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My Story by Kathy Gold

Mission Earth

When I was crossing the wall of fire, the intense part, make or break point, die or survive, I looked at the last two works of art as an author he put out and I had a choice, I could either play Mission Earth OT3 or Battlefield Earth present time, meaning here and now.

I decided to go for it, I had nothing left to lose, no soulmate, no kids, no love, real love this life. The one thing I wanted this life besides cause over my exteriorization was my soulmate.

I knew he wasn't here on planet earth and my heart was broken, to not be able to touch him, kiss him, hug him, the one person that knows you better than you, that completes you in every way on every level, your other half of the opposite sex. The one person who would never let you die and never betray you for any reason.

I never read Mission Earth, I thought it was too long, too boring and shitty writing ok lol. But I did go A-Z, the last book, gave me confirmation of my kids from OT3 in present time. I spotted my children from that life.

The blond hair blue eyes, that's what me and him looked like in psych ops days. It also goes back to the Aryan race, ww2, Hitler was a criminal, a small nothing, nobody, who was probably infatuated with me and him. Our skills. His implants, or mental image picture stuck in his mind because of his transgressions. His soul got fused and en-tombed to this rock btw, for his crimes against humanity. Btw you have to be able to crack those mental image pictures too.

He looked and resembled Michael Anthony Hall and I looked like, resembled Ali Larter and Peta Wilson.

In the book, Jettero Heller is a fleet combat engineer and the Countess Krak a deadly assassin. Ok, really, would a hot kick ass assassin go with a fleet officer who's an engineer lol.

In present time, in one of the Scientology books, he was an engineer. When you are crossing the wall of fire, you have to go quick, a-z and you go on one words, psychos go on one words too, and you will go down to psycho or psychotic level if you go to slow. You have to get confirmation all along the way on your journey of crossing the wall of fire.

You can't listen to other people, their evaluation of what you are doing, and for sure, not go into agreement with it. Or you will die. You have to apply tech, your religion by taking responsibility for others including mankind, that will not only help you but stabilize you so you don't go to far out of present time and get stuck there. There are other things in life that can stabilize you than a 2D.

You can't be needy or insecure.You won't make it.

As you are crossing the wall of fire, you will introvert and extrovert on anything and everything. I introverted on the words Jettero Heller

All the SP's in my life were named J lol Jeff my first husband, Jon the ex fiance and Judy, my mother in present time.

Then I found my 4th SP Jett lol 4thD Mankind, another clue

Crossing the wall of fire does not go from A-B or A-Z it goes A-J-K-D-J-Q-K etc etc

So first the name Jettero Heller

I separated them out, Jettero and then Heller. He got the last name from an attorney, for the church. Lawrence Heller.

The first name Jettero=Hettero meaning, I'm not gay. short version for heterosexual.

1st clue, I don't marry and have children with gay men. I'm not gay and have no desire nor does he.

Then divide the name to get Jett, Joan Jett , cross reference with past lives and her life. She started her own record company when nobody would give her a deal.

Last work of art, he worked on Music lol that was the case or past life I was dramatizing with Jon. Our admin scale, to start a music record company and a movie studio.

She was my bf in that life lol

My dad in present time was also my dad then lol I had a big musical drama rama family. .Very theta, we also put an orphanage there, for all the kids through out the galaxy.

His sister is here too btw from OT3, she went Mission Earth in her vid, easy to spot

Artist's dramatize their case, past lives in their art, it's natural and normal.

In a galaxy far far way, me and Jett when we were in the fleet, psych ops crew, we had to help her, pick up lol She'd give us signals, signs, clues. When and where for pick up or save her please lol get her the hell out and take her to a safe space so she doesn't have a melt down, free from the public. She went all over the galaxy touring.

I'm green, he's purple lol

Red and Black, security colors, stalkers, sex perverts, deviants etc etc

This would mean, pick up now, lol big time, all of the above lol

Me and Jett wore many hats in the fleet, part of the job in psych ops crew.

You saw her meltdown, out in the open, it took a long time, that wasn't overnight either and she did not cross the wall of fire. Not even close. But she was going out of present time, not sleeping or freewheeling is the first clue, hint. The 2nd, she kept changing clothes, too fast. Too many times. Sam Lufti dude, wants her for money and sex, he's a criminal.

Nobody came and saved her, got her out of the crowd. This is her operating basis. She had a soulmate, wholetrack 2d, he was fleet, eventually me and my husband passed the hat over to him. When they made their love known, he came and sweeped her off her feet, in front of everybody, the whole galaxy. Her true love. Then got married lol. Their happily ever after.

Btw Mission Earth was a movie we wrote, when me and Jett retired from psych ops to have our kids. I could see it in technicolor lol Kim Zolciak played my character and the guy she's married to now played Jett's character lol. She's got my GE btw lol.

Big poppa was really a big guy, He owned a music company, that was her soulmate that life. Mob all the way lol.

My family in that life are here, Jenna Elfman was my younger sister in that life. She was an actress too.

In present time my father in that life is in Law Enforcement and my mother was a teacher. I haven't met any of them and I'm not gonna lol. They are not related nor know each other in present time. Though my mother and father from that life have met. They are both married to different people in present time. I'm sure sparks flew when they met but would never act on it. It would be wrong and they know it. They are both happy with the people they are married to in present time. He's Catholic and she's Christian. And when shit hit the fan, she got her confirmation, history channel, The Shroud of Turin.

She was a great mom, she instilled values in me, that to this day, I carry with me. She's also a Republican and my father in that life is a Democrat. in present time. lol Too Funny.

And my father from that life has met Jenna Elfman in present time. Jett's dad from that life is currently married to my mother from that life.

In that life I was both Christian and Catholic. I've been different religions in different lives.

Our two kids, John Barrowman and then Perez Hilton. Two gay kids. Nobody cared they were gay. Most of psych ops crew were all gay lol. We had great BBQ's with the crew. When Perez couldn't sleep, we listened to him lol He'd be like mom, I can't sleep, I think someone's in the backyard and I was like ok, I'll take care of it, go back to sleep. lol, I'd just take them out hee hee, you know appy simon bolivar and Jett would dump the body where it couldn't be found lol. Our children's safety came first, we didn't take any chances lol. There was a gay federation. We were part of the US Federation. We lived in the US Federation.

Down the wholetrack, pre earth, my mother was married to my father, they met in psych ops too. After psych ops, he went into Law Enforcement, he became Chief of Police in middle class heaven. My mom was a stay at home mom and raised us, me and my sister. So it was natural, normal to route me in. I told my father, that's what I wanted to do at a young age and he routed me in when I got old enough. I met Jett there again. This was the life I popped on. We got betrayed by psych ops, management, when we were ready to retire, and shit crashed. the politicians embezzled our pensions, our retirements. Here we were, served our Federation, taking out the bad guys, making this world a better place for everybody else and when it was our time, we got screwed by criminals. They had to separate me and Jett. And I had to go get the money. He flipped out, the boys had to keep him busy.

He was going down into psycho land. Remember no sex before marriage, he was really really pissed off, he put holes in the walls, he was ready to kill anybody and everybody to get his release. So my dad came up with a plan lol I wasn't the only one retiring. Our whole crew got screwed ok. The misemotion of it all. The crying, the betrayal etc etc. So, we cashed out. One by one, we won the lotto lol

The only comm he got from me was a one way flow. Me communicating online. He couldn't talk back. He could only receive my comm. When a cop goes down to psycho land, there's no return from that. So I had to be in constant comm with him, he wanted to make sure nobody touched me, get it lol No sex all those years, just the thought of somebody else touching me, filled him with rage, anger. He loved me, really loved me. True Blue Love.And if he went psycho, then everybody would be killed and I couldn't let that happen, no way, there goes our admin scale out the window, our kids, our future, so I took 100% responsibility and got the job done. Got our retirement money. After that, he was fine. He couldn't wait to make love to me on our wedding night lol We had no ceremony lol I hate big weddings lol Our cover, high school sweethearts that met again lol Everybody bought it hook line and sinker lol. I got my comm lines in the movie biz through my sister lol. My father loved to hedge his bets.

One time, while me and Jett were still on the force, psych ops, Jenna walked into the station, dressed in her nightgown, she was sleep walking and walked right in their front door. Dad had to get her, told everybody at the front desk, night watch that she had men issues and my mother was handling it lol They all got it. Me and Jett just to double check, we hacked into the police vids. We had to cover our ass, just in case lol. Lot's of perks with psych ops lol.

Sometimes it's hard to separate out your past lives, there might be more than one similiar to others and not necessarily in the same time period. I call them overlays on top of overlays. kinda like this but different And Tom Cruise won't be going to Target 3, if he makes it off of this rock, Target 2 is where he will be going, a police state, he'll be born into it, bar coded eyeballs. Remember glamorized version get it lol

Rockacenter=Rockefeller=Standard Oil

Meaning this planet is a rock, what's gonna happen when all the oil is gone?

When I was pregnant we talked about out fourth child, we had an argument, not a bad one, we just didn't agree, he was saying he could go for govenor and I was like um no lol how about congress lol the.last thing I needed was a politician ok lol

Mr. Calico, hmmm where did he get that from? lol could it be this

It's a very odd thing to put into a book as a main character ok. It sticks out like a sore thumb or an outpoint.

He also wrote Treasure Island.

All roads lead back to Paramount Studios, get it lol hush hush, zip it, blackmail city. There is alot of sexual harrassment at the studio, I bet you anything, pretty soon, the old secretaries that Sumner Redstone put thru hell, will be coming out of the wood work, class action lawsuit perhaps? Diaries, journals, photos, proof.

I'm sure they saw the Electric Barbarellas thing all over the news, payoffs, leaks, etc etc.

The difference between cats and dogs:

Cats - Spies, covert ops 1.1. security

Dogs - Cops, dog heaven, target 2, Police state, barcoded eyeballs

No way is this guy Jett, ok lol

In the book, people assume he's the son of lol a case of mistaken identity, he lets everybody read into it lol So the real question is how many people have posed as these people's son in the past all over the world lol here's another one

David Miscavige is playing Jettero Heller, attorney at law lol But in reality he's madison avenue lol Mainstream marketing and PR lol In the book Madison tried to put the Countess Krak in a psych hospital, in real life, he did that. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Per Marty Rathbun, David Miscavige leaked this photo to the press himself. Now, who is he trying to be with those motorcycles and gear? huh lol Does this book cover ring a bell lol

David Miscavige was really looking for Babe Coreleone Notice his mock up, Mob

Marty also said, he wanted to be Al Pacino's character Michael Coreleone. His past lives, mob, pre earth, he was also one of the orphans that me and Jett's orphanage helped. After he grew up, still a criminal, he never gave back to the orphanage in any way shape or form, he put it behind him and moved on but he kept his comm lines from his childhood.

My other orphans were pissed off, they might have become criminals in some way or another but they gave back to the orphanage, with their time and/or money, they understood, had it not been for this orphanage, they would have grown up on the streets and not had the same opportunities, our orphans didn't just have food and shelter, the ones that stayed behind got employment opportunities, the chance to make their dreams come true and alot of them went into the music business, movie business, etc etc.

Anything they wanted to do with their lives, we set up scholarships to make each child's dream come true, whether it be school, the arts, whatever. The rules were no drugs, no sex. They had the best facility anywhere in the galaxy. The best of everything. It was a huge non profit to really help orphans. Me and Jett made a difference that life not just for our kids but all the kids too. That orphanage survived and continued to grow. It was all private funding.

One of my orphans, he later became a doctor. He was black, I fell in love with him, I too like Lady Gaga would go to our non profit organization and ground myself, away from the public eye. He put my ethics in, he told me mom, go home to your famly ok. LOL He wanted to be left alone so he can do his thing. He later gave back with his time. He was very happy that nobody took him home. He never once complained or whined about his childhood. He gave seminars too, promoting and marketing the orphanage across the galaxy, how this orphanage, this one orphanage made a difference in his life. Nobody adopted him, nobody wanted him and he didn't have a family, the orphanage was his family.

Before me and Jett dropped our bods, we had a huge reunion, he was there with his own family. He was like another son. I was proud of all my children by dna and not. Jett never made it to the last reunion, he was too sick. I went alone. Jett dropped his bod, I wrote my letters and dropped my bod a few weeks later. We both went back to psych ops. When I had down time in psych ops, I kept up on the PR, the orphanage, traced people down, what they were doing with their lives, things like that.

Some of my mob boys, gave plenty and helped expand the orphanage for many eons to come. That became the orphanage's legacy.

David Miscavige, never changed, never reformed, still played his mob games. Some people just don't change. But that's ok, easier to spot. LMAO

The Apparatus is the internet lol

Updated August 26, 2013

I read online over at a review, in the book, the author wrote about this gay woman, just rape her and she'll turn straight. Ok, that was the tone scale, gay people are at 1.1 covert hostility, or covert ops, undercover, past lives, bring them uptone to anger, he was expressing his feelings in fiction format, the written word and of course incorporating his religion, Scientology into the mix as well as past lives. If you don't know how my religion works, well this part would piss you off, controversial, get you talking about it, word of mouth, or free promotion and marketing for the book. He was an artist. Rape is about control, he knew that, he was a cop down the wholetrack, and I'm sure he helped alot of rape victims, before and after the crime.

Updated August 30, 2013

Where did Jett get, his nomenclature, Bang, bang LMAO from songs, Nancy Sinatra, mob, Jett was also mob and his wholetrack. Babe Corleone, me. My mob husband many lifetimes over. He cherished the ground I walked on and never cheated on me or banged other women, a fuck LMAO. Mob doesn't allow even 1, no amends for cheating, nope, death. Me and Jett's computation is the same, a cheater, is a liar, is a coward. We don't change. Stupid scilons like Vaughn Young (Stacy Young's ex husband, she cheated on him with Robert Minton) were trying to figure out Mission Earth for years, they didn't know Jett, had no clue to who he was. They were just using him for a meal ticket, a free ride. These are the DB's that were on Jett's lines. The group he put there. But in the end, he fucked them all LMAO. Notice, not one of these people that went to court for money, were artists. They never went to court for the Holy Scriptures but instead gave up their religion and labled it a cult to be accepted into mainstream. Losers, users, liars, cheaters and cowards, the whole lot.

Notice both men had the same name, Robert, so if she thought about Vaughn while fucking Bob, she wouldn't be caught LMAO old trick whores use, easy to restim on their indiscretions. Stacy broke up Bob's marriage and family, his little kids lost their father to her. It wasn't a win for anybody, least of all his children.

They took a church to court for the death of Lisa Mcpherson, for profit. To make money off of her death and called it Justice. That's wrong, immoral and unethical.

Updated December 22, 2013 See anything familiar here? 1) the character, snake plissken and 2) the game, that's in mission earth. Same guy, same soul. He wrote it. You had to be there, part of his memories, he was unspinning his case, his past lives, writing this book.

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