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My Story by Kathy Gold

My New Admin Scale

I'm gonna be a gallery artist, surreal artwork. My first move will be to pay off all my debts and no credit cards ever again. Then I will save up and purchase a house in Ventura county, where I will put down roots for the rest of my life. By the ocean. My home will have a backyard so I can have my own studio and big enough for a dog and a separate bathtub for my baths. My home will be my space, my oasis from all the bullshit of life.

I'm not rich, I have nothing but I'm starting over again. I don't know if I will attain my goals but, I'm gonna try.

After I'm settled, then I will focus on my body, my weight, my lifestyle etc etc. Currently I'm fat, overweight, I'm busy working 24/7 so I can survive. These are the cards I was dealt. I won't be marrying some guy to bail me out of my financial situation. I'm celibate going on 9 years now, if I need to stay celibate, I will, then I will die never having sex ever again. LMAO Women are different, we don't need sex. My period stopped, don't need to worry about hormones. Can't have kids, my 2d line is cut in present time. I'm ok with it, it's time for me to go. Not coming back to a dying planet. Next life, target 3, with a really great family, the fleet and of course my soulmate. My soulmate didn't fuck hundreds of women in one lifetime, it's gross and disgusting, major disease, lying dormant in his system.

I trust nobody after what I have been put through and have witnessed by others, the insensitivity to what happened to me. I know I'm not crazy, I never was, but others want me to be so they can justify their actions, their transgressions in present time. That is their baggage not mine. I refuse to agree with their logic, their thinking, their status quo and their suppressive bullshit.

Once I'm settled, I will continue on with my life to becoming a gallery artist. It won't be easy, extremely hard, the galleries want 50%-70% cut, so I really have to produce my ass off. I won't have time for parties, hanging out etc etc. Nope, it will be all about the production, producing, no drama rama on my lines.

For my inspiration I will go down to the depths of hell, foster care and from there I will create art, depict their stories in my work. I will also set up scholarships for kids, to give them a headstart in life, currently some are playing covert ops or 1.1 on the tone scale to survive the abuse, they are not there and are exterior to their bodies while being raped and molested on a regular basis. I will help them with their adult life, to be able to get jobs and support themselves so their dreams can come true despite the cards they were dealt. It won't be easy, but I'm gonna try my best to help, even if I can help 1 child, that child can grow up to make a difference in this world, a better place for others. This is who I am, I'm not gonna change. And if somewhere along the line, I meet a man strong enough to handle my journey, then he can come along with me, if he can't, he can walk and find somebody else for his journeys, for his life, for his admin scale. If it's not his passion too, he won't last for the rest of my life and I'm not interested in having a love affair.

I don't need love or sex to be inspired to create art. I'm not that kind of an artist. I'm looking for my hellboy whose not on psych drugs, regular drugs and out 2d shit.

Updated Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This happens to alot of children everyday in middle class heaven, behind closed doors. Where is the justice? Where is her release? How about her childhood that was stolen? By her own father. A pedafile.

Updated February 24, 2013

Change of plans, after much soul searching, I realized, just creating and selling art isn't enough to sustain my soul. I need meaning, purpose, a sense of being. So I found what will handle that feeling, I'm going home to the promised land, the force, like I said most of my past lives is law enforcement. So after I get settled, finances in order, money handled, my income etc etc, I'm gonna donate my time to help the good guys and also ventura county too and some where along the way, meet a good man, who will be my mr. darcy, chase and all - see Nikki Sixx for more details

Updated May 15, 2013

It's not official yet, but I'm gonna do a race, a 2 week event, cross country with a treasure hunt. It will be open to everybody on the planet except for racist haters. Currently I'm working on the money to fund this dream. Gotta hire the right PR people to get it done. Sponsorships. The goal will be to reach 1 billion people online. It will be a marketing and promotion bonanza. I'll be in the race too, my car , 1970's cutlass oldsmobile, V8 stick shift LMAO and my Colors.

It will be streamed live over the internet and web cams inside and outside of the cars LMAO major drama rama, a whole lotta fun.

The money will go to the foster kids, to fund their dreams, give them a head start in life. They didn't do anything wrong, other than be born. Whatever their goals are, I will help them, whether it be college, the arts, whatever.

I'm not sure how this will come together but it's part of the journey, the experience. I'm hoping, I get there in the next few years, 2-3. That's the plan, stan.

Updated May 30, 2013

In regards to the 2d, the 2nd dynamic, marriage and family. My husband, my soulmate this life, will not negate my admin scale and force me to fit into his, nope. He'll accept my admin scale and flow power to it by giving me the freedom to do it, encouragement, guidance, help, and he'll listen when I'm tyring to figure stuff out, and give me great advice. We'll have dialogue, talking.

He's also not married when we get together, he'll come to me, single and ready to get married. He'll give me both O's. He's not a cheater and if he thought about another woman in that way, while we are married, he would come home and talk to me about it so we as a team could resolve it. Why is he having feelings for another woman, why does he want to fuck another woman when he's married to me. So we'll talk, get it out on the table and let it rip. He won't mind fuck me like my ex husband Jeff Gold.

He doesn't think I'm crazy nor going to target 3 is crazy. He wants to go to target 3 too. His soul and his immortality are important to him. And if we can, our goal long term is to go together to target 3, cause he's real fleet too.

If he has children by another woman, and they are not grown up, he pays his child support payments and is on good terms with his ex wife, they are friends. No ex sex. Amicable. And he's ok with the fact that I have no children nor am I gonna have any this life.

Money is not a factor in our relationship, meaning I bring some quality into our relationship that he benefits from financially. Nope. We both work and make our own money. I'm not looking to support a guy financially or be married to a househusband like Jon Mackinder and he's not looking to be married to a housewife or support someone financially.

Our relationship is not based on it being a fit or a match, it's based on one thing, Love, Real True Love. Honesty, Trust and Mutual Understanding.

And I know if he's really interested in marrying me, he'll read this whole website LMAO get all the data LMAO.

In regards to being sexually compatible, how I am, no oral and no anal. Only intercourse, quickies and tantric.

There is no give and take with me on this level. It grosses me out to do oral, and anal, only tried once with my ex-husband. Not interested in this area. It's a turn off.

I also don't discriminate, I don't care what race or religion your are, I do however prefer Catholic men and for some reason I have a thing for Celtic dudes, you know Scottish, Irish etc etc. But that doesn't mean if you are asian I wouldn't marry you. My preference is 6'0 and taller but not too tall cause I'm 5'2. No younger men, I'm not a cougar. Though I do go on the prowl, meow batman LOL

I'm currently celibate, have been for 10 years. We can have a courtship of 6 months to 1 year before getting married. After we get married, then we'll have the sex. I'm not interested in a wedding or a reception. Just a private affair between the two of us. No romance or anything until after we are married. The courtship is us getting to know each other. Talking with no money involved. After we're married, the chase, romance, wining and dining etc etc. Gifts, both ways, I romance back, it's not a one way street with me. I engage with my soulmate/husband/lover on every level. You'll never feel depleted, used or taken for a ride with me ever. I'm also very affectionate, lot's of hugs and kisses.

And since we have our own money, we'll do a prenup, and spell everything out in the terms, in case of a divorce. If you want to leave or I want to leave the marriage. We'll just end it and move on. No fear of death or destroying your life or mine. Amicable, like 2 adults.

Updated June 3, 2013

The game between me and my 2d that we play together, we go after real pedafiles and take them out of the game, legally, financial wipe out. The kids in the fostercare program, the pedafiles that were caught, that got kicked out and/or went to jail. They have the kids names and social security numbers, these kids are targets to be victimized for the rest of their lives because they were the victims of pedafiles.

Justice. These kids deserve justice. So as a side project for me and my husband/soumlate this life, we'll take them out of the game legally so that these kids will feel safe and can move on with their lives.

It won't be easy but it sure will be fun. A whole lotta making love after the job is done. I'm not sure how it will all work out but that is our journey to figure out, as a 2d, a team. Me and my Mr. Wesker.

Updated July 14, 2013

All kids in fostercare are put on psych drugs, meds yet they are not mentally ill. To make big pharma rich. It's wrong and our government helps them. If your kids ended up in foster care, would you want this to happen to them?

In California, if you become rich, you have to pay 1% in taxes to fund big pharma yet again.

Big pharma has infiltrated the police, they too go on psych drugs.

So based on this, I think I'll just leave, planet earth, target 1. Don't need to make alot of money any more, that was for the kids, the race, to hire PR people, get brand sponsorship etc etc to give them a head start in life, a scholarship of $50k - $100k each. By the time I get there, they will probably all be dead.

To be a gallery artist, what for, I already know what's going on in the fostercare system. Why go through all that to make no money, it's not profitable. So, that's out too.

Not gonna contribute to the Police Dept, what for, most of them are on psych drugs, already out of present time.

So, new admin scale, now.

Get my house, secure my shit and split planet earth, target 1.

Updated July 23, 2013

No need to help the foster kids anymore:

They are automatically put on psych drugs. They are not mentally ill. This is the governement's standard operating basis, there's something wrong here, these kids did nothing wrong, other then be born. They are now being abused and the people doing the abuse are getting paid for it with our tax dollars. I can't handle this with a race, by the time I get there, they'll all be dead.

When the children cry, never more shall we try.

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