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My Story by Kathy Gold

Men Are Stupid

Women go A-Z Jett took a whole lifetime to figure it out lol that's how men are lol Ok every little thing ok. But that's this life.

I'm not trying to be top dog or in other words be a man lol. I'm a woman. The last two lifetimes I was a man. I'm now a woman. And I love being a woman. I'm not gonna change. Even on target 3, I'm gonna pick up a woman's body lol. Yeah, I'm gonna fight on the battlefield in really cool high tech gear, not like here lol. Don't need to be 6'0 to play the game.

Everybody will be on an equal playing field. No more rejection based on looks, religion, body etc etc. It will be determined on one thing, can you get the job done?

We won't have time for ass kissing brown nosing jerk offs lol. Bugs don't give a shit lol too fuckin slow, you're dead. Oh well, not my fuckin problem lol.

Can't confront my words, go watch TV, go back to sleep in middle class heaven and watch your eternity slip away. You can't say, you never got a heads up. No more excuses. This game of clearing the planet is over. The planet is already clear. People are just lying about it, to themselves and others.

Oh well, not my fuckin problem. You'll never see it coming lol

And I'm not subordinate to anyone. If you can't treat me as a human being, fuck off, lol I don't care, I don't give a fuck lol. My father's men, have come and gone already lol years ago. You just don't know about it lol. You're not part of his crew, you never were.

Don't need anyone to go to target 3, I have cause over my exteriorization, but you don't, you are effect and cling to your body and abandoned your ethical and moral codes for what else, money, status, power, fame, anything and everything. I suggest you take psych drugs and forget about your soul. Cause after watching the news. you're gonna need it lol.

Btw, I calling it, in September, Madonna Concert, in Staples here in Los Angeles. Remember her Super Bowl shit that she pulled, in January lol. Let's see if something happens, her 1 day of peace, give me a fuckin break, she's a whore ok. And the Mossad would agree lol

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