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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Investigation of Lisa's Cycle

I got my info online. They tried to get her back to work, producing to keep her in present time.

She introverted on the promo, church promo. She told Bernadette Slaughter in a hotel room that they had to go now, before it's too late, to save the world. She was trying to prevent OT 3, when the universe ended.

I also found out Lisa ran ops on the cult awarness network for David Miscaivge. Ok, that was 1.1, covert ops. She wasn't on payroll, it was out exchange. I suspect it was also to prove to him, she could do it better than any other person, you know be top dog. She loved her religion like me. And at the same time, hedged her bets, she was also a former sea org member. I suspect her and David Miscavige have wholetrack on the 2D. She used his name, dropped his name as a connection, a comm line, like she had power.

I also suspect, she died in past lives, relying on him to save her lol. Same shit different day.

Lisa was not so miss innocent, nobody is. She had underlying intentions like everybody else lol. I also thought it was weird that David Miscavige would tell his wife to go sec check women for flowing him flows. He couldn't tell the women, hey, knock it off, it's out ethics? But instead made his wife run around town, sec checking people so they would stop flirting with him? ok. That's not what a masculine man does, a masculine man, tells people overtly, directly, to their face.

Here you have, the top guy running this church and he has his wife handle this for him? That's weird ok.

It's the same as my step father. He wouldn't end his affair with the woman he was fucking, he made my mother do it lol He told her, why don't you just tell her to stop calling, just handle it lol He doesn't have any balls either lol. He's cheated on her more than once, with more than one woman lol

Shelly also wasn't tech trained either and didn't know what she was doing with an emeter per the reports I read about her. So whatever sec checks, she does do, will be false, a waste of time lol.

It sounds like David Miscavige just likes to tell people what to do, give orders and is out of present time.

Same with my step father lol There was a big ole wind storm and the wind blew our neighbor's patio tent into our backyard, my step father wouldn't get off his ass to handle it. He didn't want to deal with it, so me and my mother along with the neighbor had to handle it lol. There is something wrong with these men lol they are all feminine energy, girls. lol.

The founder would have said, hey, knock that off. Thank you, I'm flattered but this is not ok. And then talk to the person, find out, why are you compelled to flirt with me, you know I'm married, happily, what's going on that you feel you need to go out 2d? He was an auditor and granted people beingness. I'm sure at that point the woman would have started talking and then I'm sure he'd write her a program to solve this issue and that would be the end of that.

I get that women are drawn to powerful men but it's unethical, he's married. I don't see him as a power terminal, I personally see him as an idiot and a child. A feminine energy man with no balls. He talks a good game but when push comes to shove he can't back it up. No substance lol.

He's not a man who could ever satisfy me in more than one department. He's not honest with himself and commits overts in present time at a drop of a hat and then takes no responsibility for them, he doesn't own his own shit. He has it all justified, I'm saving the world so it's ok that I fuck other people over, that's his computation. He's an idiot who's abused his position of trust and power. He's fucked lol.

I'm sure Tom Cruise will keep him company while he burns for the next 1 billion years. Lisa wasn't the only person he betrayed that lead to her death, there are other people, you just don't know about them.

But I'm sure, he's got a record of them, with all those other video tapes, evidence. He too wants to be caught, stopped from harming others, eventually in time, the truth will come out, he may or may not be alive when that happens.

Me, who cares, I've already asised it in my universe lol I've got cause over my exteriorization and he doesn't. He made those decisions, those choices. His soul is black as night, no amount of auditing can fix his case, he's past the point of no return.

I'm sure after I did the highest stats ever as the BSO of Bridge, his computation was, I'm not gonna meet this Jew, I'm a busy busy guy lol. He sent David Bloomberg down from int management to meet me, to shake my hand and tell me how awesome I was. My stats, production, was over the whole entire eastern united states continent. I sold more books than the entire eastern united state continent. And I got a handshake lol That didn't pay my rent.

Btw, when I was in the psych hospital in 1998, the male psych nurse, he started going on about LRH and how he was a pedafile lol. He heard it on the news, so the news was right lol. He wasn't so nice, he just wanted to argue. Ok. I wasn't gonna sit there and handle this guy on the founder of my religion lol. You would think he would be nice to me, but nope, he decided to have a debate and tell me or basically forward what all the other critics thought. Yeah and this was a facility that was there to help me, a hospital. Right, more like get money lol. Another bozo who had no clue about my religion and sat there restimming psych patients on OT3, when the universe ended, so he could get a paycheck lol. He's fucked too.

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