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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Eval of Scott O'Malley

I met him once on the 3d. He's younger and isn't 6' feet and over. Not my preference in men. I have no idea about his hands or feet. In past lives, we were in different bodies. He never saw me, he never saw my soul, looked into my eyes.

He has his own problems, I just noticed he was married, yet he's reading my website to match me, couple that with his computation of wanting to fuck me to get me out of his system.

He just assumed I would lick his ass, go on the ground floor and get all this info and just hand it to him on a silver platter, on my time, my dime LMAO man was he stupid LMAO.

He never responded with an acknowledgement, 24 hours. I already knew, flake LMAO

I figured him out, down on this facebook account, I told Miscavige, see how I handled that implant LMAO he saw. Hmmm I wonder if OSA has been reading their email, all this time LMAO.

After all Miscavige needs to get his release. Remember he's still married with no hope of divorce LMAO. So, hacking away at Scott O'Malley et al and Miscavige will trace down the college shit of Scott's and find out if he did rape someone and then killed them. He'll just alert her family, no statue of limitations and Miscavige will feel better LMAO.

You all assume court LMAO remember Scott's not a scilon but a wog. It gives Miscavige something to do, play with. Miscavige loves dirty laundry.

If Scott didn't do it, then he has nothing to worry about. Only guilty men flip out, not innocent. I can't control David Miscavige and what he does with his money.

Updated October 10, 2013

In regards to me & Scott on the 2d in present time, I figured it out, he assumed, he could make me his mistress, a fuck or free sex because I'm not hot, rich etc etc and then blame me for the demise of his 2nd marriage or pin it on me because I'm a Scientologist, blame her ha ha.

Then quietly move the new girl, the real mistress, transition girl into his life. I would be the easy target everybody could blame or pin it on, even his 2nd wife. Why, cause I've got a big mouth, easy target. I'm talking, 1st amendement, free speech. Where they don't, they just zip it and troll aka stalk.

Mistress girl is not online (no social media, she just stalks, waits), she's hidden, you'll never find her and he's really good at lying, he has no remorse, he'll just smile and say no even when it's true. He won't even flinch or bat an eye.

I'm out of his weird bullshit drama rama set up spin game on the 2d.

As for his wife, I got both his 2nd wife's computations as well as the other woman, the hidden mistress.

His 2nd wife's computations:

If shit goes south with this Scientology shit, she's gonna accuse him of pedafilia and she doesn't know who the father of the kid is.

The mistresses's computation, none, she's waiting, just go Scott, just go. She waits for him.

It's a sad game. One thing I know about Scott, he's not a pedafile. That I do know. So his 2nd wife there is evil, the theety weety kind, no confront of evil, she just bitches, whines, talks shit behind his back and btw she thinks that disease that he was on the board of, is a made up disease. I never thought that. I was just being there and communicating.

His 2nd wife is weak, she allows this shit with that myspace page. If it was me, I'd walk just on that alone. I'm extremely conservative in regards to marriage and family.

And I think they are both alcoholics, drinking, long term. I don't drink, maybe once every 2 or 3 years, celebration, champagne.

What will these two people do? Who knows, it's their journey as a couple and I don't care. LMAO.

I'm marriage material, not mistress material. There were other computations but minor compared to her plans of accusing of pedafila, shit like she doesn't want him reading the ethics book or getting involved in Scientology. God forbid he read the ethics book LMAO a book. He's not allowed to read a book LMAO oh well, he can stay stupid and dumb, he probably wouldn't get it on any level any way, fall asleep from MU's LMAO. Fahrenheit 451 here we come LMAO

What is she Christian, so she can get left behind like everybody else LMAO Out of present time, like everybody else. The bible will come true. No redemption for people like her. Enjoy this life cause it won't last.

As for their facebook page, neither say their marital status, for you to assume, figure it out, read into it. In my opinion if they were happily married, they would both state their status. That's what married people do, so not to confuse others. It's quite irresponsible to not list on your social media accounts or net etiquette. In scilon speak, these two people are in lower conditions on the 2nd dynamic. It's very sad and I feel bad for their children. Hopefully, they have good family members who can put their ethics in for the sake of their children, their future generation. Mom's, dad's, brother's, sister's even aunt's and uncle's. The 2d, family and marriage. Even if his brother in law or her sister in law does it, it's ok. This is natural, normal.

Don't pin this shit on me, this is your 2d, not mine. You are both responsible for your 2D, not me. I didn't have thoughts or computations of fucking this guy. Nothing. I was just there, being me, communicating, openly, honestly and directly. Which is not a crime. It's not against the law to speak out, free speech, 1st amendment. And it's not against the law to send someone an email, nor remember your past lives with that person. Don't get me involved in your drama rama bullshit.

In my opinion, nobody put a gun to these two people's heads and forced them to get married and have children. This was their decision as a 2d, a couple. Their problems, their journey, their life. I feel no sympathy for these two people. Why are they trolling aka stalking me? Don't they have other things to do with their life, like taking care of their family, shit like that? I don't like these two people, based on their actions. I don't know them, nor will I. These two people will never be in my life, ever. I have my own journey, my own life, one that does not include these two people. As far as I'm concerned, they're both criminals, Bonnie and Clyde.

There is a huge gap of thousands and thousands of years before I ran into Scott again, in a galaxy far far away, OT3 and he was married to my cousin. There's a reason for that. He's not an implanter, he's a criminal, implanted up the wazoo and kept in middle class heaven, easier to control. He's an SP on the 2d. On the other dynamics, he's good at his job. But on this dynamic, he's very abberrated and is an idiot. He married this woman, whose extremely insecure and needy. Ok. She's 1.1 but he can see her a mile away in slow motion. I'm sure when he's ready to leave, he'll leave. Until then, they can battle it out, beat each other up everyday, pain. She loves to receive it and he loves to give it. Emotional, verbal not physical. She loves to bleed for love. He'll just say she's crazy, she's too emotional, put her on psych drugs and she'll go out of present time and stay there, psycho city. She's got no control, he's all about control. The new girl will back him up and they win, she lost. Oh well, not my probem LMAO. I'm sure the new girl works with him, either at his office or in the field. Easy replacement for 2nd wife, his SOP, work, after all, he met 2nd wife at work too. His group, his 3rd dynamic, not hers.

Updated January 1, 2014

To clarify, thousands and thousands of years, would mean 10 thousand, 20 thousand and more. From the beginning of implant stations till the end. OT3. After OT1 and OT2, those civilizations ended, Marcab shit LMAO Me and Jett's wholetrack. We're both wholetrack psychs. Unless you're a real wholetrack psych aka implanter, you won't understand my journeys, nor my religion. Reality.

I'm sure there are other women out there that have played the game called life with Scott and won. His past lives, not mine LMAO. We had one good life and that was it. We played the game called life and we won together. No reason for a repeat ever. He's a criminal, it's in his soul. He doesn't change.

From now on, I only play with other cops or forget it. Not interested in putting in his ethics because of his criminal computations.

This is middle class heaven not undercover on payroll. This life he's better with another criminal, she'll get him on every level across the boards, hell she'll have the same criminal computations, go ahead, rip them off, I don't give a fuck, whatever it takes to feed the kids, rent, food etc etc. And he'll shrug his shoulders and go into agreement with it, he'll even get a hard on. Ok honey, you're awesome LMAO.

This type of behavior would piss off a cop, out ethics. It's wrong and not pro survival. Cops are better with other cops, people who know the difference between right and wrong and don't go criminal for money. Reality.

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