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More Past Lives With Scott O'Malley

This is not in sequential order, Scott, sit and spin LMAO.

I went corp. Meaning more money, 401k plan, free health insurance, free house, free everything.

I worked for a company like Amgen, but different. I entered their program, I was qualified. I did all different jobs in the field. Scott was a doctor. In the field, I had a Mr. Wesker. We talked about getting together after I retired. He died, I suspect, Scott got him killed, set him up, oops a mistake. His competition, unbenkownst to me.

Scott didn't want to wait until I retired. So I got approval and we got married and had kids. Scott put cameras in the house, for our protection, our family, me and his children. He was paranoid, he didn't want old enemies that didn't die to come back and kill us. He gpsed my car, he wanted to know if I was lying, wanted to know where I was going, he monitored me like crazy, just like on the job. He took his work home.

After a while, I just gave him my itinerary. Here and he was like ok. Those cameras also caught me naked, he already saw my body naked, from work, I had nothing on it and neither did he. He'd also monitor me while I was in my room, recuperating at work before we were married or even a couple, I'd flip him the bird LMAO fuck off, Asshole LMAO He was my doctor.

I got called on an assignment, I left, that morning, my daughter had a premonition, she didn't want me to go. I told her, honey it's ok, I have to go. I had Scott take care of her that day. We both co-parented. I worked half and he did too. We did it in shifts until we both retired. That was the plan.

That day, I got taken out of the game. I was off 1 or 2 seconds. I was thinking about our daughter and not the job. That was it. Scott's heart was broken. He couldn't take it. He'd watch videos of me and cry. He would just sit on the couch and cry and bottle in the other hand. He did that for months and months. He never got over it. He had to go on for our kids. They needed him. Those videos, kept him alive.

He went down the road to promiscuity. After he got tired of crying, he started dating, other women, women all over, women he worked with, women he didn't. It didn't matter. He fucked up a storm and of course each and every woman was his punching bag. Emotional and verbal. Why are you not her, what's wrong with you, why can't you be more like her? He even tried to have them fuck him like I did. None of them were me. My misunderstood bad boy He never recovered. He was in love with me. He never took another wife. Just a girlfriend, for some kind of a family. I think after the kids grew up, he died. He was done. No happy ending. And we lived in the suburbs, owned by the corp, like I said money. Middle class heaven.

Updated July 7, 2013

This is the past life I was dramatizing this life. In this life, my mother and father died when I was in my teens and I had to look after my little brother. I met him and my mother and father from that life already on the ground floor, they live in Thousand Oaks and run an SEO company in Agoura Hills, he was well aware of Scientology, he did some auditing, I told him about this website, he's now a buddhist but he's also a Jew from New York, he's honest and direct, very overt and his wife is a lovely lady and my little bro, he's very cool, ocean's eleven. It was just the two of us. I had blonde hair, blue eyes, model type. But I was in the computer industry. I met Scott and we started a security company. Corporate espionage, we went into corporations and handled their backdoors, where their clients stole trade secrets, we plugged those leaks. It was all legal. We fell in love and got married and had our own business. He never gave me that 2nd O. Only the 1st O. Our business was doing great, and he took a mistress and gave her that 2nd O. She was latin, very pretty. She assumed, he was the company and I was nothing without him. She had it wrong. I left him and got a divorce. It was amicable, I took what was mine, nothing more, nothing less. I didn't rake him over the coals. I just walked. We had no children.

He stayed with the mistress and brought her in to work to replace me. My brother walked and came with me. The rest of our security crew, team, stayed behind. I got a little house, a dump that I rented and started over again. I had comm lines, that I aquired from my business. I kept those. They all knew Scott cheated on me, they also knew I was a pro. So, I started getting work, started beating him at his own game LMAO. He felt the pinch.

This went for a few years, I got bored, I needed something new, so I transitioned out of that field. I told my brother he could go back to work for Scott if he wanted. It was ok. So he did. Scott assumed that because of my brother he had a comm line with me. The mistress aka girlfriend realized, I was the woman that got the sales in the boardroom. I got me and Scott in and I closed while he sat there. He ran the ops. Me and Scott were a team. She couldn't close and Scott just lived off of the clients I acquired. She disappeared, either she died or left. I really didn't care.

I moved on, I went to work for my 3rd dynamic dad Larry Ellison, he was also a dad by DNA in another life. I already met my brother from that life in present time on the ground floor, he's also a Jew like me, but from Israel and when push came to shove, he did the right thing without being asked. I went on the board of directors for his non profit. He told me, I have a ton of them, pick one, so I did. I decided to do a race, so I was looking for a qualified driver, I pulled in Jett. He tried to put the moves on me while I was in the car, I told him get a grip ok. I ended up driving myself in the 1st race. After that I was bored and turned it over. It was in a controlled environment, for no lawsuits, around the tracks, laps. Larry Ellison, hated Scott, he hated that Scott didn't have a clue to who I was and that he was using me for what else, money.

I met another man, Keanu Reeves, he was also in the security biz. I had no idea how he felt. We started dating. He asked me to get married, I accepted and then Scott came back into my life. He stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for the out 2d, he did amends, I allowed him one, so I let him back into my heart, he also knew I wanted kids and that was a deal breaker. So, we got back together and got married and we had 1 kid, a boy. He also gave me my 2nd O. I knew he loved me, was in love with me. Before that, he gave the mistress the 2nd O.

But those amends were short lived, he picked up another mistress. I was done. But we were committed to our kid. I felt roped into bondage, ok. Manipulated and lied to. Broken agreements. So I started up with Keanu, I told him how I felt and what Scott showed me about him, Scott had pics of him and another woman. Keanu told me the whole story, I never gave him that option. So we began an affair. I stopped having sex with Scott, I told him to go fuck his mistress. It was now a marriage of convenience, for show.

Keanu knew how I felt about my kid, it was really important for me to give my kid a stable, happy environment for him to grow up in. He was ok with it. After our kid grew up, went to college, I got a divorce from Scott and he ended up marrying his mistress. I married Keanu. Me and Keanu kept our love alive by writing love letters to each other. It was the best affair I ever had. Keanu gave me both O's. He was in love with me and I was in love with him. We did tantric for hours and hours. Our fav, down by the ocean, I'd leave our kid with Scott and go with Keanu, we'd spend the whole weekend on a boat and by the ocean. Just the two of us. We'd talk about after we were married what we were gonna do. He was so romantic.

Updated July 9, 2013

Me, Jett and Scott were all on the force. Me and Jett were married and Scott was his best friend. They were partners. My father was chief of police. One day, Jett and Scott were in a thing like 911 but different and Jett didn't survive. Scott made it out alive. Scott was in love with me and wanted to start a relationship with me. I was grieving the death of my husband, I was not in any way, shape or form ready to start anything with anybody. Scott waited. After about a year later he couldn't take it anymore and made sure I walked in on him fucking another woman. It was his way of saying I'm moving on. I was like go ahead, move on with her, that's fine. I don't care. And he did. Later he came back and we ended up together, we got married. But there were no kids. My father started getting suspicious, cops know when something is off. My father closed the investigation into Jett's death, personally, himself. Scott started cheating on me, a wall grew between us. I stopped fucking him, I didn't want him to touch me. My father was looking into Jett's death again. Scott flipped out and killed me. He beat me to death, no bullets and dumped my body where my father would never find it. He figured that would keep him busy, looking for me, too busy to open the investigation into Jett's death. He figured he was safe, he could transfer to another division, the grieving widow and still keep his pension. Start over with another woman and settle down into middle class heaven.

In another life, me and my twin sister married Jett and Scott, we were all mob. I was with Jett and she was with Scott. Scott went psycho nuts because I wouldn't fuck him, I wouldn't go out 2d on my husband. So he kidnapped me and killed me, it wasn't pretty, it was a bloody mess. He also videoed it and sent it to Jett. Jett flipped out and killed everybody Scott loved, his children and his wife and videoed it, then sent that to Scott for his view. They both went at it, in the end Jett had Scott take him out of the game and left him there alone to pick up the pieces of his life. Me and Jett went on to have another life, away from Scott and his bullshit. Once again we were in insync.

And another life, my mom and dad were Arnie and Shari. I was an artist, a gallery artist. Mom and dad drove me nuts, they both went out 2d on each other and started drama rama in middle class heaven, I was in my early 20's. It was right before me and Scott were gonna get married. Mom took me to some hookey wedding dress place, I almost barfed ok, I was like this is so not me. I was also seeing a psychologist, and she helped me. I told her how I felt about my parents and their drama rama and how it affected me and I didn't want to get married if this is what marriage was about. I also didn't feel Scott loved me, I didn't feel loved by him, I felt like the only reason he was marrying me was because my dad was his boss. My father and him had a law practice. They were attorneys. Scott didn't give me that 2nd O, he refused. She advised me to do what I felt was right for me. What I needed to be happy. So, I did. I broke off our engagement and split town. I told my mom and dad, I'm not marrying him, he's all yours, you can have him. And I left. I packed my shit and headed out of town. Into the city. Where for the first time in my life, I felt free. Free from all the drama rama and I could be myself and just create art. So I did. I got my own place, had a little loft with a built in studio. I only talked to my mom via email. I kept her at a distance. Once I came up the conditions, financially and started getting known, then I let her more into my life. Both my parents were really really proud of me. I started dating other visual artists, all different types, it was fun. I started to grow more as an artist. Then one day, Scott dropped by, unannounced and we talked. One thing led to another and he made love to me, he gave me that 2nd O. I knew he loved me, I felt it for the first time. He finally gave me, what I wanted from him. I also got pregnant that day. It was ok cause we talked about getting back together and starting a family. When we made love, it was so intense, it was incredible. We got back together and got married. He moved to the city and opened another office for my dad/his firm. We had like 4 kids, I was a stay at home mom as well as a gallery artist and I also went commercial. Royalties, licensing like Shag. It was a great marriage and life. He was an awesome husband, lover and friend and he didn't cheat. We were blissfully happy. He was my best friend that life.

Updated July 10, 2013

The next life after Nikki, was also a royalty one, but with Scott. Another lovely Royal life. Right. He was just as bad, He assumed he owned me because I was his wife. Martha Stewart was his mother in that life, she was also my grand mother OT3 my father's mother.

Scott is a degraded being like Nikki Sixx. No different. Don't ever come near me in the physical universe. I saw your myspace page, with the dominatrix chick. you've gone down the road to Pain and Sex, degradation. You need pain to get an O. I suggest you pierce your wife LMAO. Cause there won't be any on me. I'm clean as a whistle. I'm not into pain, just intensity. My tagline. Both of these guys won't be able to break their chains. After they are dead, those chains will grip them, their soul and pull them back into this rock. I doubt Scott will get off this rock too. Oh well, not my problem.

Even Danny didn't have friends like this, if he did, I would have went WTF? And then blown him off. As for Danny, I moved on many years ago. He monitored me and never gave me a lifeline and it's ok cause he isn't my soulmate this life or in a past life, never was. Just a friend.

There is something wrong here ok, Scott is married with children and his own wife thinks this is ok. So maybe she's into this stuff, she gets a sexual rise from this kind of stuff, and wants to be pierced by him or ownership, bondage and pain to get her O's. They are a good match sexually.

I'm free of both Nikki and Scott's bullshit for 1 billion years LMAO or ha ha, Scott, you will never ever have me, this life, next life, for all eternity.

For me, this life, my soulmate, my misunderstood bad boy whose ethics are in, like mine.

Updated July 16, 2013

My two girls from that life were Ellie Goulding and Alex Wisner both Scientologists this life. I had blond hair that life.

When I was in Cindy Clayton's office, on the examining table, waiting to be seen, lying there, my case was going, the Scilon kids are grinding on OT7, Alex and her Alice In Wonderland bullshit, it was in black and white and then my son, from that life where me and Scott just had one kid. I suspect he's with Scott.

Now, as for Ellie, Skrillex (he's a scientologist too), she had a 2d with him, he was also Nikki and Juliette's kid, the one she was pregnant with OT3, only Nikki was like that's not my kid, too short, so whose kid was he Juliette? Lemmy's?

Miscavige has the KR's I wrote about her, hmmmm did she rip off Dr. Price's mailing list, by any chance LMAO. Figure it the fuck out Cindy.

And OT3, Alex, she was playing around with DJ Ashba, me and her father had to get her away from him, the kid I was turning over my post to, the new commodore's son, we thought he'd be a good candidate for her. The last thing we needed was for her to get with DJ Ashba, Jett saw him coming a mile away in slow motion ok. He was like I don't think so. LMAO.

And I love this vid ok I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard ok.

Updated July 23, 2013

I remembered I had more past lives with him, where he killed me. I was married to him, mob, our families and he cheated on me, I found out, I didn't want him to touch me, I was done. He on the other hand wouldn't let it go. A cheater is a liar is a coward. He raped me, in our bed and then killed me. Then while my cold dead body lay there, he started monologuing, I forced him to kill me, I made him do it. Ok, He's an SP, a real one. Mob doesn't allow one. Not my kind of mob. We had no kids, and he dumped my body. Then told everybody I was missing. My father in that life, who I was very close with, think one of the Godfather's, there was a shit load of them. I was my father's confidante. My father had his men tail him, he noticed Scott was too flirty with one woman and not grieving my death. He had to wait until they found my body and got the other evidence from his men. Then my father got approval from all the other Godfather's for Scott's death. An eye for an eye. My father did not want a war. This is the mob way. I'm sure Scott died a horrible death, c/o my father and my family.

If we had kids, it would have stopped him dead in his tracks of doing the act of cheating, betraying our marriage vows. He would have put his family first in his computation. He wouldn't have been willing to lose his family over a fuck. Most mob men, that pretty much does it. My mob men.

In present time he's not mob, he's just a tech dude with a degree, a piece of paper and no ability to start, change and stop. He's married with children. I'm sure he's committed to his wife and children.

From a 3rd dynamic viewpoint or opinion, I just don't see his company flourishing and prospering, expansion. They live off big contracts including military contracts. They like those big $50k or more jobs. Most of the companies now are like Hollywood was in the day. They are taking it in house. Control. I see this company going out of business long term. I don't think Scott will survive the death of his company. They never laid down the foundation of online marketing and promotion internally like most companies. So if shit crashes again, I don't think they'll make it. And he'll be in his 50's. He might just die of a heart attack. Hopefully his wife has life insurance so that after he's dead, she can cash in to support herself and her children.

In another life, we were both cops, we were married, we had 1 kid, a son. He cheated on me and I got railroaded on the force, a suspension, I had to wait for the investigation to be over. So while that was going on, I found out from my kid that, the bitch he was fucking was trying to molest our son. He came to live with me. After the investigation was over and she was found out, cause she had a hand in it, I was back on the job, job security and pension. I went to court for custody of our son. He came back into my life, he was scared shitless, we were gonna get back together for the sake of our kid, slowly but then another cop, from my father's station, I was public my father was corporate, think RoboCop, he stopped that from happening, he could see it coming a mile away in slow motion and showed me the evidence, Scott knew and allowed our kid to be molested. That was it. I was done. I got full custody, I showed the court the evidence and I ended up marrying that cop. A new life and fresh start for my kid. Scott, who knows what happened to him. That's all I remember. I was happy, my son was happy and my new husband was happy. I'm sure I had more kids with my new husband.

Updated July 28, 2013

The people involved in this life besides Scott, Shelly the bitch that pulled this shit, and George Clooney, cop on corp payroll. I know one thing about George he would never allow some bitch to molest his kid. He'd kill her.

Scott and Shelly are beneath me. She's a pedafile, a nut, a kook, hiding in middle class heaven. Why else flip out when she spotted me. Her eyes practically fell out of her eye sockets. LMAO. She's an easy target guys, feel free to call the city and report her, is there cockroaches in her retail outfilt? Is she an A? Fuck her up, get your release LMAO. No reason to treat people this way.

And Shelly was also Scott's mistress in that life with Keanu Reeves. Our son, same kid, in each life.

So to my son from that life, get to target 3, cross the wall of fire, and get to target 3. Ok. I won't meet you this life. I love you, but you are not my son now, in present time. Here's your R factor.

Also while crossing the wall of fire, I got a little, a little boy, with blond hair, and the color green through out like when Tom was passing me by in Wholefoods. Mental image pic, memories. The last piece of that puzzle. I put that aside because Jon Mackinder was on my mind and emotions. I was trying to figure out if Jon was that little boy but now, I realized, that little boy was my son from past lives. And Jon Mackinder was the pedafile who sexually abused him. Some where in the middle, pre earth before OT 3.

Shit looked like this

When me and Jett were on the force and Jett killed him, took him out of the game. Our cop psychologist, we went for marriage counseling and the whole city was overrun with them so as a side project, she gave us a project to do, to help the city and put the love/sex back into our marriage.

Here was one of our therapy sessions:

Me: He was a nice guy, you didn't have to kill him, I liked him

Jett: He was a pedafile ok

Me: Fine

and it worked. We were happy happy. We battled through, taking out pedafiles that overran the city and then went home and made love. We made the streets safe for the kids, on our off time. We contributed to our community for free.

As for OT3, Scott and Shelly, I don't know how many kids Shelly and Scott had, OT3, those two were married. Nor what happened between them. I do know one thing, both of these people are not Scientologists. Me and Jett are.

Shelly and Scott were both fleet, Jett and Scott served in the wars. They were friends, me and her were cousins, by family. Me and Jett didn't hang out with them, they were not psych ops, just fleet. I had to listen to my uncle bitch, she didn't make it to psych ops, she never passed their tests. Their quals. So I was double hatted, my uncle and my father. My aunt and me switched it up.

But I'm sure Scott was in love with me. I believe he died alone after tracing it down, to retrace his steps, he already knew the universe was ending, there was nothing he could do, to stop it and my husband was off the rails in psycho mode, killing people. I'm sure Scott wanted to make sure, it wasn't his fault or in other words, don't pin this shit on me. He was just part of my father's security crew. Alot of people were. The fleet was very big, and so was the universe.

The question you'll have to ask yourself Scott is what did you do, that lead to the universe ending, how did you contribute? Out 2d perhaps on your wife? You assumed she would be me, like me? You don't move, we've been together down the wholetrack, fleet before OT3 ok. If you died waiting for me, it's for 2 reasons, you don't move and/or I was already dead, so don't put your shit on me.

You are too slow to act, to slow to move, to handle, etc etc. Too cautious, too worried, too insecure and you assume alot without getting the data. You cookie cut. You're not real mob. You're not Jett. Jett was mob royalty and you're not. You never were. This is the end of the line, sure you'll get my father's comm after you die, you're in confusion, lower conditions spiritually, you won't make it and I can't help you.

You're not an implanter, only non implanters buy into this psych drug medication bullshit. Which you did. No real mob guy would take meds to handle their disease, some shit that was made up by some dudes with a piece of paper so they can have power over you. Mob loves control. And they are not aberrated on it, they don't blank out or go unconscious they remember and know their crimes and it's all justified for the greater good, their group. Did you know in WW2 even the mob helped, after all they were americans too.

And my father in that life was Rupert Murdoch. Chief of Police, corp payroll. Scott was scared shitless of him LMAO. He went out 2d with her on me, violated our marriage vows, he could have just filed for a divorce, amicable. Again, I'm not a jealous person. There was no need to cheat and George stepped up cause he did want a 2d with me, marriage. I don't think Shelly ever showed up in court like Scott, they both just blew. I won cause I showed up. I had the evidence, I was prepared to go to war for my child. I'm sure Scott bitched about me to her while he was in bed with her, I'm such a bitch, I do this or that or blah blah blah. She was on the force, she assumed she could rail road me with lies. She did try to molest our son and then laughed it off, she wanted it to get back to me, to enturbulate me, upset me, get me riled up on emotion and go after her like I was psycho. Only her plan backfired. She lost her job on the force, no pension. I don't think Scott went with her. He didn't lose his job, so I'm sure he found another woman on the force and married her or not. I got full custody, he was out of me and my son's life.

And Scott, your linkedin account, you don't show your resume ok, it's weird, I know you went to Boston University, I looked 1 time, got my confirmation. So what did you do in college, in present time, cause you are hiding like you did something to someone. My guess, you raped a girl in college and then killed her. Dumped the body. She disappeared, maybe she was your girlfriend, I don't know, it's just speculation. But it's suspect. And you lied in your PR. Outpoints, galore.

Updated July 30, 2013

Well, I was wrong, looks like Shelly is a Scientologist, huh imagine that. The Razzline, you can only be a Scientologist to advertise, be a member, unless they changed their rules.

Updated Augusts 28, 2013

The life where my daughters were Ellie and Alex, my two sons were Moot and the boy above where Rupert was my dad. Both boys, cops. My daughters went into the art industry like me and my boys went into the force, the police academy. They did not want to be lawyers. They wanted to fight crime and get the bad guys.

Updated October 12, 2013

That life where we were blissfully happy, with the 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. I remembered more, I sensed that he cheated, we had a discussion, he lied. He said, if you keep going on about this, I will die, his serv fac, make wrong and he ended up having a stroke/heart attack. I stayed with him in the hospital that night, I never left his side, I just cried. Our kids showed up for support. The girls first, then the boys. Scott just kept saying, never leave me. Don't leave me. And I told him, I wouldn't. Held his hand and stayed by his side.

He cheated on me in that life, I just couldn't prove it. I had no evidence.

Updated March 20, 2014

Skrillex on His Scientology Upbringing: "Those Are My Homeys"

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