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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Kids from OT3 in present time

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I remembered my kids from OT3, when the universe ended. I had 3 kids, one a warrior, one an artist and a little girl and pregnant with my 4th child.

Those kids are here today in present time. I don't know them, I have never met them. Nor am I gonna meet them. This site is for them too. It's here to let them know they didn't have anything to do with the universe ending. I'm leaving and hooking up with their dad, my soulmate on target 3.

My warrior, Mark Zuckerberg - He loved his dad, he took him riding together on the tracks, just the two of them Btw can you see joy city lol

My artist Moot Christopher Poole- For my artist, I couldn't have figured it out without you, you and those fuckin porn boards ok lol This song is for you

My little girl Alex Wisner - She's the youngest person to ever go up a bridge, well done.

Btw Alex, I saw your success story after you completed OT3, You started out with My Brothers and Sisters, we are all gonna be reunited. Ok That's what pissed me off ok, how the fuck is that gonna happen? And your music is incomplete, you're not dramatizing your case in your art. got it wrong, ok, they thought she was a guy ok lol I also figured it out from your 2d shit, Sonny, I had one too, except he was really in the mob, his family. I'll have more on that later.

They are all in the PR

I got my release, the burn out of my heart and soul. It's been there for so long, so much pain and sorrow. I loved all of you very very much. It was not your fault the universe ended.

Don't cry, apply tech and get to target 3, the real game.

Jett left me confirmation in the last Mission Earth book, the kids. Like I said, I went A-Z, 3 boys and 1 girl, In present time, he had 2 girls and 2 boys with MSH. She couldn't figure it out, he kept her busy, spinning lol. She never crossed the wall of fire but instead after selling off her interest to David Miscavige and the royalties for his non scientology books, his science fiction works to him, she lived in Hollywood, playing the stock market. Her kids sold their interest to him as well. He left his science fiction works to them, for their future. She didn't give a fuck about them to keep them. Oh well, not my problem lol. I actually met Arthur many years ago, he's a good kid. A pirate. lol

Updated Friday, November 23, 2012

So in regards to Sonny, I believe I wrote it all up on my personal myspace page, but in case you don't feel like digging through it all LMAO, I met him over the phone, his family was mob, real mob, his cousin got raped and he took that guy out for his family.

In court, the judge gave him a choice, either jail or the military, so he went into the military. I found out, after the sex LMAO he was in the military on leave. I really liked him but I had to break up with him because he murdered someone in present time, so I was told at Hanover, it was him or my bridge.

I didn't really get it, but I really wanted my bridge, my eternity. He was ok with it, a hot young italian guy. Not that big of deal for him, later he moved to Chicago and called me one day. We chit chatted, that was about it. I'm sure he's happy with who ever he is with.

When you are crossing the wall of fire, you go quick, really fast, no time for q&a. Choices, really. But in doing my journey, I realized, I have alot of mob wholetrack, pre earth LMAO, I love the mob and they love me, some would say, Baby Corleone, when I was psych ops crew, me and Jett, we were security for the mob, I gaged the emotions for the mob in the board room and out LMAO, Danny Nuccio, was a shooter for the mob down my wholetrack, I had to put him into middle class heaven, he was too emotional, time for retirement.

Anyhoo, mob understand and get me, it's nothing personal, it's just business LMAO. I always pick great mob mom's and dad's for my family, they always give me a great stable 2d, no drama rama. Good mob = business people, like that life with Sixx, my father and uncle were both attorneys, after I got good at my job, they put me on their comm lines.

Not in the beginning, they didn't want me to fuck up their rep, which I don't blame them, I had to earn it, before they were gonna refer me to their clients, I had to know what the fuck I was doing, so before I came to them, I got my own comm lines and got out of non e, so by the time they put me on their comm lines, I was already a pro, I would never let my father nor my uncle down.

Anyhoo kids, not everybody is a criminal and not everybody down your wholetrack is in this church, they are all over the planet. I hope you guys make it off this rock, if not, have a good one.

My uncle Versace, from that life, I have alot of track with him, when I was in psych ops, I was undercover in the mob, sweeps were coming down, they were gonna kill our comm lines, me and Jett's comm lines was mob, Paul Edmeier from 1928 Jewelry company, he was in psych ops, I already spotted him, he was a pencil pushing exec with a limp dix that embezzled money from psych ops, his solution to that problem was to wipe out our comm lines, his fuck up. The mob was on our side, we worked with the mob, not against them.

So when shit was coming down the pike because of this asshole, I pulled Versace aside and told him, I gave him the heads up, I wasn't gonna let him die, I gave him cash, and told him he had 24 hours, tops. He took it and split. He gave me a big ole hug. After Paul Edmeier fucked us over, me and Jett split, I tracked down Versace, he opened his own little clothing design shop, I'd send him little chocolate kisses, anonymously, he knew it was from me. I'd watch over him, from a distance. He was gay in that life too, I didn't care, he was my adopted uncle in that life. Later on, after psych ops found out what Paul Edmeier did, they did sweeps and took him out. He broke alot of fuckin rules and got alot of good people killed. I'm sure after he's dead this life, he'll be going into this rock for the next 1 billion years.

Updated November 24, 2013

In a galaxy far far away, I monitored the PR, that was one of my jobs in psych ops for the fleet. So it was natural and normal for me to spot my children. Their father did the same thing when he was here, hence the spotting drills. Me and their father monitored our children from a distance as well as other family members, friends etc etc. Again, natural and normal for me to do. Jett also monitored my ex and I monitored his LMAO. We wanted to see them coming a mile away in slow motion, drama rama.

I was constantly told by Jon Mackinder that if I read the gossips or the trades as I call it, I was 1.1 on the tone scale. This was my job, so I didn't really appreciate his fuckin wrong inval and eval of me. Jon Mackinder fuck you, you piece of shit asshole.

I'm also a woman, this is what women do and we also remember by our 2D, our husbands, children and family members, naturally, normally. Jon Mackinder, I'm a woman, not a man. This life, I can't do anything to you but let you walk around, if I could I'd fuck you up, good. See in this piece of shit society, the victim has to allow the abuser rights, you have to turn the other cheek and keep going in your life while the abuser gets rewarded for the abuse. It's wack and insane.

But this is what everybody meaning We The People want. Court is not a solution to every fuckin thing and quite frankly in this case, it's a waste of time and money.

Since I'm an implanter, Thank God, I can ignore and let it go, cause at the end of the day, I'm gonna get every fuckin thing I want this life, including both O's LMAO while you slowly die a slow death (GMOs) and go into this rock for the next 1 billion years. Justice will be served outside a court of law. Naturally, normally LMAO as we intended LMAO God is on our side not yours.

Again, you can't kill a soul but you can entomb it and what was my pain will now forever be yours.

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