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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Abortions

I've had 2 abortions, with my ex husband, Jeff Gold. I met him when I was in 10th grade, through his sister Sherry. I was 16 1/2, he was the 2nd guy I slept with. The first Rich Boone. The first guy I loved, was Danny Nuccio.

I wanted to find out if Danny was my soulmate. I reached out to him in 2008, he never reached out to me. I didn't want to wait anymore. I've been watching him from a distance for years. He was never a back up plan. I just wanted to know if he was my soulmate.

Jeff was 22 when I met him. I married him when I was 20 and by 21, the marriage was over. I didn't want to get married, he gave me an ultimatum, either I married him or that was it. So I said fine, but in the back of my head as I walked down the isle, I looked at him and said, I'll give it a year lol. I knew but I didn't care. I thought, we have scientology, he can get better, he can improve, he can change and become what I needed and wanted in a man.

I divorced him in 1988, we had no children and owned no property, California, it's a 6 month thing and then it's done.

I still loved him and hoped he would change, stop doing drugs, drinking alcohol. The agreement between us for our marriage to occur was that he would stop doing drugs. He agreed. I took him to narconon, he stoped doing cocaine but increased his alcohol intake, the volume.

After we were married, he reverted back to drugs, cocaine. He broke his word. He didn't honor his agreement.

My first pregnancy was when I was 16 1/2 and the 2nd was when I was 23. I stilled loved him and didn't want to give up on him, I knew if he applied my religion he would improve, get better and we could be a team, a real team and achieve our goals together.

I took him to LADAY, my org and he got a free ARC break session. I found out later, he was drunk when he did that.

He's really a criminal. A pedafile down the wholetrack. He never gave me any O's during intercourse. He never loved me nor made love to me. No flows, no create, no responsibility or accountability for his actions, he never stepped up to the plate and did amends for how he treated me. He was just sorry, wow, big deal. He never showed me, that he changed.

After we were married, he stopped having sex with me. I asked him why, what's wrong and he told me everything was fine, it was all in my head. Then that night he would have sex with me to shut me up.

This went on for months. I couldn't take it anymore. I left. He was just using me. I always had to reach out to him, he's in lower conditions and not worthy of trust.

While crossing the wall of fire, he contacted me on facebook, on my non scientology facebook page, my money lines lol he knows my name ok. lol.

We haven't been married since 1988, why are collection agencies calling him? Exactly, the very beginning of this cycle, marcab shit .

I had choices, money or my soul? I chose my soul.

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