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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me and WW2

I wasn't involved. I was a guy, part the Golden Era of Hollywood. Me and UA go back along way lol We tried to slow it down, as much as we could. They already came here, Paramount. We had to deal with them, everywhere. Politics. People don't talk about the shit we had to deal with, the real shit. They only talk about how glamorous it was etc etc.

I was miserable. I hated being a guy. It was quite easy to fuck everybody up lol They're idol worshippers lol Golden Statues lol. Easy to blackmail and control lol.

Not all famous atists come back to Hollywood, we already played that game and won. James Dean went to Flag and Truman Capote was on his way in via Laura Gaudreault, a fulltime FSM.

If I was Sumner Redstone, I would have taken apart Paramount.and kept the stuff that mattered, that wasn't made by Nazi's and dissolved it. Put the good stuff with my new company or corporation.

It forwards the original purpose and mission of Paramount, and a way for Nazi's to find their way home. They are failed artists. Actresses and actors were used back in those days, sent over there, to keep the nazi's busy. That's how we slowed them down lol. And they happily agreed and took the money. They didn't care about what was going on, they just wanted to get laid and get paid for it.

They gravitated towards the main man himself. Adolf Hitler. Ewww ok. Hollywood was his pimp but the flip side was, we were all trying to slow it down. That is the justification we told ourselves.

There was nothing else we could do. We were just artists. Nobody took us seriously. Not even our friends, politicians, royalty etc etc. The game David Miscavige played with his wife, Shelly, hobnobbing with politicians and celebs etc etc, which he broke quals to do, original Sea Org quals, I already played that game. Not that big of a deal. People are gonna do what they wanna do.

Charlie is a Scientologist too, he's still a guy, I spotted him years ago, it's all his now. I already made my mark, 2 lifetimes ago lol.

For me, while the world sleeps, in middle class heaven, I prefer to go. I can see it coming a mile away in slow motion lol I think the Queen of England can agree. Not interested in watching history repeat itself, it's standard ethics book. Been there, done that. You guys can play that game. I have no amends to do for WW2 or the universe ending 75 million years ago in a galaxy far far away lol.

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