What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold

Nicole Kidman's Dad

He's was a psychologist, and now he is a psychiatrist. He's moved on with his career, to another level.

Nicole too believes in past lives. She is really great at playing the game, she's no fool lol. Remember Nic, LRH was the first rebel of the psych industry, I'm just a rebel lol

And yeah Nicole they were reading your journals, your household staff betrayed you. And writing nothing but overts/withholds will make you go nuts, you introvert too much, you will pop on OT3, all the way through to the other side lol and you'll hit implants. You can't avoid that, at some point you'll have to confront it, this life or the next. It's your journey, your path.

Fucking up at int, you contributed to the tech being corrupted, you're Catholic too, it never dawned on you, this was not ok, where the holy scriptures are stored, archives, preservation. This church was modeled after the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, for past life transgressions, the Catholic Church is for present time transgressions. Your soul carries it with you over to the next life. No relief or release.

2D sec check it also applies to past lives,for your release, relief

2D rules to eliminate unwanted bad drama rama

You'll have to sort out all your past lives now on your own, maybe your dad can help you, have him add your past lives and GE into the equation to get it fuckin right.

We Jews love to confront our darkside lol you should it try it lol you might like it, but then again, you've got kids to think about and of course your alcoholic husband Keith lol btw, did rehab handle his emo shit lol his case or does he make you responsible when he bitches and whines? lol. oh well, not my problem. You did drama, in the PR when you and Tom got divorced, played the good girl, got your oscar, etc etc. either embrace your fuckin darkside and be a real woman or go home. You're old, you are easy to restim not by the church but by your family members, control, for money, pr, position, status, power, etc etc. you know so they feel good lol. They did their jobs as parents. They are so proud of you lol my dear, you don't have cause over your exteriorization, your soul, but you have a family, money, position and your career. We don't have to worry anymore, we'll be dead lol and all our secrets, our transgressions in present time and past lives, we'll take with us to the grave lol hee hee, we won Scientology, you lost. But they didn't really lol Death is not the end, it's just the beginning. Their own transgressions will infuse and en-tomb their souls to this rock, called Planet Earth, Target 1.

Maybe you'll get it, in 25, 30 years from now, oh well, too late.

Does fucking a man on screen make you feel better or does it make you feel like a cheap whore, a degraded being?

Don't forget the psychs too took away Hemingway's shit, electro shock treatments, they stole a good man's life, because they could and after that he was fubar, fucked up beyond all recognition.

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