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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Current Professions

1)Website Design, Build and Develop, you saw the discrimination shit and of course their lack of not know, how to market me etc etc. Googling. I've also experienced it.

2)Licensed Ex Real Estate Agent - It's not salary. No leads, etc etc. I have to do it myself. I have no resources. I'm not that good of a real estate agent. I've only closed 2 escrows since getting my real estate license in 2005. The first transaction was for my mother. The 2nd transaction was a lead I got from, I invested one year and a half into their lead sytem, paying $150.00 a month for leads and their website thing. The return on investment was one transaction that closed escrow. I'm really not that good of a real estate agent. I'm too honest, too direct, too overt. I have never had a listing, meaning sold someone's home nor do I pretend to. It's a really risky business, not all escrows close. There are alot of obstacles to overcome. It usually takes 30 days or more to close an escrow and you don't receive a check until escrow closes. I'm currently with, I pay $29.95 a month to get leads for sellers and buyers, so far last month, I got a total of 8 leads but they haven't panned out. The buyers and sellers, they don't respond. I've emailed proposals, they too blow me off. Why people assume Real Estate Agents are rich is beyond me. I was with too, I paid them up for three months in advance, but I got only like 2 leads. No results on their system. The two leads also never responded and blew me off. And Trulia, they never refunded my money for the unused 2 months. That's an out exchange. Rip off or criminal. They took my money, no refund. They too are aware of this website.

3)My Art, I only make averge .36 cents from subscriptions, per image. I'm lucky if I make $300.00 a month from my portfolio. The agencies I'm signed up with, don't promote or market regularly. My rent is $650.00 a month. See my finances. Plus costs and expenses. It takes time to grow your business, especially ecommerce.

The business model changed after the crash of 2008 and everybody moved toward that business model. Which is great for the agencies and the people who work there, but not so much for the individual artist. Nobody can live off of $300.00 a month. This was my 401k plan. My retirement when I got old, 70 or 80 years old. Nobody is gonna take care of me, I have to take care of myself, that includes paying rent and food etc etc.

Time has run out for me. There is nothing I can do. It's ok, next life, I'm gonna have it all lol and then some. While this planet dies and all the racist haters wtih it lol Im gonna be laughing my ass off all the way to target 3.

My mother knew all of this, see the set up lol She can't wait till I'm dead, sweep sweep her crime in present time, taking payoff from Church of Scientology to not route me to court, read my story to really understand. My death is a win win for everybody involved in my crime of Aug/September 1998

The good news is, maybe my death can change things for other people. maybe even within the Church of Scientology itself. David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, maybe then they will open their eyes. It will be too late to do amends to me, which is fine cause I never ever want to run into them ever again in future lives if they make it. My past lives etc etc is forever severed. New games to play, with new people never before played with lol Isn't that the coolest ever lol I think so, who the fuck wants to be friends or related to people like this? Exactly, nobody.

Lisa's death was negative, mine can be positive and no court lol Not everything is about court lol. Death is an answer for alot of problems lol.

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