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My Story by Kathy Gold

Mole Richardson

After my induced meltdown, after I moved back home. I sent out my resume and one of the companies that was interested in me was E-Toys, not sure if you remember them, they were like Toys R Us but ecommerce, they're now out of business too. Toys R Us bought the domain and owns that now.

I went in for my interview, took my tests and got a call. They told me, Kathy, we totally like you, you would sooo fit in here, but you're over qualified, we know, you would be bored, you have talent.

I was like bummed, the next thing I knew, I got a call from a recruiter, Scharf and Woodward, a company was interested in me. That company was Mole Richardson.

I found out later, the guys at E-Toys, forwarded my resume to my new boss, John Parker. I came in, interviewed and got the job.

I was responsible for designing, developing and building all their websites as well as marketing and promoting them. Me, one person. I wore many hats. I had no ad budget, it was all grass roots. .The internet department consisted of just three people, me, my boss John Parker and Ric Allen. That was it, as a team, we did great things together. It was an amazing time. I learned alot.

Ric Allen did the database entry, adding all the products, making sure they all got inputted into the online database, he now works at Trader Joes, John Parker, a family member was the Vice President and was responsible for all the deals with TV Guide, ASC The Academey Awards, The Golden Globes, AOL, Time Warner, etc etc

John was great, he had a computer programming background, could set up servers, backend programming. Ric Allen, none, just data entry, he worked with the Art department to get the pictures taken, added the descriptions, prices, skus, etc etc. Coordinated to make sure it got done. That's all he really did lol. The three of us were the Internet Department. I was the only woman, that worked in that building.

They were a nice big ole Catholic Family, they all knew I was a Scientologist and both Jewish and Catholic and they never ever discriminated against me for anything. They just allowed me to work, get the job done, for what I was hired to do. They were so impressed with my results, I even got a huge raise after the 1st year. They were a great company to work for.


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