What Scientology For You is About What Scientology For You is not about
My Story by Kathy Gold

My Adventures So Far

The Jewish Federation

WholeTrack Psychs or Implanters

Cool OT Implanter Wins

Cause Over Exteriorization

Dianetics Clear

8 Million Scientologists

Department Of Fair Employment and Housing

Responsibility and Case Gain

My Multi Racial Family OT3

Amazing Grace

To All The Gossips

To Sumner Redstone

Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman's Dad

Katie Holmes

John Rzeznik

My Eval Of Lisa Marie Presley

Oprah Winfrey

Figuring Out The Bible

Me and Psych Ops OT 3

My Investigation of Lisa's Cycle

My Brother Before OT 3

My Drug History This Life

Christine Brown

My Eval Of David Miscavige


Why Is My Religion Controversial

The Movie About The Founder

Debbie Cook

How To Handle Your Rage

GMO's and The Sea Org

Tom Cruise and Porn

So How Could My First Sit Been Handled?

Psychiatry in Present Time

Old Hollywood

Mole Richardson

The Jews and Hollywood

Hater's Trying To Cover Their Ass

There is no Nazi Federation

The Tech Is Corrupted

Our Tribes

Sky Dayton vs Mark Zuckerberg

Digital Gold

America's Brightest

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Digital Planet

Lisa Ling

Qualifications To Make This Journey

1st Clue Something Was Off

Krav Maga

It's Not Meant To Be

Karen Friedman


Looking for a Job

Making a Wrong A Right

LRH The Founder


Hanover Funding

Larry and Leslie Roberts

To Our Secretary of State and Former First Lady

To Our Commander In Chief

Words Of Encouragement

Can't Gage My Emotions

Pauper's Affidavit

Super Power

There Is No Welfare For Me

Mainstream Idiots lol

I Wish

My Sensations

The Scientology Community As A Whole

I'm a Woman

I'm not Gay and Have No Desire

Waiting For Others To Get It lol

David Miscavige and the 2nd Dynamic

Blame Shame and Regret

Getting A Job To Pay My Rent

Marty Rathbun

Now That I've Crossed The Wall Of Fire

Crossing The Wall Of Fire

My Abortions

Here Are All The Names of The People That Were Involved In A
Crime Aug/Sept 1998 My Induced Meltdown


The Porn Industry

I'm Not Kathy Gold The Porn Star

Movies I Saw

My GE, Genetic Entity

No Regrets

The Game - The Ride of My Life

The Angel Card

Jett's Dad From OT3

Walt Disney's Real Dream

Me and WW2

One of HItler's Architects

To All Law Enforcement

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life 4

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life 3

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life2

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life

The Past Life I was Dramatizing This Life

Last Life and Past Life Nazi's and KKK

Religious Haters

People's Weird Computation

Ethics Can't Be Put In On OSA

Trayvon Martin

Social Media Long Term

My Current Professions

If You Want To Work With Me

Suppressive People

Artists and Suppressive People

Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

Anonymous -

The OT Levels

If My Words Offend You

The Tech On Titanium Plates At CST

Getting Stuck In An Incident

Men Are Stupid

Getting Left Behind

The Lie that My Religion Is A Cult

Confidentiality Agreements For The Church Of Scientology

Scientology Celebrities

Lock Down - My Cop Days on The Force lol

My Industry, The Tech Internet Field

Merry Maids

Tobin and Childs

Tony Ortega

Psychopaths, Can Your Children be Psychopaths?

Sova The Jewish Federation

Nikki Sixx

Open Letter To Nikki Sixx

1928 Case

1928 Jewelry Company

Marcab Bounty Hunters

The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough III

Mercury Insurance

A Little Bit About Me And My Finances

No Sex This Life or a 2D With Anyone

If I Died Tommorrow

Suppressive Persons


OT 15

My Kids from OT3 in present time

Steve Jobs

The Real Countess Krak

Psych Ops or Psychic Cops lol

Out Qualed PC's - There is a solution

Glaad and The Gays

Tracking Scientologists Online

Glasses and Overts

Working as an Assassin

Mission Earth

Battlefield Earth

John Travolta

Ai! Pedtrito!

Using Drugs and Alcohol

Naming Names

Tom Cruise Knows and He doesn't Care

Nicole Kidman

Meltdowns within the Church of Scientology

Why Lisa Mcpherson Really Died, The Truth

OT3 - What it really is

Me and OT 3

Tory Christman

Jesse Prince

Michelle Shelly Miscavige

David Miscavige

Last Open Letter To David Miscavige

Letter To David Miscavige regarding Shelly

An Open Letter To David Miscavige

I now have cause over my exteriorization, my wins

My Father In Present Time Lazlo Sutta

Kirstie Alley

The Song Candy was about Kirstie Alley

The Simon Bolivar Policy

Why Put My Story Online

Breakdown of Olaiya Odufunke

A Black Woman

Court and Justice

My Documentation

Standard Tech lol

My Future, My Eternity

To All Criminals

World Wide Travel

Law Enforcement Out On Sundays

Kirby Vacuums

LRH Books

Jenna Miscavige Hill


My Family In Present Time

Jeff Gold

Being Bullied

Frankie Starr

The Chase

Why I Wasn't Interested In Going To Court Against This Church

My New Admin Scale

Jon Mackinder

Danny Lee Nuccio and Rich Boone

Gabrielle The Fallen

The Countess Belle

Juliette Lewis

Past Lives and Future Lives

Kat Von D

Where I Live Now

Web People In General

In The Event Of My Death

Not Everybody Wins


If I Don't Make It

To Doreen Russell

Doreen's Friend

Gabrielle The Fallen Part 2

Ops Run On Me

The Difference Between 1998 and 2008

Sumner Redstone and Nikki Sixx

Why More People Don't Come Forward

To The FBI

To Be A Gallery Artist Full Time

Gianni Versace

The 2d Book

Forget Putting Ethics In On This Church

Getting a $10.00 hour job

I Didn't Really Want To Go Out Like This

Pacific Home Works

Sun Rise Kitchens

Judge Susan Schaeffer

The City Of Los Angeles

Statue of Limitations

Mistresses or Whores

Homeland Security Act

Management Success

My Real Game on the 2D

I'm Done With The Internet Industry

My Ideal Job or Jobs

The Main Reason David Miscavige Didn't Handle This

Anonymous ur I mean Posers LMAO

A Book About Crossing The Wall Of Fire

The Gay Federation

To All Real Fleet Members



The Ethics Book

J & K

Rip Off Report

Senator Nick Xenophon

To Jett, My Soulmate, My Love,My Life 5


Me and Songwriting

Pedafilia and Psych Drugs

Me, Court and The Church of Scientology

Scott O'Malley

Online Marketing and Promotion

Rupert Murdoch

Last Life

Ethics Vs Justice

Me and Jett's Wedding

Positive Case Gain on the 2D

Comm Lag

To My Zack This Life

E-Meters and Psych Ops

I Don't Cheat

I Never Downloaded The OT Levels

I Won't Be Returning To Bar Sin

Back in 2009

New Era Dianetics

Environmental Implants

To Jett, My Favorite Psych

High School

CLC or Computer Learning Center

Pirates R Us

The Summer of 1982

A Poem

Nikki Sixx and Scott O'Malley

To All The Men On This Website

To My Big Brother From Another Life

My Bio Mother OT3

More Past Lives With Scott O'Malley

I'm Not Taking Financial Responsibility

In Regards To The Chase

Kathleen Marie Sutta

Past Life 2d

Joe Reaiche

Yuliya Keaton

Appying Tech and Getting Results

Another Confession

If I Die So Will Everybody Else

Angelina Jolie


Chaplain at Celebrity Centre

The Aberrated 2D Game

Getting Results in Organic White Hat SEO

Reputation Management

Confession #3

In Regards To A 2d This Life

The First Thing I Looked For

Service Facsimiles

Kathy Gold and The LAPD

My Eval of Scott O'Malley

Shelly Pennington aka Shelly Schmidt

Married Men Are Expendable


Doreen Doshay Russell Trying To Rip Off The City Of Los Angeles

Food Stamps

WW2 and Big Pharma

I'm Now On The Market

An Open Letter To Scott O'Malley

Me, me and me.

Sexual Rise

My Eviction

This Website

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