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My Story by Kathy Gold

Here Are All The Names of The People That Were Involved In A
Crime Aug/Sept 1998 My Induced Meltdown

David Miscavige - Lisa Mcpherson worries - oh no i'm going to jail for her death

Michelle Shelly Miscaivge - oh shit, what should I do

Mike Rinder, I'm sure wifey Kathy Rinder knew too - another day at the office

Marty Rathbun, I'm sure wifey Anne knew too - when will this madness end, first Lisa, now this girl, talk about timing my god lol

Int Management - gossip central

OSA - oh no 2 possible lawsuits, criminal and civil. They ran ops on me during and after

Amy Scobee - She ran all the CC's - oh no, the pr, batton down the hatches and bring on the celebs lol to make it look good

Maureen Bolstad - video taped it.

Jamie Welte - Ethics Officer at CC Int - Told me to wait until after December 98, then I could come back onlines

Alan Stansfield - supposed friend, after my meltdown, he was to go to CCInt and find out what's happening for me, he agreed to it, never heard back, he blew. He was on course and completed the Ethics Specialist Course, yet he blew me off.

Gavin Potter - my old recruiter for the sea org

Dan Stradford OT8- volunteer minister sent to handle the type 3 sit his handling, SIT DOWN, OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BRIDGE

Pomm Hepner OT8- Jon Mackinder's FSM and snobby bitch lol

Jean Dale O T7 - Jon Mackinder's landlord

Julie Synder's husband's assistant, I forget her name - she just did was she was told to do
There were other people coming in and out of my home but I don't know who they were as I was going in and out of unconsciousness

Jon Mackinder aka Jon Magnificent - He induced it and was there the entire time, he's on the video tape too

Alex (my old drummer) her ex 2d Freddie, they lived in glendale. She took me to a movie and told me I was getting an R factor 3 months early and Freddie yelled out as we were crossing the street, "She's a green, she's a go" lol

They did not apply my religion Scientology but instead practiced psychiatry without a license.

Updated December 24, 2013

Alan Stansfield - goes by Alanzo, his alias and as you can see he blew from the above blog, his blog, for years and years he sat there bitching, complaining, whining about my religion and why it sucks. Then all of a sudden, he blew. He was getting followers, people reading and following his blog etc etc. He just disappeared. How strange huh LMAO. But he loves to camp out on Marty's blog. Why is that? LMAO he also goes by the name of Allen Stansfield too. Vickie is his ex wife, she's now remarried to a russian guy, has 2 kids and lives out of the city near the desert somewhere. Her new last name is Atlasman. Her and her husband own their own company She met him at Delta High Tech, when she was doing an out 2d with the married owner. He was Israeli LMAO she loved to tell the stories of her oral adventures with him. I on the other hand thought it was gross as well as Erica and Erica's mom Lynn that worked there. Erica married Craig, you might remember him, he was the pizza delivery dude with the blue eyes on the Oprah Show. Erica was in the audience. He did a TV reality show about parents and their kids, it got taken off the air. Me and Erica, what we had in common, Keith Masters. He was my boyfriend 1st, she had him after me. He was really really teeny tiny, pinky size, my hands not yours LMAO Yep, Alan is a coward LMAO His ex-wife a whore LMAO. She made all the money though, while he couldn't produce shit LMAO Everything she got, she bought with her money, I believe her husband is Jewish too. I think she loves Jews. She's sales, he does all the work with his hands. She's a kick ass salesperson. LMAO. I don't hate Vickie, she's very funny. She was fun when she was in my life and when I needed it, she came through. I just didn't think the out 2D was cool, both were married to other people. Btw, Craig was good friends with Alec Baldwin, they used to do the sports thing together. Craig too was an actor. Craig and Erica Irwin. Btw, remember that Oprah, you said on the show, wow Craig, your eyes are so blue LOL. They are, he has nice eyes. Lynn was in the Sea Org. Everybody tried to put Vickie's ethics in, within her group, to end the affair. I guess at some point it ended and everybody moved on. I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. I don't really care. That was a moment in time. Some people you don't want to see again this life nor the next. The reality of it is, I've been here, online for years and years, they all knew what happened and not one of them reached out to me. They all assumed I wanted work from them when I reached out to them. It's the wrong response to have and weird, extremely.

Here's Vicki's social meda:

Her Scientology Stats

Oh, looks like she lives in NewHall

Oh I believe those kids were fertility treatments, that's what she said, twins LMAO

As for Lynn, Erica's mom, she was in the Sea Org over at AO and fell in love with Milton Katselas, she left the Sea Org so she could have a 2D with him but it never panned out. I don't think Milton knew that Lynn was in love with him.

She never told him, never expressed her feelings or if she did, he wasn't interested. That's all these people talked about, the fuckin 2D. Boring after 5-10 minutes. There is more to life then a 2D. I believe Lynn is now a website designer.

Oh and Vickie is the same person from health med on this site. Oh before I forget, she had an earlier out 2d on Alan when they were married, it was with a Sea Org member at flag, he was an executive. She told me, it was all ok cause auditing will handle it. I was like WTF? ok. whatever. She has an out 2d history in present time. And I believe her boobs are fake, she used to walk around her house, that she bought in Woodland Hills, Lucille Ball's house, topless ok. She had great boobs, loved to show them off, she told me they were real ok. But how could that be, they didn't sag, I think she had them lifted and implanted, they were perfect. She could have just told me the truth instead of lying and telling me they were real when they were fake. They used to joke about her friend that she reconnected with, how she got a piercing on her vagina. I thought that was gross. Drama rama in middle class heaven. Last time I talked to Vicki on the phone, years ago, she told me, she went to AO to do her OT levels. She paid for them and is also clear. She thought everybody was weird, so she left. Walked out of AO or blew the course room and not from MU's. She told me, she was sitting there reading and looked up and she looked around the course room and was like, these people are weird and split. Never went back.

Yet they keep calling her for money, that's all she bitched about on the phone, money, money and money. I'm sure she never bothered to tell them, she's not interested in doing Scientology anymore otherwise they would stop calling her.

Months before my induced meltdown, I ran into her, that spring. They had some event and she gave them money I believe IAS and she got a plaque, an award. So I was there and went up to her, she was miffed, how dare I cut her comm to say hi. How dare I be happy, enthusiastic. I think that's against the law in her universe. After all, that award, the plaque is really really important, more important than a human being.

This is what I remember about Vickie. That's why I reached out to her ex husband and not her. It took these two people, btw years before they got a divorce. Many many years, it didn't happen overnight. She cheated on him more then once, he could have divorced her the 1st time but instead of that, he stayed.

She brought in the money and supported him. To this day, they are still in comm, communication. She's remarried and had children with somebody else but he's still in her life. Why is that? I know they both liked each other, were friends. He was her best friend at one time. Alan got Vickie into Scientology. They both worked at the peoria mission together. It was love at first sight. They told me how they met, it was a really cool story.

I guess she's waiting for more money to come in, then probably fly to flag. She's 1.1, a cheater is a liar is a coward. She's fat now, housewife fat, she was really jealous when I told her I lost all my weight LMAO Fuck you, Vicki, keep being a whore and computing away.

Her story was that she was kidnapped in the midwest, I believe Indiana, by her boyfriend in her younger days and held hostage. Maybe even abused, so badly that she was abused, that caused her to not be able to have any children, that's the story she told me in regards to why her and Alan didn't have any. If that was true, she would have reached out to me, after Aug/Sept 1998, to make sure I was ok. She never did. I had to reach out to her over 10 years later.

She told me she came out when Helmut Flasch did. But she's playing everybody LMAO Whores ususally do.

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