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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Eval Of David Miscavige

He's 52, way past the point of no return, he's in psycholand. Nobody ever took responsibility for him, his serv fac, his make wrong. Not one person he surrounds himself with, not even his own wife. Buying expensive presents for each other is not taking responsibility for each other. Those are just gifts, objects. He micro manages, 1st sign, clue that's he's got control issues. Temper tantrums galore.

During the Lisa Mcpherson trial, he bitched and whined so much that the girl that was running the IAS, her solution to shut him up was a paid vacation in Scotland at a castle. The cost for that Castle, cause around the same time, I was looking at going there myself. The cost was $10k or more a week. I was at Mole Richardson at that time.

Nobody wrote this guy a program, nobody took responsibility for him or his case. He's a child and everybody around him flows power to his tantrums instead of putting his ethics in.

Everybody around him yeses him, yes sir, kisses his ass or should I say licks it. lol And all he does is reward people on gross income, his attention is focused on one thing. Making money.

In Amy's book, he hit Marc Yager, and then wanted to take responsibility for his actions, amends, his solution instead of making a wrong a right, hitting the guy, he threw down money, a dollar bill and apologized. Marc Yager, wouldn't accept the money as amends. His solution to problems is throwing money at it. He knows that's not how you apply conditions, he signed LRH's liability conditions formula for MSH's bullshit.

Even the IAS, at the time of the founder's death, there was no IAS, there was the HASI and it cost like $25.00 to be a member. There was no millions of dollars in donations. It was not that big of a deal to be a member. Now it's all about status, wealth and position.

That's not what this church was about, this church was about helping people not regging money.

When LRH died this church was in a power condition. It just needed to be expanded more. It was all set up for someone to run it. That was all. But instead of expanding it, continuing with the successful actions, David Miscavige violated the power condition. He assumed he was in power when he was in Non-E.

The first thing is not to change anything and he changed alot of things, for more than one reason, the main reason, money, himself, so he can be right. It's a weird thing to go around giving yourself credit in an interview. Per the other reports I read about him, he comes off arrogant, he doesn't grant anybody any beingness. He's also not an auditor and of course not an implanter, wholetrack psych.

In 1986, people in the Sea Org had kids, there was family time etc etc. He got rid of those things, to increase production and cut down on expenses but he didn't need to do that. That would be a danger condition not a power condition. The organization was in a power condition, he individually misapplied conditions for his main reason money. During that time, the Gross Income for the organization increased, it made him look really good and he drew all his confidence from that one thing. Money.

At that same time, that's when he started pulling in the reins on the mission holders as well. He was in danger, coming out of Non-E but the organization as whole was not in Non-E.

The people that were there allowed it. Their reason, I'm not gonna be responsible. They didn't want to be in charge, they let him be the main man at the top.

He instituted policy that cut the 2d line, Sea Org members could no longer have kids, the cost of handling it was a burden, if you join then no kids for you this life. If you had kids already or violated that, you had to go to a class 4 org, not a sea org church. That meant, you would now have to pay for your own rent, your own food, your own car, your own insurance, your own everything and still get that $25.00 a week. So, most of the Sea Org people either got 2 jobs or went on a post where they could earn a commission so that they could continue to be in the Sea Org and support their families.

He focused on increasing money, gross income. Short term it was fine, but not long term. He assumed, he had the technology, the holy scriptures and he would be fine. He's under the assumption that he who controls the tech, owns it. The founder left it, his research for mankind. The way to reg people was Division 6, it's all in the ED series, the Executive Director series, blue on white.

I read some of those policies. I was a div 6 reg at LADAY, you just tell people about it and if they want it, they sign up and do it. Not that big of a deal.

They made reg sessions like what you see at the car dealerships, where they put you in a room and then leave you there and won't let you leave until you buy the car. That's wrong and immoral. And violated LRH policy. He has no div 6 now, the front lines lol. It's all Div 2 or recurring customers. Nobody is looking for new public.

In David Miscavige's church, division 6 has been replaced with video screens instead of people. This is cookie cutter, or being herded like sheep. Sit there, watch this and if you have questions, just push the button and the video screen will answer your questions. But what if you have questions that are not part of the system here that he has set up? I guess, they will just walk out left feeling confused and mesmerized by all the glitz of high tech. And some, if they are on psych drugs will feel hypnotized. Scientology is not cookie cutter and neither are people. This is a violation of the OT levels, the Holy Scriptures.

Even the founder wore more than one hat in his organization. He put Scientology on the map. He wore all those hats that he wrote up, every single one of them, from the bottom up to the top. David Miscavige never wore any of those hats and has no clue what these people experience on these posts. So he disregards their communication. The founder himself, acknowledged everybody that wrote to him personally. He didn't blow them off like they do now. His comm lines were open.

Even the people up at Int Management have no clue, they only wear one hat for 20 or 30 years. Ok. That's gonna burn people out. Even the founder himself did mest work, he wasn't above it like David Miscavige. This organization has become snobby and intolerant.

When I was at the Pasadena Org, I went and helped them. We went to a park and they were giving free assists, volunteer ministers. The first problem we had was putting up the tent. The big yellow tent. Per the instructions, and communication from int management was that anybody can put those together, even 2 teenage girls and 1 guy. Ok, that was a lie. It took 7 of us, and I was the only female.

The new churches, each indivdual church is suppose to come up the conditions, this Ideal Org program is the ideal scene after the church has come up those conditions, has the money to purchase a building.

Having parishoners take their hard earned money to buy a building, real estate that they don't own is off policy and not Scientology. It's not part of our religion. The founder himself talked about how people were more important than buildings. These buildings are not cheap, they cost $10 million or more. That money could have been spent for these people to go up a bridge, obtain their spiritual freedom, help their communities florish and prosper etc etc but instead, they are now broke and won't be doing anything but worrying about their survival. Some of these people donated their life savings to purchase these buildings and are too old to just turn it around. This was the last thing the founder wanted, he never wanted people to go broke and destitute for their religion, he had specific policy against this kind of stuff from occurring. He actually cared about his parishoners.

David Miscavige, knows how some of his parishoners have gone broke and destitute in helping his Ideal Org program become a reality. He doesn't care and he sleeps, just fine at night. He's cold as ice and has no compassion for his parishoner's problems, problems he created when he instituted fundraising to purchase a building. David Miscavige only values money, not human life and sure as shit not the life of his parishoners who are not doing well.

If they want their money back, this organization says, sorry, it's a donation. I was down at the Valley Org's new building fundraiser, where they were raising funds to purchase this building. They brought in people to sing while we all sat in the pews etc. It was a fun filled night of donations. Only one problem, it violated the OT levels themselves. Larry Roberts would talk about this to me. In the OT levels, it specifically talked about reverie, getting people singing and dancing, people feel great and get caught up in the moment.

At this function, they used reverie to get money out of people to buy a building. It violates their own holy scriptures, the OT levels. One woman got up, she was so happy to help, she tapped into her and her husband's life savings and pretty much donated it all. It was about $150k. I stood there and went wtf? I can see this coming a mile away in slow motion.

Where is that parishoner now? I suspect, crying, struggling in silence, nobody there to help her and her husband, they were both over 55, I believe in their 60's.

Why is one man deciding everybody's fate, their lives. Why is one man, controlling everybodies destiny. Why is one man controlling everybody's lives?

And better yet, why do all these people allow it. The valley org has already moved, how many times now?

Why does that same man, not come through to help any orgs on this planet? The founder himself, when a church crashed, the gross income and was upside down on it's way out, he would step in and take money from his own pocket to help that church get back on track. But David Miscavige doesn't take any of his personal money that he has made and put it into these churches. Why is that?

Or how about putting his own money to buy these buildings that his corporation up at RTC owns, that's what they used to do when the founder was alive? Why are people donating money for this super power building that they don't own nor was it part of the bridge? The founder himself shelved that progarm. Why are all the women up at int management either whores, major out 2d, fucking people left and right like Gavin Potter's first wife, she went out 2d on him at least 3 times with other people up there or kissing ass?

Why is this guy micro managing an entire religion and his workers below him, there are like 5000 people or more that work worldwide etc etc.

Yet they are not expanding, great promo of churches but nobody leaves their church to promote and market their church or disseminate their religion.

So many outpoints not short comings. What good have they done really in the last 10 years? Nothing. It's shrinking and nobody is taking the helm to turn it around. The Valley org's new Ideal building is still sitting there, they just finished purchasing it in 2008 or 2009 at $10 million dollars or whatever and now they have to do renovations. It's 2012 and still no renos. The valley org also moved their location.

In the finance series, there is a building fund, like 1% of gross income every week goes to that building fund, it's so you can buy a building lol. But now people are donating their money to purchase this instead of purchasing services.

Off LRH policy. They are not operating on the founder's policy, green on white, blue on white, etc etc.
They are operating on David Miscavige's policy under the guise of the founder. Basically using his name to do whatever the fuck they want.

And there is no government organization or anybody to tell. Sure you can go to court, but give me a fuckin break, you know how much attorneys fees cost, just to put these people's ethics in, to put them back on the rails, not worth it. Nobody in their right mind would spend millions of their hard earned money to put their ethics in. Unless of course you are a billionare and have nothing else to do lol.

David Miscavige can't get his own ethics in. The founder put his own ethics in, he didn't need some woman or group to do it for him lol.

And on the subject of ethics, the ethics office is there to help people, continue going up a bridge, to obtain their spiritual freedom. Not ram shit down people's throats. It's an extra, added service that comes included with each course and auditing you purchase, a freebie or exchange in abundance.

Sometimes people need help, guidance, direction. That's what the ethics office is for.

I had a friend, Christine, I knew her since 1981 and she a tried Scientology, she asked for a refund when they routed her to the ethics department. It was to help her, she didn't want to take any responsibility for her transgressions in present time that caused her to be late for course. She had other problems going on and she did not want to confront her own out ethics in that area. So instead of applying ethics to her life with the help of the ethics officer which was a free service provided to her for her $100.00 she spent or less. She asked for a refund and she got it. They refunded her money.

Christine won't be obtaining her spiriutal freedom this life or the next. She's not interested in obtaining her spiritual freedom, cause over her exteriorization. It's not her game. Her game was just to get married, be a mom and a housewife. I'm sure she will find the right guy that complements her.

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