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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Battleship, it was the most boring piece of crap garbage, I've ever seen. No plots and no subplots and the acting was soooo bad, anybody could have done it. No emotion. Didn't move me at all. Boring, Yawn.

They alterised the Navy's motto, In God We Trust, The Rest We Track, it should have been In God We Trust, The Rest We Monitor, now that will be stored in people's reactive minds. Which will active security implants.

Btw, I noticed how they added old people into it, active seniors to get the baby boomer crowd. There was only 3 people in the audience that responded out of 20. One couple and one guy. The old guy laughed at those scenes, nobody else in the theater did. He felt patriotic. Another sensation. If you have military wholetrack, really good military and war movies, get you going lol. My fav GI Jane

Monday, May 28, 2012 Men In Black, it was ok, at first I got the impression that Will Smith's character and Agent J were gay. But at the end of the movie, it told another story of why these two men had great love for each other. I also saw an editing mistake, Agent K was holding a regular issue gun but I caught the editing mistake it was a regular gun, a 45. You know, they say, once you can see the edits, it's all over in Hollywood lol.

It was really really slowwwwww and boring, predictable. There was alot of people in the seats. But for the most part, I noticed the people were reading into it, to figure shit out.

About time traveling and loops. The girl on my left like 3 seats over leaned forward when the time traveler character was introduced, he showed both Agent K and Agent J, what it looks like to see memories or futures that haven't happened or past that has. It was boring.

And in the end, the very last scene, Agent J forgot to leave a tip and the time traveler guy said, oh no and a meteorite was hitting earth, just then cut back to the pie and Agent J walks back in and leaves a tip, then the meteor that's coming towards earth gets hit by a satellite. Pans back to the time traveler guy, and he's happy. The message was leave a tip, an exchange lol Ok lol.

Then there was a trailer for ReKall which is a remake of Total Recall with Arnold. now here they talk about implants, false memories. In dark city it was imprints, imprints, implants lol it's all the same in movie talk. Not in Scientology, my religion, Implants refers to past lives shit. There's a whole list on OT8, he breaks it down, specifically.

Go to Marty Rathbun, he said he secured the Tech up to OT 8 with the help of the Swedish Guy. He spread the tech all over the world in remote locations. You know cause of OSA etc etc. He's doing an underground railroad for Scientologist's to get out of the Church. Just buy copies of the tech from him, an exchange and do it yourself cause I wouldn't trust that guy with my life ok.

Saturday, June 9, 2012, saw Prometheus. It was the prequel to Alien. It was really stupid ok. lol. The visuals and sound effects were cool. But the plots, subplots, boring as hell, predicitble. Charlize Theron's character got killed lol And the Dr. character lived with the robot dude lol. The last scene, the audience gets to see how the alien life forms got created, a hybrid of two other species. Outpoint, lol the Dr. shaw gets pregnant or infected after having sex with her lover who dies as he starts to transform into the human alien lifeform. Ok, wtf? don't make sense. nope. Major subplots that were non sequitur or don't make sense. First, they should have let her lover transform, then maybe he could have talked to the other one that was still alive. lol. And that thing inside her that she got cut out, what was that? So many questions left un answered. Don't want to fill in the gaps or read into it. I want to be entertained, no left in mystery like at the end. Ok, what happened to her, where did she go lol. My fav alien movie is definitely the 2nd one. The rest ok, so so. Btw, I did notice how the 2 guys bet on what was gonna happen next lol.

Friday June 29, 2012 saw Brave. It was cute, I loved the main character for obvious reasons lol I thought it was interesting, one of the guys she was betroved to, reminded me of Nikki Sixx, the tats, nose and rage lol and of course celtic lol Good thing I'm not spinning on the 2d huh lol The overall theme was about the mother and daughter relationship. The girl goes and gets a spell to change her fate and in doing so, her mother changes into a bear. The woman has to eat this cake. Anyhoo, in the end the daughter makes a wrong a right and the mom changes back and her destiny is changed where her and her mother are now close, have bonded and hang out. Ok, this is animation, like a fairy tale, not real life lol emotionally I was moved, at certain points, I cried in the theater. But the part where she lied to her mother and gave her the cake that transformed her into a bear, I found that irresponsible especially for a princess, her mother could have died for more than one reason, by changing into a bear, her mother could have been killed by her father not knowing she was the bear and then causing pain to her entire family, with that one act, she could have wiped out her entire family. So I did not find that entertaining or funny. I found it sent a bad message to young kids, especially young girls that are easily influenced by images, pictures. They might at some point in their life equate that with something else. In the movie it all worked out at the last minute and a happy ending for everybody, but in real life, that wouldn't happen, or in other words, it was written in the script lol in real life, there is no script, it's all improv lol. I loved the music in the movie, brought back memories, I love that kind of music, celtic.

Friday, July 27, 2012 Dark Shadow with Johnny Depp. It was boring, not so funny and quite predictible. I went to the $3.00 movie theater LMAO, btw Tom Cruise's new movie the Rockstar one was playing there, again LMAO. I'll wait till Dark Knight hits that theater too. But back to the movie, it was psych based, the main female character spoke to ghosts when she was a little girl, spirits, spiritual beings and her parents put her in a psych hospital where she was given electro shock. In the end, she became a vampire to be with her true love. In real life if that little girl got electro shock, she'd be dead. Most people that got electro shock, died, if they survived, they were the walking dead, zombies. This movie sucked, in a boring, bad way, many times, I just wanted to walk out, it was that bad, that boring, that predictible. It was not entertaining at all. But a snooze fest.

Sunday, August 26, 2012, Yesterday I rented The Hunger Games. It was the most boring movie ever. It was extremely slow. I just wanted to fast forward to get to the end. I never read the books. In the trailer, you can tell who wins, no mystery, you just don't know how. 2 kids from each district are picked to play in a death match, kill or be killed. I already know the main character is gonna win. The whole movie is trying to get emotional responses out of the audience, connect with the characters. Of course everybody dies except the main character and the guy from her district who she supposedly loves. The love part, never came across. It seemed fake, for the purpose of surviving this game. The whole movie didn't really make any sense, I just couldn't relate on any level. No substance, no real message and boring as hell, a snooze fest.

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