixx. I'm sure he's not positive, this girl comes from a good family, Paul Mitchell and all, btw, great concept for a TV reality series beauty products + bikes and tats, should be a cool gig.

Updated Sunday, November 25, 2012

I saw this vid, I guess because it starts out with a Jewish band, that will give me the perception that everything is A Ok, positioning, PR etc etc or blah blah blah. The truth is, I don't really care, I'm not a nazi, I never was and I saw what I saw. I also wanted to give Kat Von D some confirmation, something I knew Sixx would never do, spin her around, I watched her vid when she still had plans of getting back together with him, whether or not, that has been resolved, is none of my business. I had my own journey LMAO But I had some dots to connect, Juliet Landau=her dad = Martin Landau = Ed Wood=Bela Lugosi=Hungarian and so on and so on LMAO it was a fun game. I got bored LMAO

Updated Saturday, February 16, 2013

So, that one good life, wasn't actually that good. I remembered some more LOL. After we got married, before the twins, in between I found out later, he fucked Kat then he killed her. I later got clues, hints, anonymous so which lead me back to her. Her dead body at the morgue, Jane Doe, they kept the DNA on file, online easy to find a match. So I got a sample and had it tested with his DNA, not that hard, I was married to him. It was his kid, he lied, I was done. He broke his word. If he lied about that, that little thing, then he lied about alot of things, our marriage was a shame, one big lie. So, I wasn't gonna get financially fucked by him, I cut him off from sex and he went out 2d, cheated, not that hard to predict, I also had him followed, got the goods, evidence. I took what was mine out of the marriage, even steven. And walked LMAO.

I met a black man, in the music industry, he's here too, part of Farakkhan's crew LMAO, I couldn't figure out why I was getting his computations when I was crossing the wall of fire. Me and him had a torrid, hot, passionate love affair. Smokin. We just couldn't move forward, my oldest son, he went into the family business. I was stuck between a rock and hard place, I can't get married and have a real 2d with this awesome trust worthy man because of the man I married and had kids with. It was very suppressive, my 1st husband didn't want to let me go. So my relationship ran it's course. After several times trying to kill my first husband, I made mistakes, I wanted to send him a message and he got it, but he wouldn't take the shot, so we ended up getting back together. But I made his life a miserable mess. We did not grow old together, he died before me. Old, in a wheel chair, I had to hire nurses to take care of him, while I took lovers who could fullfill me.

Next life was way better, he never cheated, never lied and he was worthy of trust. Jett, my soulmate. Jett was never predictible, no way and he made me crazy with love, real love. The roller coaster kind, he never let me sit in it, get solid, he let me fly as high as I wanted, he really loved me.

In present time, Sixx reminds me of Jeff Gold, my 1st husband. They are both the same except Jeff's a jew and Sixx isn't LMAO. I see no difference other then covenant house that Sixx donated $100k to, he established that when he was with Donna his 2nd wife. Btw Jeff, I think your dick is bigger then Sixx's LMAO You know it's not the size of a guy's dick it's the flow that gives a woman the O LMAO and my ex husband, no flows, at all. He's an animal like Sixx, lead around by their GE's not their souls. They can't help themselves, they're moved by sensation not right or wrong.

If Donna thinks, Sixx only cheated twice, boy is she wrong LMAO she doesn't know about it. She never hired private dicks to get the dirt, the evidence, instead she relied on her attorney, cause she's a celeb, she assumed she had some power, wrong move girly. Now here's what I didn't like about Donna, she went to Pat O'Brien to out him, Pat O'Brien is/was a drunken pedafile ok, ozzzing like no tomorrow but what did she care, it was all about her, Nikki was a bad boy, like he's a dog ok, he had an affair on the road while you were pregnant, didn't she think that was strange? Sure she did, she didn't want to give up his money, honey LMAO, she assumed she'd go public and that would keep him in line. But he did it again. She never saw it coming, I bet there's a sex tape of them too, just like Tommy and Pam, only Sixx has access to it and Donna doesn't, blackmail, honey he was ready for you. LMAO If she talks again, smear, not him, her LMAO. Donna loves being a housewife, she should marry a rich man so she can be a housewife. Put his ethics in, tell him this, that and the other etc etc. She fullfilled her dream of climbing a mountain, she never found Noah's Ark but climbed a mountain, this will be her claim to fame. I don't envy Donna, I'm sure he put her through hell and she back. Btw I saw your kid after it was born on TV and I was like that's his kid, OMG, crawling on the ground, I was like that's the ugliest kid, infant I've ever scene. Was she on drugs when she got pregnant? Cause they were doing drugs that whole time ok, she did cocaine to keep her weight in check, is she still doing drugs, cause after it was over, trying to sell his letters from rehab for money, she went all over town, drinking and then going to do her lent LMAO. OK. Donna is a Barbie Doll, who bitches up a storm and probably gave him a headache, many times, after awhile he was like, somebody get me outta here, how can i leave so I still win and I'm not financially fucked LMAO. And yes Sixx this is how I really feel ok. Where is your songs about her? What songs did she inspire? From your heart, your soul? As well as Brandy too.

Donna says she raised his kids by Brandy, why didn't she adopt them like Sixx adopted her kid?

I don't like Donna ok and I don't like Brandy, both sucked as parents, put their needs first and played games, head games. And Brandy ended up as a prostitute after their marriage ended with some druggie dude. And that's not rock n roll, it's gross and sad. In the end, you're not gonna win, this game you guys are playing. He'll be dead and you'll have nothing but memories and/or his mest, objects that he left behind. That's it.

Don't worry girls, I don't like Sixx either LMAO. It's nothing personal, it's all about me.

Nobody is perfect, all of you were doing drugs, and maybe some of you are still doing drugs/booze etc etc. That's not a stable environment for children, not a stable loving home. What's behind those pretty pictures online and off? A Whole lotta shit. It takes two to make a marriage work and money should not be part of that equation. It should only be about love. Real love, the kind that lasts forever or timeless.

As far as finances go, money, he has none he spent it all on his lifestyle, his managers, his crew, etc etc. His house in Studio City is not paid off and worth less then what he owes.

So he's got financial issues, he needs a girl that will bail him out financially, fuck him the way he wants and take care of him and it won't be me. I'm not that kind of a girl LMAO.

But I'm sure there's a girl out there for him, there's somebody out there for everybody and she'll fit right in, whether she's a scientologist or not.

Updated 2/18/2013

Let's talk about my ex husband Jeff Gold, and what an asshole he was ok. I paid for my own wedding rings, they were put on credit with Kay Jewelers and I paid the bill. He never paid it, on my name, my credit. Not his. Both rings and his wedding band. He proposed to me, behind Jerry's Deli in Woodland Hills (it was another restaurant then) in 1987 next to a trash bin. I was working across the street at American Mutual Mortage, Scott Saks owned it.

I never got any anniversary presents from him, though I bought him gifts, each year. he forgot, oops, he was sorry. He never did amends, he bulldozed over it and was like whatever. For one year on Valentines day, he bought me, a car stereo, it's not what I wanted, it's what he wanted. And another Valentines day, he got me tires. That was it. I never got flowers sent to me or bought except for the day he proposed marriage. I told him, I didn't know, I wanted to think about it. So I met him at Denny's restaurant and he gave me an ultimatum, either I married him or I would never see him again. So I said, sure why not, I didn't want to have any regrets. I walked down the aisle and said, hmmm I'll give it a year and 1 year and 1 month, it was over LMAO. At my wedding shower, I got high on speed with Chris and Karen LMAO went to FM station and got blizzed out of my mind. I never slept that night, the next day was my wedding shower. Got nice mest, objects, a toaster oven LMAO.

I didn't want to marry him but I didn't want any regrets. Now let's talk sex tape, there is none LMAO on our honeymoon he tried to take naked pics of me, I was in the bathtub and he wanted to take pics I was not into it, so I had wash clothes in all the right parts LMAO. I still have those pics btw LMAO. So our honeymoon he fucked me the night we got married, the rest of the honeymoon, no sex, I also got sick, the old ball and chain called Jeff Gold. Who doesn't fuck their bride on their honeymoon? Exactly, it was a set up for failure, him. He assumed I would bring him money, his life would just magically turn around LMAO and it didn't LMAO He wasted 7 years on me, after it was over and he moved to Vegas, he got remarried and kept sending me tapes, of music, his christmas card. I was like whatever. Here he was married and still in comm with me, we had no kids, what was the point?

You know Jeff, I feel better, isn't psychiatry grand LMAO to think I can now tell the whole world how you treated me like shit so my future husband can kill you, wipe you out financially and that includes your fucked up family except for Sherry, who I adored but is loyal to you. Btw Sherry, don't you think Rahm is hot? Hmmmm wasn't your dad and mom from that neck of the woods? Shouldn't you make a trip to see him, in person? After all he is a democrat?

Sherry is a real Jew btw, DNA and olive skinned like me LMAO.

Jeff is a pedafile in present time and down the wholetrack. Btw Sixx, you should be use to this by now, after all this is your life, put it in your book, how this crazy scilon put your past lives out there, turn it around and make money off of it LMAO.

Oh no, Sixx's PR, his dream reality TV show LMAO don't worry Sixx, Courtney and you have no TV chemistry, so I don't think it will go anywhere, but try Juliette, she can get the job done LMAO

After all she's Brad Pitt's ex and was nominated for an Oscar, she has stats, you are moving up in the world LMAO and she's coming down, over 40 now.

Just make sure you talk to that photog who took pics of her
and she said it wasn't her
she got a tv reality deal, back in 2009 for her band, she has an in. Sure it never aired but she's on the right track LMAO

Now if it turns out it was her or he has other racy, raunchy pics, just pay him off for the negatives, be a hero ok. Make sure he gives all of them to you, so he can't come back at a later time and blackmail you for more money LMAO

And Juliette put this pic of herself on her tumblr account, it's since been removed

Just like Sixx put these pics of himself on his tumblr account, they too have since been removed

I was there to see it LMAO. So, who's following who and who's talking to who or who's been talking to whom, for years online, or stalking central LMAO and who's reading into what? LMAO

More info about Juliette

And as for that release of that photog, that was after Juliette attacked Lana Del Rey on twitter, kinda of a weird thing for a photog to do, ok, you know free speech and all, to keep her in line, cause she's a scilon, please, I'm sure there's more than one reason.

And Don't forget those robotism shots Sixx, on your tumblr account, I was there to see those too, which are now gone LMAO. Oh no, Dr. Drew is gonna have a field day with you huh LMAO remember Britney and his interview about that issue LMAO and last but not least, the voices you are hearing on your radio show, I heard that too, what is that? Asking viewers questions? I'll throw you a bone, just tell them you're an artist LMAO I was behind you LMAO, got my confirmation and recon all along the way LMAO.

Sixx Am Album cover, gave you away LMAO
ur I mean single LMAO

And I know you pulled me in online before bar sin, Art Zone and Renderosity. Surfing around online, to get inspiration, creativity etc etc. And then eventually Deviant Art.

And before i forget, you were snorting heroin back in 2008,

Little Susie is Kat Von D, she never got a love song, but a fuck song, he was saying to her, you were just a fuck, I never loved you. then the crash, your release, heroin high, adrenline, the chase and voila back to me, to stablize you and bring you back into present time, plus you get bored easily, you love the constant chase or you fall asleep LMAO

Remember, you are constantly recovering, or start, change and stop, again and again and again.

Get too stressed and you can't handle it, heart palpatations, blood flowing, adrenline, beats too fast, stress, no control, drama, past life, death. Rush. Just let it happen and experience it, feel it, write a book about how it felt, try to do some good while you are here, but most of all have fun.

I guess that's why our President, disconnected from you. Drugs. You reverted back to drugs. Not a good example to follow for the generation of today. You are a cheater, a liar and a coward.

Maybe Dr. Drew can find a cure for your disease, your addiction, you know cause you are an addict, always recovering, always reverting. Not stopping but always finding a reason to do drugs again. Too bad really, Narconon could have helped you too as well as my religion. Oh well. Shit happens. You can't have Scientology, you would be out qualed or not qualified, even if you wanted it. Don't worry dude, when the chips are down, Juliette will bail you out financially, fuck you the way you want and take care of you. Now as for your kids, that's a whole nother issue.

And Juliette, it's not like you're getting off this rock either LMAO

So have at it, feel it all, make good memories to last both of you, forever....Go together, it's more romantic ok have him die for you, bleed for you, to prove it, he's been waiting for you to come into his life, to make himself whole, complete. He's lost without you, he needs you, only you can help him, save him ok.

You can both have intense passion before, during and after making love, baring your hearts and souls, together by the moonlight, you can help him heal, his heart, by all these people that have been tearing at his heart and soul for so long. That aching pain, it's been there for at least 75 million years. You are his true love.

And on the flip side, you bring out the animal in him, the beast You can be his Belle for all eternity.

Sixx, remember in her PR, she said she would figure it out LMAO so have the journey together as one united couple, against the odds.

And you can tell everybody, how cool it is that a woman started following your ex all over town, stalking really, no, just true love LMAO spin it, like everybody else LMAO

In the end, take her with you for the next 1 billion years ok, she'll keep you company, so you won't feel lonely. I'll see you in a billion years, your soul belongs to me after that, for OT3, the universe did not have to end.

Btw PR and Marketing peeps, don't worry, they can beat each other up, drama rama, so much headfucking, it will make for great reality tv, you guys will get paid ok.

And as for Jeff Gold, he wanted to revenge fuck me LMAO I already figured that out, years ago, not gonna happen Jeff, but keep wishing, hoping. Me and Jeff made an agreement like Pam and Tommy that we would go live our lives, be with other people and then get back together and grow old together. Not gonna happen, you were a shitty, boyfriend, husband and a friend. And Jon was really upset that we made that agreement, he wrote a KR on me LMAO. I told him, it was before I met you, but he didn't care.

And PR/Marketing Peeps, I'm open for a book deal of my own, the whole dirt, everything, including my feelings, what it felt like to cross the wall of fire and live. Think of all the people we can help all over the world, global, it's a win win.

Updated 2/19/2013

So one day for his birthday, I bought Jeff Gold DW Double Base Kick Pedals, I flowed him power towards his music, I always encouraged his art. But the only thing he ever gave back, was telling me after I wrote him a letter, pouring out my heart and soul, my feelings, that I was a good writer and I should do that. That was it. Our entire time together, 7 years, he said, I should write. Ok. He never flowed me power, never even talked to me about me doing art, no collabortation, instead what I got was belittled, torn apart, picked apart and told how I was not like them and I should be more like them, a barbie doll, my boobs weren't big enough, my ass wasn't small enough, my hair not blonde enough, that's all I ever heard.

When I was affectionate with Jeff, he would push me away, my love overwelmed him, he couldn't handle the kisses, the hugs.

And he would always make fun of me if I listened to any other type of music other than rock n roll. I remember, one time he said I could only play rock n roll in the house. Ok. I love all types of music. It was very very stifling.

He also gave me shit about my religion, he constantly belittled my wins in Scientology, made fun of them. After he got married and I saw him, he also made it a point to tell me, how his wife was reading Dianetics. He didn't belittle her to me. That was Jeff, trying to hurt me again. For me to introvert on that and go, why? Why are you nice to her, when you treated me like shit? 1.1's love to spin you, after they've hurt you. They're not gonna tell you, I'm fucking with your head, I want to cause you pain and you're my punching bag because I have transgressions in present time as well as in my past lives and I'm not gonna take responsiblity and accountiblity for them, ever.

I took responsiblity for Jeff Gold, many times, I took him to narconon to help with his cocaine habit, he stopped doing that but increased his alcohol intake. I loved him but fell out of love with him based on his actions and how he treated me. After he married Debra, I saw him in vegas, he made it a point to tell me, how she takes care of him, my cooking just wasn't good enough for him, he really loved food from a can. I guess he just didn't like cornish game hens stuffed with wild rice.

My next husband, soulmate this life, he will love that I'm an artist. He will flow power towards me as an artist and he'll want me to succeed as a romance writer and a royalty free digital artist. Instead of tearing me down, he'll build me up, encourage me when I feel blue. He will make me feel loved, like nobody this life has and of course great sex, lot's of O's and flows. Flows of love and joy. Warmth and affection. And he'll never push me away when I'm affectionate with him, kissing him and/or hugging him. My next husband will really love it. He'll love me kisssing him and hugging him, he'll love my flows of love and won't be overwelmed by it.

He'll also never abuse me in any way, shape or form. He'll cherish the ground I walk on, I'll be his goddess divine.

As for money, it will be our money, me and Jeff had different checking accounts even after we were married. We never had an ours. We had a joint checking but it was just to deposit money for bills. There was no full trust. It was always, mine and his. But there was no ours. He also made it a point to tell me, I would work for the rest of my life and he would never support me financially. I thought that was odd because how was I gonna do that and have his children? We never really talked about kids, other then wanting them. Someday. He never wanted to talk about our future, I did, after we were married. Many times. He just didn't want to put one there. There were no long term goals with us. It was one big mystery. But I noticed after he was married to Debra, he did support her financially, she was a housewife. Not even an artist. She's christian btw. And he did buy her rings. I also found out right before my induced meltdown, that the girl he got pregnant, cheerleader from Birmingham High, she tracked him down for child support payments, per Sherry, Debra welcomed their child with open arms. Debra was taking responsiblity for his illegitimate kid. I don't know about financially cause she didn't work, but with time.

With me, I got nothing but abused, verbally and emotionally. But with Debra, I guess he got his happy ending. I really don't care why or whys, more then one reason, but I do know one thing, he's 1.1 on the tonescale and a pedafile in present time and down the wholetrack LMAO. He was really afraid of the Church of Scientology, he went in to get a free ARC break session, he was drunk when he went on the meter. So, yeah, he didn't want anybody to know what a criminal he really is. He has crimes in present time that he committed, not just past lives.

His crimes, the ones I know about like when he blackmailed his sister Sherry. She got into a car accident and her then boyfriend David Sheragay was driving her car, he wasn't on her insurance policy, so he wasn't insured. Somebody else hit them, re end. So Sherry and David at the scene of the crime, switched places. But both told Jeff the story cause they reached out for help and he was the first person they called. What should we do? Jeff owed his sister money, he was dealing cocaine summer of 1982, and he needed money, for his rent etc etc, so she bailed him out, she was only 16. He never paid her back for that summer. So he blackmailed her, he told her he would report her and David to the insurance company and they would not get a settlement unless she released him from that obligation, not pay her back the money he owed her. She was no fool and agreed. The correct action would have been to put David on her insurance policy, not lie. Instead she didn't want to pay the extra money, in some cases, it's free. Sherry committed insurance fraud and Jeff blackmailed her on it. David Sheragay is now dead. This happened before we got married. I think like 1983 or 1984.

So those are considered overts or transgressions in present time, for all three of them involved. I was no where near the scene of the crime, the car accident and the dealing of cocaine in 1982, but I did stop by Jeff's apartment that summer, he was having a party, it was down the street from Castle Golfland. That's where I first saw Jeff, I was standing there and he just came out of a room, coked up, I was like, hmmmm he's cute, what did I know, I was only 15 1/2. I met him like that following year at a party. Prior to that, in the fall of 1982, I saw him on Halloween night, at another party, he was outside on the grass, dressed up as Mick Jagger with a 6 pack. I was like, he's cute LMAO. I was at Van Nuys High and his sister was in my school, 10th grade. She came from Van Nuys Jr. High while I came from Fulton Jr.

So spring of 1983, I was at a party with some friends and there was Jeff and one of his best friends, Ben. His sister Sherry was also there. I was drinking from a beer bong and gagged, it spilled all over me LMAO he thought I was cute. Ben ended up taking my number not Jeff. I saw Sherry at school the next Monday, she wanted to set me up with her brother. She told me, her brother liked me and I told her, I liked him. I think like a week later, she called and said, ok, my brother is gonna call you, today, so be available ok, I was like ok. I liked him LMAO.

Jeff called and asked me out, I said yes. We never did a chase.

Ben and Jeff later became un friends. Oh well. Wasn't my problem. He told me later, it was between me and this other girl LMAO ok, I really didn't care.

Jeff was the 2nd man I ever had sex with. Rich was my first.

I'm not a whore ok or promiscuous.

Great story of the summer of 1982, I gave up my virginity to Rich Boone. Rich was after Danny Nuccio. Best summer ever, great memories.

It was the four of us, me, Karen Kitching, Sherry Kitching and Teresa

Castle Golfland, Westwood, Santa Monica Beach, Pier 17, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Van Nuys Blvd on Wednsdays, Balboa park and of course Woodley park LMAO.

Did you know Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Christine were both filmed at Van Nuys High?

Surreal moment in time for me, I was watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the Sherman Oaks Galleria Theater, how surreal is that? It's not there anymore, it's gone now, remember Perry's Pizza? I do.

I loved the Go Go's

Alot of great 80's songs

Updated 2/20/2013

After Jeff moved to Vegas, me and Vickie, drove out there. I stayed with him at his place over the weekend, while she stayed with her husband at the hotel. Jeff told me that weekend, how he was punishing me. He just didn't tell me the full story until after I got home. He wanted to get back together and I said no. He gave me another ultimatum, history does not repeat itself with me. I said no. Then he told me. He assumed I cheated on him with Chris's boyfriends roomate. That never happened. Funny story. Greg was dealing coke, we were doing coke then, me and Chris were in the bedroom, doing lines, greg's roommate was there too, we were all doing coke. Jeff was late, so I was bitching about him to chris, I was upset, this was before we were married. The next thing I knew, Jeff walks in and I felt like shit cause I was talking shit about him. Well I found out many years later, I was 23, this happened when I was 17 or so. He was late, talked to Greg, Greg told him in the kitchen, you know what you're old lady is doing right now? She's fucking my roommate ok. So when Jeff walked in, Chris was in the bathroom, you couldn't see her, bathroom was connected to that room, Greg's room mate was on the bunk bed and all Jeff saw was the look on my face and he said it smelled of sex. LOL ok. He assumed I just got done fucking this guy.

Months later, me and Jeff were over at Greg's house with Chris, we were all watching a movie in the living room and half way thru the movie, Greg's roomate came home, Jeff looked at him as he was in standing there, the next thing I knew, Jeff lunged at him and they started fighting. I had no idea why or what happened. He never said. He just got pissed. Chris didn't even know why. Then later driving around with him in his truck, some guy pissed him off on the road and they were like road raging, they both stopped in the middle of the street, Jeff got out and wanted to fight that guy, the guy however saw me in the passenger seat, going WTF? What the fuck is wrong with you? The guy was like, ok, I get it, dude, look at your woman ok? He didn't want to fight and let it go and got back into his car and split. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there going WTF? He just flipped out. And wouldn't tell me why or what set him off. We were just talking and then in a split second he wants to fight this guy in the street.

Well, when I was 23, I figured it out, cause he assumed I fucked Greg's roomate. Very very weird. ok.

Now had he been honest with me, talked to me, instead of zipping it and computing away, maybe things could have been different between us. What a fool huh, he assumed and decided to punish me for something I never did.

He was too much of a coward to be honest with me, his case, his past lives and his transgressions in present time, not mine

This was the only one he coughed up. I already knew about the cheerleader, he told me after he gave me the ultimatum, he tried to run game on me, because I aborted his kids LMAO make wrong, ha ha, I have a kid anyway LMAO only the real hidden reason, he's a pedafile LMAO

I met him when I was 16 or 16 1/2, got married when I was 20 and finally ended everything when I was 23.

And when I get married to my soulmate this life, then I'll change my name to his. People often ask me, why didn't I go back to my maiden name. I told them, I'm traditional, when I get married again, then I'll take his name. And as for Jeff, that whole debacle, I'm like Tina Turner, I didn't get any money, but I got a name LMAO

But seriously, To Catholic Boys, I'm a Jew, big taboo and to Jewish boys, they don't see a Jew, they see a Catholic girl, so either way, I win LMAO. I'm both. Catholic School Girl Dominatrix LMAO still got that costume btw, great for the bedroom ;)

And no dinner, no wining or dining. Just talking, walking. Just the two of us, getting to know each other. Like we never met Mr. Darcy.

Updated 2/21/2013

After me and Jeff got married, he cut me off from sex. He wouldn't have sex with me. I would talk to him and then that night to shut me up, he would fuck me, not make love, but fuck me. This went on, until I left. It got so bad, I was working at a title company, I met another guy there, he started flirting with me. I looked at it logically, I'm having feelings for this man instead of my husband. There's something wrong here. I should be having these feelings for my husband. Jeff met him, he went to see him play, I sold him tickets to one of Jeff's gigs. I knew he liked me. When I went to give him the tickets to Jeff's gig, his sister was with me. The three of us went to Sherman Oaks park, sat on the bleachers, he put his hand on my knee. That's when I knew, he wanted more. At that moment in time, I thought about Jeff. If I do this, then I would have to go home and tell him and I knew it would hurt him, I didn't want to hurt him. So I left and went home to an empty apartment. His sister ended up making out with him and driving out to the beach. That was the last I ever saw of that guy. Jeff wanted me to cheat on him, so he could be right about what he assume happened, that never happened. He set me up for failure and he never loved me. But I have no regrets, I learned alot. I know and understand what a real man is.

Jeff, technically not a real jew, adopted from Germany into a Jewish family. His other sister Lisa was adopted as well. Only Sherry, the baby is a Jew by DNA.

I'm not a cheater, coward or liar

Could my religion Scientology helped us, sure but he was too busy playing headgames, he was too busy being a coward, a cheater and a liar instead of a stand up guy.

Why I invested so much of my time into Jeff, I thought he was Jett, oops, I made a mistake LMAO

Updated February 24, 2013

His fiancee's old twitter account. Notice same as mine, the MS.
I'm 5'2 and he's 6'1, same height as my ex husband.
Another witness, retired sheriff's Sgt. Thomas Stephens, testified he spied on D'Errico Wednesday on behalf of Sixx and that she left her home for six hours. When she returned, she smiled at him when he said "Donna, National Enquirer" as she parked her SUV, he said.

Ok, he used this guy to restim his ex wife, to send a message to her, remember honey, i have a sex tape of you, smear. That is to blackmail her into silence, submission. All this so he wouldn't have to pay child support, spousal support.

They were married at the time and she trusted him, I'm sure she went on the advice of her marriage counselor. She trusted her husband. I don't think she's a whore, this was with her husband. He was already pissed from the 1st time, this time he was ready for her.

He knew if he cheated again, she would file for divorce. If he loved her and wanted out, he could have just been an adult about the whole thing and said, I'm not happy, let's get divorced, but instead, he cheated, she found out and said I'm done. Divorce.

He's also old, has memory loss from long term drug use. So maybe he forgot or not. about this I don't know and I don't care. This type of guy is not worthy of trust, his intention was to kill his wife in court, she got so sick, she called the paramedics, if she died, he wouldn't have cared, he would not have to pay any money out. It's really really mean ok. That's suppressive or evil.

On a side note, I could never be with someone like this, no trust, I would always be worried that he would try to kill me, always on guard, I could never let my guard down, walking on egg shells. Not a safe environment for me.
And if he couldn't control me, he would try to kill me.

And why is a retired sheriff sgt, spying on this guys behalf? Can't he hire regular private detectives like everybody else?

And the sex tape that he has of her, it's probably in his safety deposit box or his safe at home, but you would think since Tommy's home was broken into, his sex tape of Pam was in his safe, you would think he learned from Tommy's mistake. So check the safety deposit box.

And David Miscavige is hoping this guys does kill me so that he can sweep his bullshit under a rug.

And correction, I do have a sex tape, if you want to call it that, me, naked, in an induced meltdown, Aug/Sept 1998

Updated March 11, 2013

As for the chase LMAO I was a bet. He assumed, slam dunk, I'll bang this scilon bitch and be on my way LMAO what is she gonna do? Nothing, I win LMAO. There were other rockers and rappers and actors etc as part of the chase, and one I pulled in on my personal myspace page when me and Danny were doing our thing. I was coming out, the abuse of Aug/Sept 1998.

He knew what Sixx was doing was wrong. Sixx never knew, cause he only pulled me in later on myspace, the countess belle blog, two different myspace accounts.

And it's nothing I even go around bragging about ok. I'm just not that kind of a girl, I have to admit, maybe in my youth, I would have went all over town, bragging how he lost or Loser LMAO. He's just like Danny, little story about Danny, the first guy I thought I loved, he just wanted to take my virginity, we were boyfriend and girlfriend at Fulton Jr. High, 2nd semester. We were gonna do it, we talked about it. I went to the beach with him and his brother, Luke and his brother's girlfriend Debbie Wilson, Kathie Wilson's younger sister. The Wilson sisters. I saw how Luke and Debbie were in love and I said to myself, why aren't me and Danny like that? At that moment, I looked over my shoulder and saw Danny, he was taken aback and just stood there on the beach. Me and him were not that close. Not like Luke and Debbie.

I broke up with Danny, he kept blowing me off, we'd have plans to get together and he'd just disappear, blow off, ok and we were in a relationship. I tried to talk to him, each time he would never confront it and just start kissing me, to shut me up. I finally got tired of it and broke up with him.

He later wanted to get back together with me, so he sent some guy to tell me, he couldn't tell me himself ok. Right before I went to meet with him, some of my guy friends, pulled me aside and told me, Danny's going all over town, telling everybody how he's gonna pop your cherry. I was like ok. They knew I was a good girl and not a whore. They had my back and wanted to give me the heads up.

So we met under a tree in the parking lot and I asked him, did you talk to so and so and he said no. He lied. I asked him one more time, did you talk to so and so? He looked like slyvester who ate tweety bird ok, I knew he was lying. He said no. I said, fine and I'm done and walked.

On my journey to trace it back, I realized why he blew me off when we were together in 1982. He would blow me off to go be with his friends and brother. He wanted his brother's girlfriend and/or Kathie Wilson LMAO Everybody wanted Kathie Wilson ok. So I realized Danny didn't change, he never loved me or liked me. He just wanted to use me. And it made sense, I had to reach out to him first, we've been watching each other for years online and then the games started. It should not even matter that I reached out to him, I got tired of waiting ok. And thank god I did. Now here's the kicker. In the beginning of 2008, I heard this comm, btw Miscavige has this on the KR's I wrote up at int, I emailed them thru the Chruch's email form online so other people have it too.

As I was waking up from a dream, I heard a female's voice in an accent ok, she said, he will come for marriage LMAO. I really didn't get it, but I figured it out, my past life with Sixx here on planet earth, arranged marriage. So, mystery solved.

As for Sixx, I don't wish him well, he's a jerk ok, no real man does this to any woman. And he'll never pull me in ever again. After 1 billion years, I'll own his soul, then I'll decide what to do with it, most likely I'll just implant him up the wazoo, twist and turn, pain, my fav. And if this happens to you, feel free to write them a letter, expressing your real feelings ok. It will help you move on and move forward, past lives and all. Free speech works.

And Miscavige if you are wondering why I went to the hotels LMAO more than one reason, but I also knew Danny was reading my email, he wanted to see if I gave it up LMAO he assumed I did from my hotel receipts LMAO He was really really pissed off. LMAO. Danny go bone a dog ok LMAO cause I don't care about your PR/Rep either LMAO.

Updated March 19, 2013

Last word about this, Juliette in present time, is long term mistress on the road. What would make a woman stalk his ex on the red carpet and off? Easy answer, she's been fucking him for years. You all assumed one night stand, nope, they would bump into each other on the road, touring and not. One night stands, couple of weekends etc etc. They talk, converse. That's why she put it in the PR, come get me, save me from this church and play the game with anons etc etc and of course we'll get a TV show out of it. That's why he assumed, it was in the bag with her. He's not stupid ok. LMAO. You just don't know about it LMAO.

As for Nikki Sixx in past lives, I've run every scenerio in terms of a 2d with him and each and every past life in that area, he cheated on me. That is the reality. He's not capable of love, he never is. I have no good memories with him only bad memories of him betraying me. The love hate implant, where there had to be love before the hate, that was me, I had love for him and he turned that love into hate by his actions. But now that I ran out all the past lives with him on the 2d, I realized, I have no love for him in my heart and soul. I feel nothing for him LMAO and it feels great. He's 1.1 in covert hostility. That is his tone level.

As for my soulmate Jett, he never betrayed me, I have only good memories of him. There is no bad. He's a good man and I'll see him on target 3.

Updated March 15, 2014  Congratulations to the happy couple. I wish you both much happiness in your marriage. 

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