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My Story by Kathy Gold

Mercury Insurance

So I got re ended November of 2010, It was a brand new BMW, I was in my 1999 Rav4. I was parked on the 101, he hit me. It's a no brainer, per the law in California, he's at fault.

We both have Mercury insurance. They paid to fix my car right away, I took it in to their body shop. Dropped it off and had to rent a car. A week later, my car was ready.

Pics from my accident

I was dizzy from the impact, I called my rep and told them, he was really mean and didn't give a fuck. So I went and got an attorney. He sent me to physical therapy, but Mercury was not being nice to my attorney. I looked at it, I was already in debt, so I stopped my visits to the doctor cause, what would I do, if they don't pay, I'll be on the hook for more money.

Mercury, wouldn't pay. I had to take the guy that hit me to small claims court for the max $7500.00, I was just going for the min by law 15/30 even though the guy that hit me, he had 100/300 coverage, I found that out in court. I won but only got 1/2 that approximately. So my lawyer negotiated down the cost and sent me $1k a couple of weeks ago.

That's not enough to pay for future medical. Mercury Insurance did not honor their agreement with me, that's out exchange and out ethics.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent, I got a heads up on the law in 2009 or 2010, you'll have to confirm and verify lol There is a law on the books that got passed but it won't happen until 3-4 years from then. You can sue the person that hit you for $15k if the insurance company refuses to pay like Mercury. Yeah, what if 2 people are in the car? The minimum would be $30k, half that. What about a whole family of 4 or more? Yeah, $15k isn't gonna cover that, make sure you go to Superior Court. That was the other option my attorney gave me. I wasn't in a position to do that, I have never been to court in my life. This was the first time.

My old roommate works or worked at progressive Insurance, he told me the scoop back in 2009, the adjusters are pulling credit reports, background checks as well as hacking lol.

This is not known to the pubic. It's so they know where you stand financially and the min you will go to and go one step less get it lol

To create upset, enturbulation, submission to them, It's not that hard, people are busy working to make money.

It's quite petty, I used to have 100/300 coverage with them and paid alot of money over the years.

So, I won't be getting a new car this lifetime, I'll just keep my paid off car. I only carry the min required by law 15/30 and eventually, some attorneys somewhere will file a class action lawsuit, then they can send me a check.

I'm not the only person this is happening to and has happened to. If there is one, there is more. lol

Good thing I'm clear and have no overts in this area huh lol I'm exterior to my body all the time, can't feel a thing lol

Losers, when they die, their soul and everybody that works for them, doing this shit, their soul will get fused and en-tombed to this rock for 1 billion years, marcab crap.

And I sent a letter to the Insurance Commisioner, they don't give a fuck either. They are out exchange with the Taxpayers of California. See the spin?
Yeah, I have to once again, enforce the law and I'm not a cop, I'm not on payroll, it's out exchange.
Criminal exchange. My taxes pay for their fuckin job, their fuckin pensions etc etc.

So, there won't be insurance companies after this planet, we won't put up with this out exchange shit. Assholes.

You can't kill a soul but you can en-tomb it for 1 billion years lol boy are you guys gonna be hot lol Btw, my attorney was really cool, he gave me the heads up, he told me, if they give you this judge, don't take it, that judge always sides with the insurance companies.

So, when I went to court a Mercury Rep showed up with the guy that hit me along with his dad ok. There was no Mercury rep for me. I was all alone.

I talked to her in the hallway and I asked her about the judge and she said the same name my attorney gave me. I told her, I'm not gonna use that judge. She flipped out ok, started yelling at me in the hallway and I'm the fuckin victim ok. The next thing I know, cause I wouldn't settle ok, I said no. The amount was like 2k, less than half. I knew going in what my receipts were approximately, I rounded them off. They all ganged up on me outside of the courtroom, Mercury's rep, the criminal that broke the law when he re ended me and his daddy. They all tried to make me out to be a gold digging whore ok. And told me I was crazy, I needed medication.

Ok, this is how I was treated by Mercury Insurance, a company that took my money and never honored their agreement. As well as the guy that hit me.

So, as any selfish bitch, I took a moment and cried in the court room, alone, I let it out, then I felt better.

Went into court and gave my side, my story. It was a no brainer he hit me lol He also admitted that he was swerving to not hit another car but hit me instead.My last statement to the Judge was, we are here today, we both pay our monthly payments for insurance, we are here today because the insurance company doesn't want to honor their agreement.

I won for the amount of $4,338.00 plus costs of $146.95.for my rental car.

Either way it doesn't matter, he was at fault per the law. This shouldn't have even gone to court. But Mercury does not want to pay out. They don't care, it's all about their bottomline. Money.

Mercury Insurance saved $10,515.05 on my claim.

This is below the legal liability required by law. In the state of california it is the law that you purchase the min legal liability. 15/30, they didn't pay out what was legally required by law.

Mercury Insurance ignores and breaks the law too.

So, for all my time and pain and suffering not to mention future stuff that might pop up, I received $1000.00 ok, we all know, that's not gonna cover it. And what about other people?
Remember it's 2012, my accident happened in the end of 2010.

Mercury Insurance is not only violating the law but not honoring their agreement, they only value money, not human life.

This society is on it's way out. Bottomline, get to target 3, fuck change in court, they will dick you around for all eternity.

They have more resources then you do, they do the same exact thing that OSA does. No difference. It's all legal. You can't win, unless you are rich and even then, who in their right mind would spend all their money fighting a losing battle full of enturbulation etc etc? Exactly, nobody. No Change

If you had a choice, your eternity, your spiritual freedom or court? Which would you pick?

The choice is yours, it's always been your choice. your path, your journey. Just remember to do the right thing, apply your ethics book.

Mercury insurance is now my bounty lol if all the people that were involved in this cycle of action, ever get off this rock, in a future life, they are mine to hunt down and take for treatment to that big implant station in the sky lol After their treatment is done, they won't be breaking the law anymore lol. I now, own their souls lol. They'll never see me coming lol Nobody is off limits, we don't discriminate. These people don't have a soul, they sold it, for money lol people who have no souls are animals, and what do we do with animals? lol We hunt them down, one by one. Treatment does wonders lol No more breaking the law, of course there will be new experiments, hee hee, to handle cheaters lol

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