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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Multi Racial Family OT3

Remember, my grand father and his wife, big family at least 12 kids if not more. Longer life spans, till 200, double what it is now. No over population issues or problems. The universe just expanded.

We would have family bbq's the best bbq's in the galaxy. Alot of times, I'd have to miss them cause of work, psych ops, handling family drama rama. But the good news was, some of my family members, filled me in on the latest on our family drama rama. We had an intranet, for our family, our own internal internet just for our family. And I always got caught up down and dirty, no holds barred lol.

We had a really big family ok, think not just brothers, sisters, but cousins, uncles, aunts, children, nephews, nieces etc etc. I wasn't the only one that would miss our bbq's lol.

It was ok within our family, everybody that was part of our family had access to our family intranet. It was secure, military.

When me and Jett got married, it was a surprise, my family knew but I didn't. It was a private thing, just the two of us. It looked like this, the end scene with all the lights Just us and the guy who married us. Over looking us, was the stars. It was so beautiful. After we were married, he turned off the video recorder. Just for us. My family got to see the whole thing, even the expression on my face lol. Then it hit me, after, cause I'd get ribbed and asked and I was like huh?

I really had no clue. Getting married was the last thing on my mind. Jett made it so special. It's the little things, he always picked up on the little things, he knew just how to get to my heart. I miss him and the family I had. I had a great family. The universe did not have to end.

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