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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Eval Of Lisa Marie Presley

I pulled in Lisa Marie Presley when I was at CC Int, I was 18 or 19, she was sitting in the cantina. She was with another person, sitting down, a kid. I remember walking up and there she was. I looked at her and she at me. I got her comm, her flow lol It was, you're nothing special lol she was very snobby. I was like hey and she gave me that flow and laughed. It was weird.

I didn't really understand it then, I was like whatever lol. And moved on. My instincts, my guts told me to stay away from her, something weird about her.

In 1991 when I was in the Sea Org, I pulled her in then too. I went into the CC Int President's office and was talking to Tommy Davis, the next thing I know Lisa walks up to me and gets in my face and was pissed. Her flow was, was it you? I didn't really understand what was going on then either, all I knew was she was pissed off and wanted to hold me responsible for it.

I found out later, there were reporters in the CC cantina, gardens. That's the same day, I saw John Travolta start having a meltdown in CC Int. I was dressed not in Sea Org uniform but in white lace and white corset

She was enturbulated and was looking for her SP's, I figured out reading Marty's blog, Miscavige was trying to handle her, handle her, the reporters are here, calm her down, shut her up. Ok, Misavige was more worried about PR than her well being. Another outpoint on the list of so many. She couldn't spot them and started wrong targetting, including me. I just walked away from her. I didn't introvert and go, oh no, she's a celebrity, what did I do to cause that lol. I did nothing wrong other than be there. Not my problem these people don't apply their own religion.

After my induced meltdown, I was listening to the radio and heard she got a record contract and I was pissed, I was really angry, I was like this bitch got a record contract, wtf? lol

I'm not mad anymore, I processed all my feelings for her. While crossing the wall of fire, I remembered my past lives with her, OT3, when the universe ended. She was my friend, I co-wrote songs with her, I felt more of a sister bond with her and later realized, we were in a past life. lol.

At one point, we both had the same dreams, to make it in music. I was with John Rzeznik and after we broke up, she fucked him.

I felt betrayed, that she betrayed our friendship. She had a different viewpoint on the other hand, she felt, she was doing me a favor, she got tired of me and him going back and forth, it enturbulated her. But that was not her call to make. It was my life and who was she to hurt me so me and him would end it. It was really none of her business. As a friend, she should have been there to have my back, support me, I think she was jealous on many levels. Me and Johnny co-wrote alot of great songs. What she did was stab me in the back, I would never have done that to her.

And she never stepped up to the plate to take responsiblity or accountability, she was just sorry, that she fucked up. So, I moved on from her. Later as a fleet member, her and Michael came my way, I saw people outside of psych ops, moonlighting but it was all approved by psych ops. I was helping out his dad, Issac Hayes, Michael and Lisa were married and needed some help in the 2d area. So, I was their chaplin/ethics officer and did their ethics cycle. She assumed I would have Michael's side, I didn't. Even though she fucked me over, I still put that to the side and did my job and looked at both of their sides with no conflict of interest of emotions.

For awhile, it helped them but I think that as time grew on, Lisa got more restless, they were always in a power struggle, control. She found excuses and used other people to do the cycles and later they got divorced and then went back and forth. They loved each other very much, Lisa was Michael's first wife and had alot of kids with him.

She brought in a whole new wave, housewives suing for money in court, you know celebrity housewives. In that life, she was a housewife, they had a huge family, kinda like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but all DNA not adopted. Each time they would break up, she would go and do drugs and each time she got more and more angrier and meaner. Lisa has a huge drug case.

After doing her OT levels, she reverted back to drugs. This is not suppose to happen, I think they missed some withholds on her. I was also reading online, she was escorted out of flag by security. I have no idea why.

In present time, Michael spotted Lisa in Las Vegas when they were little. He was waiting for her to divorce Danny Keough, he wanted to marry her and have kids with her. Her upsetness with him was, ok, I have my own money now, my own name, now what? lol. Both of these people, serv fac city ok. He was pissed cause she didn't have his kids. These two people could have benefited from my religion, not by clearing the planet or to be used as OL's but parishoners to work out their past lives where they had problems, to be honest with each other, in the here and now and knock off the behavior that lead to their demise and really be a team and flourish and prosper as a couple.

But that's not gonna happen for more than one reason. It's sad. I hope Lisa finds a new soulmate if she get's off this rock. Michael was her soulmate, her wholetrack 2d and in this place, in this time, for this short time they were given the chance to meet and be together. He's now dead and you can't resurrect the dead.

Lisa is very stubborn, or what I used to say to her, shit for brains. She's now married to her 4th husband, who I hope loves her for who she is, not how much money she has in her bank account. I hope when push comes to shove, he'll step up to the plate and save her life if she needs it. I hope he is there to protect her and shelter her from any storm and be her best friend forever.

Lisa if you ever read this, I hope you have a good life. I don't hate you, I'm just glad, I will never ever have you in any of my future lives lol. Jon Mackinder is on your comm lines, not mine.

Updated Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Before I forget, I tweeted Lisa Marie Presley on twitter, she's aware of this website. I was waiting for her to make it over there. I wanted to get her my comm, she wasn't in the PR like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. I wanted her to know, what really happened to me. Will she do the right thing? Probably not, she only cares about her money. I tweeted Kirstie Alley when I first got to twitter, on more than one occasion, she never responded, she's aware of this website too, her gossip, retweeted me. John Travolta, is not online and I never sent him any comm, online or off. I don't know him nor have I ever met him. I just left him a blog on my myspace page, in the event he ever gets it, I just wanted him to know that I supported him when everybody attacked him after his only son died.

The truth is. I don't know these people, it's all past lives, not present time. I died in 1998, this church and my mother by dna killed me. I never recovered, I tried many times, psych drugs are not an answer to problems neither is no communication. So thank you Oprah for being there, when people like me, have nobody to turn too. Unfortunately, that's not enough, can't go through life living a lie, need to be with people like me, who talk and are honest, direct. Not set people up to fail or use them, cause they can.

So, I didn't play the game correctly in other's eyes, but I actually did. I didn't lie and confronted it the whole way, all the evil and if it led to my death, because of other circumstances beyond my control, there is nothing I can do about that. I'm not perfect, I never said I was.

Updated Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I also tweeted Juliette Lewis, she's well aware of this website too.

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