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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me and Songwriting

I'm an artist, I've been an artist in past lives, pre earth. In present time, I was following Diane Warren's and Desmond Child's careers all my life thru press releases.

I've been writing songs, poetry, lyrics all my life. Harriet Schock is also a songwriter. Her and Nick Venet were in a 2d. I met Nick thru Harriet around 1991/1992. We became good friends. He was from New York, back east, direct, honest, a straight shooter all the way. We hung out. We'd meet at the farmers market and have breakfast or lunch. We'd chit chat. One year he invited me to the grammys, he was on the board. I turned him down. I was in the car insurance business and I told him ok Nick, what am I gonna say to these people, you know at the after parties, "Hey you wanna buy some car insurance" LMAO and Nick got it. I had nothing in common with them and I felt weird trying to network when I'm in a totally different business.

Nick played the stock market, we'd talk about that, he was really into the stock market, he told me, you gotta buy Boston Market stock ok, I've checked it out, me and my son and it's a winner. I don't play the stock market. It's not my thing. But that was our talks, finances, the stock market, shit like that.

I loved Nick like a father, uncle. And he loved me too.

When I was at the CC Int event, in 1997, he was there, I also knew Billy Sheehan. I was talking to Billy behind the VIP area, it was roped off, he was sitting there with some girl and I was on the other side. I did drills with Billy Sheehan, when I was on course. It was really fun. I took him outside of CC Int and did the drills, I believe it was the tone scale. My old drummer, Alex, she was in love with him, he just did it for her, she didn't know him on that level, she never had the balls to get in comm with him.

Anyway, Nick was there too, we talked. I didn't know he had lupus, he never told me. He looked sick, weak and extremely skinny. Six months later he passed away. I was invited to his funeral/memorial. I never went. It was raining that day, I cried. I didn't want to network with these people. I just wanted to mourn, grieve in private for the loss of my friend.

When I came back later on lines in 2008/2009, I ran into Harriet Schock at LADay and she was happy, she was in another 2d with some guy and she was on OT7, finally she got up her bridge. She looked dull, wooden, like the light was gone from her eyes. Her skin was greyish. I think she's dehydrated.

She told me, that Nick's big fear was that Charles Manson and his group were coming for him when he lived down the street from Sharon Tate and went to the wrong house by mistake, Charles Manson sent Nick demo tapes and was stalking him.

I had comm lines, I knew alot of people, I just never name dropped. They were my friends, real friends, not guess who I met today LMAO.

Updated June 11, 2013

Roger Capps was a friend of mine. He was the bass player for Pat Benatar, he wrote Hell is for Children. I later met his wife. Debra, she was into Kombucha, she and another woman wrote a book. Debra told me how her and Roger's paths crossed. They really loved each other, when I knew them in the 90's. Roger's friend was also the manager for Lynyrd Skynyrd, he was part of that group when their plane went down, all three of these people are Scientologists.


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