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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Industry, The Tech Internet Field

I had to send this email to the recruiters I was working with because they couldn't market me ok.
That was last week, I haven't heard anything back. A blow off.

I sent it May 11, 2012

Here is the type of job, that I fit,

This is what I am experienced in, online marketing and promotion

I can do this job and help increase their sales, long term. I've already emailed them.

Here is a case study

Along with that, I built websites that fed traffic to the case study above, an ecommerce site. Great products, she couldn't get distribution.

The websites I built her that drove traffic to her ecommerce site, she's selling them or sold them. Those sites got 50,000 or more traffic a month. It was seasonal, I built one for the prom market, the wedding marketing, the formal market. I also built her another site, to bring down the cost of education, how to use her products and get results. Marketing, and used that as a platform for cross promotion.

I invested alot of time into her company, she is my mother lol. Also, let's get this out in the open, I'm a scientologist, and don't want to work for people who are racist haters and assume I will make them money because of my last name.

You can also read my story online:

I'm 45 and I'm not looking to stay long term. Maybe 1-3 years tops, but while I'm there to do a job, I can help increase their sales through marketing and promotion. Build some sites that will sustain them long term while bringing their promotion and marketing costs down.

Let me know if you guys can market me or have any jobs like this.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

Updated 5/15/2012

Since they removed that job post, here are the screenshots:

Updated May 23, 2012

Still no word from any of the recruiters I emailed. That's called a blow off. So, I'm left wondering wtf? lol.
Not gonna email them again. I get it. They can't market me. There are no jobs in my field where I fit.

So not working for a company or corporation is the best solution, call it a sign, a clue, a hint or they don't give a fuck and don't have the balls to reply back. No solution. I have to figure it the fuck out.

So I am. see The Game - The Ride of My Life lol

Updated Sunday, December 2, 2012

In 2009 after the crash, my industry got wiped out. Layoffs, including frontend and backend. Prior to this job, I went on other interviews. A constant struggle, just to get a $70k job that has a whole lot of responsibility and accountability, e-commerce. The other jobs left were under $40k a year. For somebody that has 16 years experience, starting at the beginning, there was no degree to get, you had to learn on the fly, there were no editors, you had to learn HTML by hand. But all the employers wanted people that knew new software, software I don't own or use to design, build and develop. Don't need to. What they want is someone to fit into their group, they don't care that they will hold you responsible for their gross income and if you don't make it, they will hit you, yell at you etc etc. At 45, I'm tired of this bullshit. I only work with professionals. Professionals, don't treat their people like this. They are not snobs nor idiots who when things get rough, blame or pass the buck to the web person. We are not easy targets. You are.

The truth is, most of these employers, never laid down the foundation to grow, expand, or a scalable platform. They never put any attention on the future of the company they work or worked for. Not being able to use a sophisticated pay per click platform, ok that's not gonna make your gross income in e-commerce or in other words, increase your sales online.

But that's what these people wanted. I'm not gonna lie, besides, no ROI and in the end, they end up hitting you anyway.

The truth of the matter is, the people doing the hiring are not tech savy, have no clue what it takes to get the job done and have no compassion, they just look for buzz words, buzz words aren't gonna get the job done.

So they just constantly fuck with and belittle the tech person, they assume we are a dime a dozen but the truth is, we are not. Go hire a kid from school with a degree who has no experience and after his mistakes and/or yours, you can sue him and yourself because you got fucked LMAO.

My people that got wiped out, we're in our 40's, not 20's. We were at the beginning of the internet, old school, we figured it out. We have our basics in. The new kids, they don't teach you how to solve problems in school, only technique, how to read a book or use a piece of software. But real life problems, solving real life problems comes with experience. To many people who are not tech savy assume the IT dept will handle it. And they won't. We're done. You figure out what it will take to make your company grow and profitable.

Having a backend programmer be responsible and accountable for the e-commerce sales, is insane. To these people who are not tech savy but call themselves executives, they assume we are all the same, here's a little hint, a clue, backend programmers are not frontend , if they wanted to be in sales, marketing, promotion, then they would have went for those jobs. They don't like to communicate, talk, they love to program, write code. So trying to force a backend programmer to be responsible and accountable for frontend sales, won't ever work, epic fail. Not just money, but time. The companies time. Bad decisions because they assumed they could just move people around to solve problems or musical chairs as we Scientologists say. Yep, they collapsed those two posts and made them into one. Or fired one person and hired another for less money and assumed that person would put up with shit, more responsibilities for less pay. Wrong move, assholes. There is nobody on planet earth that is an expert in frontend and backend, both for one price. You sunk your own ships.

So, we have now left the field. What will you guys do, we are the cycle that got wiped out. We all have to eat, pay rent etc etc. How will these companies survive in the future based on their stupidity, not caring, no compassion, not wanting to know, assuming anybody can do the job? I don't think they will. They forgot about us, the old timers who were on the cutting edge of the internet.

Just because you don't think we will fit into your mold of kiss ass brown nosers, doesn't mean we can't get the job done. The recruiters are out exchange and stupid, they have no clue how to market and promote anybody and just go on paper and what that stupid exec tells them they want now, they constantly spin the recruiters. So, if you are not constantly calling them, they will forget you. And we are done calling, we're busy working in other fields. LMAO Ciao

Oh btw idiot asshole executives and recruiters who didn't move when they had the chance, your taxes are gonna go up, thru the roof, how will you survive? Figure it out! LMAO And keep spinning LMAO. You cut our survival by not hiring us, so we will now cut yours. Naturally, normally, we will let nature take it's course LMAO pain and confusion, spin. For all eternity LMAO.

And for your info, typos LMAO this is on the fly assholes, hire somebody who only cares about typos and not sales LMAO or a good little secretary who will listen to your stupid commands and run out and get you, your food. I'm tech, assholes, deal with it, reality check or R-factor LMAO The rest of you, hire your kids, they will never fuck you ever right? Control, family members, think again, they will throw you under a bus when you least expect it. You fucked them, they will fuck you back, for your treachery, deception and lies. They are tired that you are out exchange with them, always calling, emailing every 5 fuckin minutes with your fuckin tech problems and whining up a storm. They're tired, it's too suppressive to them for being nice, trying to help you for free, you took advantage of their kindness and well, they are not Scientologists, no way to happiness taught to them, so their only solution to get their release, throw you under a bus when you least expect it LMAO. It's easier and painless to leave you in pain and confusion. Besides, real parents would never use their own kids for this shit, nope, they would hire real pros not high school teenagers for free.

Updated Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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