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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Drug History This Life

I smoked pot, did mushrooms, black beauties, speed and cocaine. Funny thing about speed, I could fall asleep on them, I would take them and I'd crash out, just like caffeine. I never got a boost from it, just the opposite. No LSD, no angel dust, no heroin.

And pot, gave me energy, I would clean and vacuum lol my fav things to do when I smoked pot. One month before I graduated high school, I moved in with my boyfriend who later became my husband.

My mother gave me two choices, she was moving in with her new husband Ramon to Sylmar, in a house they both bought. I could go with them or move in with Jeff, then she slammed the door in my face while I was standing outside the apartment. I know lol. Cut comm, introversion, I mean really, I was 18 and this was her loving guidance and direction. Yeah, a joke of a mother.

I opted to move in with Jeff. We got an apartment on Burbank Blvd, a one bedroom. I was still in High School hadn't graduated yet. I paid half the rent. I've always paid my own rent. Nobody has ever supported me. I was working as a waitress at Baker's Square. and then I got my first full time job in August/September of 1985. I started working for debt collectors for $850.00 a month. I couldn't afford to pay my rent, food etc, after taxes so I started dealing drugs as a solution so I wouldn't go homeless. Jeff was totally fine with it, he loved doing cocaine. And I had a coke connection, Chris's boyfriend, Greg. He fronted me the coke and then with Jeff's help, we cut it lol. He actually did the cutting lol He was an expert lol. We used b1's, that was more safe and healthy lol. I also tried freebasing too but I really didn't get a high off that, Jeff did though.

Anyhoo, my big drug dealing days only lasted 2 months. I made an extra $100.00 a week to help pay for rent. But I realized, this was not ok, I knew it was agaisnt the law, but I had a big ole quandary, about my survival I had to pay my rent. Then one day, I looked out the balcony, I felt followed, unmarked car with 2 guys in it, I'm thinking ok, the feds are on Greg. he was making so much fuckin money. He fronted me the drugs and each week, I paid him in full. I didn't snort it all like everybody else. Business all the way.

I came home one day and I also realized, I was pissed off, stressed and my first impulse was to do a line of coke to mellow me out. I was like I'm getting addicted here, this is not ok. Then as I sat in the living room chair, I looked at both my arms and the thought of me becoming a junkie, addicted to coke and then heroine cause that was my next stop, freaked me out, I was like no way jose. Not going down that road. So, I just stopped. No more dealing. No more drugs. Jeff was like whatever, that's cool.

In school when I was little, elementary school, the police came into our school and told us about drug use and how it works, it goes from pot, to coke to heroine and they were right. I paid attention when they talked. I was not mesmerized by a uniform, I saw they were there to really help, they really cared about us, the kids and I wasn't bored lol.

Shortly after that I went to work for American Mutual Mortgage. Scott Saks and Wes Beecher. I was the receptionist. They were all Scientologists and OT. But I was still doing drugs lol. Weekend lol. Me and Jeff broke up and I went to a club and had some lines with some people I met.

Susan Davis was working there and I told her. She then wrote a KR on me as well as Susan Beecher. Then when Wes heard about it, he pulled me into his office and said. I'm really disappointed in you. He wasn't an asshole or anything, he just talked to me and he actually gave a shit. Wes was from New York, he used to ride along with his friend. Both major harley lovers lol bikers all the way. So I went to the Valley Org, did my conditions with Terrie and stopped doing all drugs.

Both Wes Beecher and Frank Davis, Susan Davis's husband are dead now.

When I was being recruited into the Sea Org, one of the questions I was asked was about my drug history, I found out because I dealt drugs, I was out qualed for HCO. I knew at that point, oh shit, I was HCO, Ethics on the ship and got blackmailed, old government ops, infiltrators etc.

Back then HCO got blackmailed on people's overts. Gov agents, spies came on aboard and acted like they were one of the crew but they weren't really, they were there to blackmail HCO into turning over people's transgressions and I'm sure I was one of those people they used.

Now in present time, I don't think there are any infiltrators, no government money, funding has been cut lol. Larry Roberts was a last life infiltrator lol.

Dealing drugs might be against the law in present time lol but down the wholetrack, I was undercover on payroll lol.

One time Jett had to revive me, he was freaked, adrenaline needle to wake me up, after I was already dead, frozen lol. I was with a whole batch of people that got hauled in lol Only I was undercover, didn't want to blow my cover lol So, death, then revive and go on to the next job. It was wild, I was fine, he on the other hand, couldn't handle it anymore lol. He didn't want me doing anymore undercover assignments. lol.

It was kinda of like this but different I loved this scene, so romantic

And yeah, we loved the biker life lol. Jett was a harley rider too, both bikes lol.

Again people, live the fuckin OT levels lol. Experience them, re live old times, old memories.

And I have no amends to do with that cycle of action. One, I didn't coerce anyone to buy them, 2, I was upfront about it, even the cutting part, full disclosure and 3, I paid my dealer on time every week. No money owed.

The police wouldn't care, it was only for 2 months. For them that's nothing, an experience. I didn't need years and years to straighten out and they too would understand, it was temporary so I wouldn't go homeless, my survival, I was only 18.

Btw, one of the mental image pictures I introverted on was one I picked up in Texas on my soulmate journey in 2008. A helicopter, a child and a convict in orange and chains. lol. I had to crack that too.

In the mental image picture, there was only room for one and he was being transported and he gave up his seat for the kid. Like an evac, maybe a hurricane. When I was in the airport, there were hurricane alerts. Only there was no kid. It's just a mental image picture. Then later, I brought that picture up again and I introverted on it even more. He was in the hole, contact. I didn't really know what I was doing lol I just winged it, I figured it out, as I was going on in my journey.

The old stuffy white men like the Rockefellers, they considered people not born into the right family, not worth anything, human garbage. A very snobby, uncaring, unkind, cold, heartless attitude. They really hate mankind, the human race. They assumed they were above it all, because they have money and money can buy you anything, even women. These people got off on the power they held with congress, the trilateral commission. It's public record, they bought off both parties, the dems and the republicans. They hedged their bets.

It's wrong and immoral, but not against the law. They assumed they had it all in the bag, their strategy was keep congress busy, fighting and then go down the middle, get the laws they wanted passed.

Well, they won lol this planet is all their's lol Oh and btw, all their souls will get infused and en-tombed into this rock for the next 1 billion years for their betrayal of the human race lol. Enjoy it, cause it ain't gonna last lol. It so must suck to be them huh lol. They too assumed The Countess Krak was some blond bimbo with big boobs lol. Easy to restim, they've got no class as well as no morals. Losers lol. They also had another agenda, get the nukes off the books slowly, basically keep the population in restim on OT 3, nuclear war, the end of the universe.

For these people, they had alot of funds at their fingertips, they could have solved this problem but instead chose not to, for one reason, control. It's easier to control the general public on their death. It cut's peoples future constantly. It's quite suppressive.

It's what Lisa was restimmed on too. She felt she didn't help enough, she wasn't fast enough, her intention was to help mankind, save the world.

The good news is lol they're fucked lol.Somethings money can't buy, it's called your soul.

Some of my father's men, the commodore's boys, I have a feeling they were in prison reading my countess belle blog. They too were looking for signs, clues and we crossed paths online. The ones on the outside, have already come and gone. They are already on their way to target 3, they got their confirmation, dropped the bod and spilt lol. They've been reading, hatting themselves and figuring shit out. My father's men, stone cold killers, they'll kill you in your sleep with no hesitation and out there, among the stars, those guys will have your back, space pirates all the way lol. Here on planet earth, target 1, they might be thought of as criminals and not perfect, but out there, they'll be fuckin saving the universe for all mankind.

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