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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me, me and me.

These are the things my ex husband nor Jon Makinder never knew about me, they didn't know me, they never even tried. It was all about them, them and them. They never asked. They didn't care and were just using me.

Nobody is ever gonna use me ever again, for all eternity.

Me and Jeff on Hazeltine

Me and Jeff on our honeymoon in Hawaii

Me and Jeff outdoors

My art in a book

My poetry in a book

Poetry Certs

Me at my bridal shower

Lisa and Sherry, Jeff's sisters

Me with a toaster oven

Me and Sherry one Halloween

Me singing on a cruise ship, back from Germany to New York or Chicago, I can't remember which city, I was young. From there a train ride. Amtrak to here, cali

Me in Rome on our way to the USA

Me one new years eve on the sunset strip

Me with red hair

My sweet 16 birthday party - the one where i got fucked by chris and teresa


Sherry Kitching

Karen Kitching

My dad's car

Me with the Jackson's

Arla Jackson

Tthe bridge babes - in the Sea Org at Bridge Publications

Celine Breslin

Evie Gayton



Modeling Headshots

Me in elementary school, Hazeline 5th grade

Autograph from Alex Van Halen of Van Halen -btw this is for sale, contact me to make an offer

Autograph from C.C Deville of Poison - btw this is for sale, contact me to make an offer

My first firebird

Graduation Fulton Junior High 1982

Diploma from Fulton Junior High

Me in school in Ohio

Me in Jeff's truck

Jeff always liked this pic

Me and Chris after her son was born

Me and Freddie, my old drummer's boyfriend at the museum, alex took the pic

Updated September 5, 2013

Me as a baby - I was cute LOL

Me, little in Hungary

Me as a little rascal, I took this toy, I wanted it or hee hee

My mother made me give it back, ok LMAO I was a litte unhappy about that LOL

Elementary School in Ohio, 3rd grade

Elementary School in Ohio, 4th grade

Simcha my math teacher at Valley Alternative - he was great, he turned me on to algebra, I loved algebra. Problem solving math. My fav, I hated geometry. Boring or snoozefest.

The parking lot people at Valley Alternative or my friends, peeps, I was too cool, hip. We were the in crowd.

Me in 6th grade, singing, Valerie Avery's sister Melanie was playing the piano, she fucked up on the music on purpose and my mike went out. I had to get off the stage and sing on the other mike. I was totally embarrassed and hurt. I felt set up.

This is the song I sang, I didn't want to do a duet with Valerie, she wanted to do a duet, by Debbie Boone so her sister screwed me on purpose.

I've learned not to trust any females for this reason.

On that ship on our way back from Germany, I met the crew.

It was a Russian Cruise Ship

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