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My Story by Kathy Gold



My Eviction

I doubt I'll win, meaning survive. This is the flyer I got to educate me on the process.

As you can see, if you lose the case, you have 9 days to move if you win the case, you have to pay and stay.

How does one stay with no money? Don't make sense. So I'll do my due dilegence and give the court my story, after I lose, I'll have the police kill me LMAO I win. I'll be dead and off this rock.

Not going homeless to be raped on the streets. I refuse. This is reality. Btw boys, feel free to unload, get your release, it's ok, nobody will sue you for my death and make it extremely bloody. Keep shooting until there is nothing left.

I don't know what will happen after I'm dead, I'll be dead, get it. End of my journey.

As you can see, Scilons like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley etc etc, They don't care.

These people only care about money and their careers. I will never see them ever again, for 1 billion years. Their money, that they paid to the IAS contributed to what happened to me in Aug/September 1998, or in other words, they paid for it, they paid for the ops run on me, etc etc. Why would someone that contributed to another person getting killed now in a new unit of time help them to survive? They wouldn't, they assume nobody will know, I'm ok.

They can go sue this church if they are upset that people found out but most likely nothing will happen, nobody cares about anybody here on planet earth. But, I'm gonna have fun, it will be a bloody mess. LMAO

September 11, 2013,

Just got back from court, i kinda won but not really, I have 5 days to come up with $2k and then my rent is $500.00 a month, on September 17, 2013 I have to show back up to court. I guess then they issue the sheriff and I have 3 days from that to get my shit out or they come. to lock me out. That's pretty much it.

In court the Judge, both Judges, didn't care how it got to this point nor that the landlady caused it, they only cared whether I paid rent or not. Not why I didn't have the money. I tried to tell the 1st judge and he said in this court it's irrelevant. That's ok, In the end, it wiill come back to her 10k fold LMAO. Btw, it was so funny how she started making things up, things that never happened. She's your typical no responsibility case. Outside and insdie the courtroom, it was all, me, me me and she had no responsibility in it. She even tried to pin all the things not fixed in this unit on me.

So, I doubt I'll let them kill me, that would be not ok nor pro survival. Don't know what my future holds but I'm done. I guess I'll be cruising around until something happens. I'll be out of here and that's pretty much it. I guess I'll just disappear.

Updated September 25, 2013

I went to court today, 3rd time. The judge broke his agreement. On September 17, 2013, I came up with the $1985.00 and my rent didn't get reduced to $500.00 but instead I got evicted and the Judge ordered me to pay $3k. This is weird ok. The landlady also told the Judge that she had organic exterminators that she uses, she could have used them. But instead chose to use exterminators that use insecticides that are chemical based..

This landlady lied to the Judge and he accepted her lies. In Justice, I think so. I said, wait a minute, I paid $1985.00, what about that? I guess this Judge forgot. I had to remind him. So he went back into his chambers.

I reminded the clerk, about the rent reduction. I honored my agreement with the court. All I can do is tell the truth. If the Judge doesn't want to hear it, there is nothng I can do about that. In Justice.

So I asked the clerk, what's gonna happen and she said, we'll send it to you. I said ok. I said, can I leave and she said, oh yeah, you can leave. So, I left.

Now I have to make arrangements to move. I honored my agreement, the landlady didn't. She put me into a catch 22, with the exterminators. I had to get a waiver from exterminators, their interal policy, procedure. The doctor would not give me a waiver and told me to contact the Los Angeles Poison Central. Which I did. He told me,

The insecticides can cause allergic reactions and it is already known. The allergens are known factors.

The material has potential to cause allergic reactions.

There is a risk.

He advised the best is a no synthetic insecticide. For somebody like me, that also has allergies already including skin, he suggested a detergent based, like gardening is ok. They are soap based and I would not have an allergic reaction.

He also told me, I can refuse entry, based on medical. Even though I never did. I can, I have that right.

So because I could not get a waiver for the exterminators she hired, to meet their internal policy, procedure, I'm being evicted. Ok. This is In Justice and wrong.

This judge is working on absolutes. Absolutes are suppressive. I had the emails, the communication, the note from the doctor etc etc. He never looked at it, he never reviewed it. He did review her email communication.

What is my next course of action? I don't know, do I want to keep battling it out in court. Not really. I'm not into this sutff. I did my due dilegence, I told the truth. I tried the best I could without putting my life at risk from harmful insectides. I personally like the Judge and I feel he pegged her from the start. What made him go down this route. I don't know. Unbeknownst to me.

So, I'm currently looking for a place to move to. That's about it. I highly advise, not to go to court, it creates more bypassed charge on In Justice not just in present time but in past lives.



Doctor's Note

Harmful Insectides to me, my body, due to my allergies including skin.

Just got off the phone with the courts, she has to file a writ with the courts, and then the Sheriff comes and per her, they give you about 1 hour to leave. Wow. If that's not fucked up, I don't know what is. I guess I'll have to be prepared and start moving now because who knows how these people will act. Ok.

As for the disabled person in Unit 2, I guess that's the other person she's getting rid of. This landlady also complained to the Judge that I told a tenant for Unit 1 not to move here.

That's not true. What occured was I just came in and Tori the disabled person in Unit 2 and a woman were standing in the courtyard. The girl turned to me and asked, could you tell me the truth. I'm moving into Unit 1. I was told by Matt that there are no cockroaches in the other units as I found a bunch of dead cockroaches in the Unit I'm gonna move into.

I told her, that's not true, I have cockroaches in mine, I'm in court for that right now. I have pictures, would you like to see them? She said no. I have allergies, I told her, I do too. She thanked me, for telling her the truth. She said she was not gonna move in because Matt lied to her and she was gonna stop payment on her check. I asked her how much rent she was gonna pay and she said $900.00. Me and Tori pay $700.00 I've never seen unit 1, from what I hear it's been remodeled. Tori said she has no cockroaches in her unit. She sprays outside herself and then sweeps away the dead cockroaches. My unit is #3, on the 2nd floor. Since I've lived here, nobody has sprayed. So for 4 years, this landlady has neglected this property by not spraying outside for cockroaches. She caused this problem, not me.

Updated September 27, 2013

On September 25, 2013, I left my house at about 6:45am or around there. I didn't want to be late for court. Remember I'm in North Hollywood, I have to take the 405 to be at court by 8:30am in Santa Monica. I was early around 8am. On September 17, 2013, Doreen was about 1 or more hours late. We all had to wait for her, because she was stuck in traffic. She called from her cell phone and told the clerk she was running late because she was in traffic. I was early that day, I got there like 7:00am and walked around.

The image below, time and date stamped is with the upper cabinets and floor and floor board.

There were no cockroaches in the upper cabinets. There is a hole in the wall and I put a roach prison right in front of it. That is where the cockroaches are going, in the walls. You can see the other side of the roach prison, when they come out, they get trapped.

This is the stove area, right next to the cabinets. I put two cockroach prisons down on each side. You can see baby cockroaches.

This is the opposite side, there is no cockroaches there but the lower cabinets there is cockroaches.

The oven and the thing below it have never been used, see the rust and the plastic cover. The pilot for the stove was never done either, only the top 4 burners.

The fan above the stove, inside the duct is black gunk, it's been there since I've moved in.

Email communication regarding this issue and how she refused to handle it. The fan air duct is not a tenants responsiblity but she doesn't care. It's all me, me and me. So, the 4 years I've lived here, she's been out exchange, criminal exchange and she didn't honor her father's agreement. He was the person I made the lease agreement with. Instead she tried to pin it on me. I'm not responsible nor accountable. She is, as POA.

Notice she brought up her religion LMAO she's jewish like me ok. If she was real mob, past lives, she would have honored her father's agreement, instead she negated it, like who cares. She's not real mob, past lives, pre earth. But I am LMAO.

Updated December 6, 2013

This judgement has been paid.

She never filed the paperwork, the admin LMAO Ethics, Tech and Admin, her ethics are out LMAO. I'm gonna put them in, Money LMAO

"If a judgment creditor does not file an Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment (Form EJ-100) within 14 days after receiving a written request by a judgment debtor, the judgment creditor is liable to the judgment debtor for any resulting losses and a monetary penalty."

She assumes this will enturbulate me. Now she's on the hook for any losses I incur plus a monetary penalty from her not doinging the right thing and obeying the LAW.

This will stay in play because any losses I incur, she'll get sued in a court of LAW. Time and money, both will be recooped in a court of LAW and a bonus LMAO monetary penalty.

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