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My Story by Kathy Gold

Mistresses or Whores

So, Bill Clinton's mistress, got a TV reality show. Ok. She assumed if she told the truth it would set her free. Ok. It never occurred to her to do amends to Hillary Clinton for fucking her husband? For stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility and accountability for trying to ruin her marriage.

Instead she writes books, goes on the PR circuit to promote her affair and relationship with Bill Clinton. And now a TV show. She's now famous, 2nd to Marilyn Monroe. Big fuckin Deal. She sold her soul for Money and Sex.

Bill, if you want off this rock, I suggest you do your amends to Hillary cause I know for a fact that OT3, if my father thought for one second you cheated on her, you would have been fucked LMAO and out there, on target 3, in the fleet, nobody will stop him from taking out his enemies, including any out 2d, hurting his loved ones, he won't put up with that shit for a new york second. So if you end up joining his team, you might want to cover your ass now, otherwise, he'll just eject you. And then he'll just set Hillary up with someone else and sleep good at night and so will she.


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