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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Bio Mother OT3

Was Donna Summer. She was both Jewish and and Black. She died a few years after I was born in the hospital. Her daughter this life is white too. I know my dad spotted her when he was here. She's been my mother more then once. OT3 my father couldn't move past it. His heart was broken. He couldn't comprehend how she could die in the hospital. Every time he thought about it, he would just get sad. I'm sure he rolled it back and thought about what he could have done differently and she would still be alive. If it wasn't for me, I don't think he would have made it. It didn't make sense why or how. I grew up on his ship, the nursery. My caretakers were fleet.

I was like this OT3 I looked white but was black.

I know he spotted her when he was still here. My father loved artists, women artists. He loved music. They express their feelings and aren't 1.1. He's a masculine man all the way.

When I was crossing the wall of fire, I saw both of them on the ship with Rev Al Sharpton. Not OT3 but when we set up the universe the 1st time. Rev Al Sharpton married my mother and father on the ship, she was pregnant with me.

I remember in present time, I saw her little girl on stage, pic on album cover sleeve, and was like that is weird ok, outpoint or not the norm.

I'm hoping she'll be my mother again, next life. She never went out 2d on my dad, she loved him, was in love with him. He never spinned her, he cherished the ground she walked on. My dad will have a woman in every port and when he gets ready to settle down, marry, he won't be marrying a whore LMAO. One thing I noticed here on planet earth, all these artists, all the men are cheating on them, spin them around and hurt them. They are so self absorbed, it's all about them, they forgot about their wives, the women they married. They put their feelings first and their wives 2nd. And these women are nice, not mean. They didn't deserve it either like me.

My father only took me two kinds of movies to see, Sci Fi and Military movies ok and one Grease, he loved it so much, we saw it twice. Just me and him. Oh and James Bond. All the James Bond movies. My father was a Sci Fi fan like me. My mother hated Sci Fi movies, she hated going to the movies with me and my father. She put up with it, she didn't make it a pleasant event. So when my dad was raising me, we'd go to the movies together LMAO. I loved it and so did he. Me and my dad were on the same page, we're both honest, direct and overt. My mother, not, she's a 1.1 victim of everybody else. My mother's fav was Dr..Zhivago. She loved the Romanovs, not Hapsburg. I suspect my mother's GE, not her and her memories. No royal would do this to their child ok and for sure not a Romanov.

Updated November 4, 2013

I almost forgot, all the Pink Panther movies too LMAO


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