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My Story by Kathy Gold

My GE, Genetic Entity

The GE stands for Genetic Entity, it's the life force of the body. My GE is russian. GE's also hold past life memories too. While crossing the wall of fire, I got to experience OT 3, when the universe ended.

The russians were the last on the line, they held the line. They had no food, no water. They were the last to die out.

In 1998 after I moved back home, I was watching the news, it gave me stability and I saw what happened to Boris Yelstin. He had a nervous breakdown around the same time I did. I saw his indicators. He established the Russian Federation here. I'm sure, he will also do the same on target 3.

While crossing the wall of fire, I was getting my confirmation, left and right, it's something you have to do very fast. I saw a documentary online. Where military came to him and said, Russia was being attacked, he held his ground and said no. I'm not gonna push any buttons. They said, we have the evidence, it's happening, you have to act now. He didn't listen. I'm sure he saw their indicators and knew they were full of shit.

He might have been an alcoholic, not perfect, not a scientologist, but who cares, he saved the world that day, for all mankind, all humanity.

If you want to see that documentary, it's on youtube, I can't find it. But it was there. There's alot of documentaries about Boris Yeltsin. You have to go really really quick, I don't have time currently to find the documentary but it was about almost world war 3 and how it didn't happen.

I had the history of man tapes and book to give me confirmation that I did the right thing. SOP, Standard Operating Procedure. To get confirmation on my knowingness. Never doubt your own knowningness.

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