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I have to admit, I feel great, just the the thought of getting killed by cops, to think of all the PR, everybody will forward it. Jump on that bandwagon, even Tobin and Childs to forward their aim.

Everybodies got their own justification of why it's ok that I die. That is so evil, so wrong, yet it's ok for them?

To pin it on her, cause at the end of the day, everybody will look at this church and go, hey, she was one of yours and you did this to her. Don't pin this shit on us lol we're just doing our job.

Nobody to sue lol Then everybody can do their investigations including the Department of Justice, the ATF and go in. Or yet again wait for people to die because of the Super Power Building, which was not LRH's instructions. That was yet again David Miscavige's thing. $150 million dollars in contributions but still no product.

David Miscavige's justification, to pin it on the Founder lol. Everybodies got an excuse. So what happens when you can't put the main guys's ethics in at the Top. Court is not a solution to every fuckin problem.

We'll just take ourselves out of the game. This is not pro survival. But what choice does one person have when everybody is discriminating against that person for any reason. No job means no money, not gonna go homeless, the dwindling spiral. The staus quo. I'm not here to perpetuate that, everybody else in the news is, as well as other people in my journey. It's wrong but they still do it. So their souls will be fused and en-tombed in this rock. Mass implantation of planets lol. Good times. Great memories. Eternal Damnation for 1 billion years. You are responsible for your soul. lol. They're gonna be burning for 1 billion years, like everybody else. Nobody is off limts. You ever notice they always want to make a woman responsible for everything lol You can't. I have secured my freedom. Can you say the same thing about yourself? Oh well, not my fuckin problem, you are responsible for your soul, not me and not God. In the end, they will say, ooops, I got it wrong lol

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