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My Story by Kathy Gold

Here's the letter I sent them, they never responded either, they blow me off
date: Fri, May 11, 2012 at 6:52 AM

I see you are still looking to fill this position. Haven't found the right fit in over 2 years.

I can do this job and help increase your sales, long term.

Here is a case study

Along with that, I built websites that fed traffic to her ecommerce site. Great products, she couldn't get distribution.

Currently the websites I built her that drove traffic to her ecommerce site, she's selling them or sold them. Those sites got 50,000 or more traffic a month. It was seasonal, I built one for the prom market, the wedding marketing, the formal market. I also built her another site, to bring down the cost of education, how to use her products and get results. Marketing, and used that as a platform for cross promotion.

I invested alot of time into her company, she is my mother lol. Anyway, I submitted my resume a long time ago and never heard back.

You can also read my story online:

If you want to meet with me for an interview, let me know. I'm 45 and I'm not looking to stay long term. Maybe 1-3 years tops, but while I'm there to do a job, I can help increase your sales through marketing and promotion. Build some sites that will sustain you long term while bringing your promotion and marketing costs down. Jewelry is a tough market and extremely competitive.

Let me known.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

They've since removed that post but here is the screenshots

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