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March 3, 2013

I'm not up the conditions financially because of what everybody did to me, you didn't read and get the full story, oh well, you're an idiot. LMAO. Cinderella is dead, I killed her LMAO.

I'll get up the conditions in about 25 years. I'm 46 now, I'll be 71. And my mother by DNA, her nazi husband, Jon Mackinder, David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder etc etc all across the boards and diagonal will all be dead and in this rock for 1 billion years. It will be a slow, painful death for them all LMAO That is my revenge.

As for employers, they should be very happy that I'm celibate, no drama rama in the workplace. I don't get together with people at my job. Never did, never will. But I won't tolerate emotional, verbal abuse. That opens the door to sexual abuse. It's extremely suppressive. If you are an employer who assumes I will be your mistress, a replacement for your wife cause I look like her when she was younger, think again. It's quite gross and I won't tolerate it.

Updated June 8, 2013

It's not so bad really, to think, GMO's in the food supply includng baby formulas, the human race will die out. Radioactivity in your oceans, the radiation from the leak in Japan has already made it's way to our coast in Southern California. Pretty soon, our ocean's will be gone. And don't forget the pollution, people in China can't even breath.

Man, am I glad, I have no kids to worry about, they won't have anything to inherit LMAO The next generation has an awful lot to look forward too. Yikes. And to think, nobody did anything, they were too busy focused on what else LMAO money. Oh well. It's all man made.

Updated June 11, 2013

But here's the good news, while everything in middle class heaven goes to shit LMAO I'm gonna blow it out, one last party, ho rah LMAO and make it count. See for more details anybody can show, as long as they're not racist haters LMAO

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