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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me and Psych Ops OT 3

That was part of the military. As you can see by now, my wholetrack, my past lives is mainly military, federation, cops, implant stations etc etc. The 4th dynamic. I'm not a housewife ok. I enjoy games, life where I help contribute to making the world, the universe and mankind a better place to live, not just for me but for my children.

There are more important things in life than the pursuit of money, sex and objects. If that's your game, fine, it's not mine. And I'm not here to change you or get your ethics in. That's your job.

Too stupid, not my problem, go pop a pill and then sue your psych, shrink for misdiagnosis lol.

Me and Jett's stable data, psych ops, we always go home, our home. I'm sure, I was the only person that could be my father's shrink, psych, auditor, confidante etc But it had to be my choice and psych ops knew that. I'm sure there were others before me that wore that hat. That's what I was recruited for, that post. It was vital and needed. Psych ops was watching me from a distance lol. My father was the commodore ok, Top spot in the entire universe, over all the implant stations, everybody. He never abused his position of power and trust. He loved his job and he was awesome at it. He kept the fleet together. He ran the fleet.

Remember that was in a galaxy far far away, 75 million years ago, not present time, so if you are fleet, looking for status, confirmation in the physical universe, forget it, you're not gonna find it here on planet earth target 1 and you're gonna spin.

I knew as a little girl, psych ops was where I wanted to go. I was a little rebel in that life too. I stole from John and Kelly, their mest and sold it lol. Later I had to fess up to that. I did a little undercover work for the police too, my stepmother's father, Chief of Police for the entire galaxy. I did my amends in that life to John and Kelly and repaired our comm line. Or in other words, I stepped up to the plate, took responsibility and accountability for my actions. It was the right thing to do.

They all understood, my mother died shortly after I was born, I never knew her and assumed I was acting out. They didn't realize about my past life shit lol.

After me and Johnny broke up, I holed myself up at the family home, another planet, it was like a beach home but it was our own planet, nice and secluded. I often went there to get away. It was ocean's galore and our home lol. At home, when I was little, I was watching the TV and saw a commercial about psych ops, I knew then, that's where I was gonna go. My step mother did not want me to go into psych ops. Me and her often fought. I was like, you made him leave. My dad would come into town, you know a furlough and they would have fights and he'd leave. Get back to work. It would piss me off, I held her responsible and accountable for his departure. Me and her had a love hate relationship.

She's here too. I've spotted her. I had alot of stuck attention on her and I didn't know why. She's been my mother more than once. I sorted out all the lives. She's the first person I grabbed on to for my stable datums as I was crossing the wall of fire. Kirstie Alley. She's currently spinning on her 2D. Her 2nd Dynamic.

Anyway so me and Johnny broke up and I holed myself up and wrote songs. I let it rip, all my feelings that I had bottled up. I knew I was going into psych ops and wanted to have a source of income for myself. I also knew, Johnny would stop me from going in. Psych Ops is where my heart really belonged, that was my group, my people, my home. Once I was finished I sold them to my uncle, John. He gave me money and if the songs sold I would receive royalties. I had years worth. What he did was he took the songs he felt that were right and put them into his movies. Soundtracks. He was a movie producer. He spread them out, he handled alot of movies, not like the producers here. He was handling tons of them, like 100's of them ok. He had a good ear.

I packed up my stuff and left. Went in. I did my basic training. Johnny found out and came by. He asked me when I was gonna come home. I told him I wasn't. This is where I belonged. He didn't take it seriously. He was like whatever lol and split. I was like, who cares. I've moved on. I knew once I was in, that was it, I was in for life.

While in basic training, I got paired up with another female. She was my bf down the wholetrack, the one person I was looking for all my life, the one female, I knew would never let me die. lol. I spotted her. We will never meet this life. But if she ever reads this, I want her to know she's been in my heart and soul for a long time.

We didn't get along when we first met. Her PR was impeccable lol she was like, I was here first, who do you think you are lol. She too was the daughter of military personnel. She ended up being her father's psych, shrink, auditor, confidante etc etc. She too was trained for that post, just like me.

They all knew who my dad was lol You can't use your family as anything in the military ok. It's not done and frowned upon. It's all merit, your own. Her dad was Mr. Farrakhan. Top brass threw us together on a training exercise and we put our differences aside and saved each other. After that, we became friends, there was no jealously, no pettiness. She heard stories about me, I wasn't perfect like her ok lol and she judged me before she knew me. In the military, gossip central ok. everybody knows your business. It was not easy for me, being his daughter, just the opposite.

After that I got assigned my own crew, I was like a crew captain and we got lost, we all ended up underwater in a cave on a planet. The water was below freezing and my guys were gonna die including me. So I kept everybody uptone so they wouldn't go down tone, I started singing. We knew they were looking for us and it was just a matter of time before they found us but we were like stuck in an asteroid, lot's to go through. But time was running out for us. So I started singing to keep everybody uptone, the fuckin water was below freezing, guys were turning blue ok. So I freaked, I started going high pitch on purpose and the guys looking for us, caught that, it came in on their radar, that pitch, that sound was unique, my voice vibrated from the rocks and created an echo that made it available for them to pick it up otherwise, a baritone sound would never have been picked up on their monitors. They found us lol Thank god and we were all rescued. I actually got a medal for that, had it not been for my quick thinking and stuff, we would have all died. My dad was really really proud of me, it was cool. I didn't think anything of it, I felt like, anybody could have done that if they were in my shoes not that big of a deal lol.

Shortly after that, my songs went #1, most of them, my uncle's movies went top box and my songs went with that. My songs were also aired on the radio, non stop. Johnny was majorly upset, It finally hit him, I was gone and I wasn't coming back and I didn't need him to write good songs. Everywhere he went, all he heard was my music, my feelings about him. Every song was about him and how he hurt me. It keyed in his case, the best thing he had in his life was gone and he fucked it up by lying and not being honest.

At that same time Jett was in the theater too. He saw my PR, I did a huge PR moment, it was part of my project prepare going into psych ops, all approved.And he put 2+2 together. Johnny was an idiot lol. He listened to my songs, he figured it out, Johnny was using me, cheated on me and never loved me. Jett was like that guy's fuck up, my gain lol. Jett was already in psych ops. Jett was his father's shrink, psych, auditor, confidante etc etc. He was so successful, psych ops decided to incorporate that into the military for all the men that ran the top spots and held positions of power and trust.

I spotted him too, his PR, he was a race car driver, I watched his career from a distance and the bitch he was with lol. Unbeknownst to him lol.

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