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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me & OT 3

So, down the wholetrack, in a galaxy far far away, before the universe ended. I was married had three children, and was pregnant with my 4th. I was in the military, the fleet. I was part of Psych Ops Crew. My father was the commodore and my job was to handle drama rama on his side of the family. Psych ops put me there to be his shrink or his auditor, so he could bitch, have somone to talk to and he wouldn't be betrayed. Confidential. It wouldn't open him up to blackmail or the fleet.

I also had a big family that loved me and I loved them. My half brother, from my father's first marriage. My mother died after I was born. My father's third wife became my step mother.My father never broke the 2 kid rule. The 2 kid rule came from the military, pay. If you were gonna have kids in the military, you could only have 2, the military couldn't sustain anymore than that. If you were gonna have more, the rest of the kids, the military wouldn't support. Me and my husband made our own money before we went into the fleet. We supported our own children.

WW2 and why this was a big issue in present time. I was Jewish. My mother was Jewish. My father's first wife was Jewish. My half brother was Jewish. My father was Jewish and Catholic. His Father, my grandfather was Jewish and my grandmother was Catholic. My husband was both as well, his father was Jewish and his mother was Christian.

My grandfather was part of the banking clan. We had a civilization similar to the one we have now but better. The war that is talked about on the OT Levels was the internal war between the implanters. Wholetrack Psychs. An implant station was a jail in outer space. The economy crashed and the implanters didn't get their pay. Middle management and lower management were going to release the prisoners unless they got their money. They had families to feed. The fleet had to step in to put their ethics in. There was no way that was gonna happen nor top management was gonna be blackmailed. So after the fleet put in their ethics by force. New security measures went into place.

I was not the only son or daughter of military personnel.

I only know my part as this is my story. I was the comm between my father and his father. In the event the comm line between them was cut, meaning I was dead, plans would go into place to ensure the enemy would not take over. I got killed and that set a chain of events to occur that couldn't be stopped. Each planet had a president. Each president was taken out. No more presidents and all the worlds will end. Our commrades, the Russian Federation did the job. No emotion, just the job.

The Russian Federation gave us free fuel, in exchange we ran all the implant stations for them. H2 made for great space travel.

I died in the Jewish Federation. I was being stalked. I knew it, I felt it but couldn't pinpoint it, meaning who it was. I was on alot of comm lines through out the galaxy.

My husband assured me, everything would be fine. Nobody in their right mind would take me out of the game.

It was not a time of war but a time of peace, my father and his crew including me were retiring into middle class heaven. I was gonna raise my kids. My father and my step mother were gonna have kids too, start their family.

Things would crash and we knew either things contract or expand in the universe, after a while we made the planets and would expand as a federation. We never fucked with the 2d, meaning relationships, marriage and the procreation of children. There was no issue with over population.

The security measures were just temporary until the new commodore and his crew came in.

The person that was stalking me is what we call a psych case in present time. A psych case takes no responsibility for his actions or accountability.

The life prior to OT 3, I was part of the implanter crew in top management. My father in that life ran all the implant stations.

Our lifespans were longer, we lived to be like 200 years old. We had awesome technology as well as medical, food etc etc. We also had an internet through out the galaxy for public. As well as intranets (internal internet) for the military.

In the life prior to OT 3, I was married and pregnant. My father and my husband convinced me that I could have it all. I didn't have to retire to have children. My standard operating basis is, when I'm ready to have kids, I retire into middle class heaven, my children come first. I broke my standard operating basis. I was killed and so was my husband. We were both separated and taken out. By two people, a woman killed him and a man killed me. They were not part of the implanter crew, they were not implanters. At the top of the implanter crew, we ran the security for the universe. The guy infiltrated our crew through his family. Then brought the girl with him. Both the guy and the girl were not implanters but psych cases.

It's all 2d stuff. He was jealous of my happiness.

He wanted a 2d with me for power, I was the daughter of the most powerful man in the universe or so he thought lol

We met when we were younger, when we were kids. I loved my job, I knew at a young age what I wanted to do, that was be an assassin, kill people for a living and get paid for it. I kept my father in a position of power, I took out all his enemies. My father saw that I had talent and helped guide me in that direction. When I told him this is what I wanted to do, he got pissed off, serv faced and blew. I didn't see him until many many years later. I was already married to my husband when he came back into my life. The ex returns lol.

My death was horrible, I died a horrible death along with my unborn child as well as my husband.

Me and my husband were both implanters. All top management knew about cause over exteriorization.

After our death, we flipped it, I went towards my father, the commodore and my husband went towards my other father. He became his son. Instead of the son in law of, he became the son of.

We loved our fathers. I later went on to have 2 fathers, my father from my previous life became my father in law and my father became my husband's father in law.

One of the back up plans in the event of my death was this planet Target 1 to ensure our survival. My father in law's plan.This was all approved and known about with top brass as well as all the presidents. We had a transparent government and all the politicians knew upfront before they came into office.

The economy crashed and the psych case guy that took me out, flipped out and wrong targeted me for his problems. He spotted me in the PR lol and other places and was jealous and angry. He couldn't contain his rage. He broke through his implants and held me responsible for his shitty life. He got sent down to trailer trash ville along with his girlfriend.

He spotted me on one of my pick ups of others for my uncle. I had to pick up my cousin, my aunt's son, from strip bars lol. Oh no, the out PR lol.

He went over to the russian federation, and sweet talked the russian federation's commodore's daughter, she was younger than me. He wanted to cause the most harm, the most damage he could. He bribed her with marriage and children. She was on the team to carry out orders for the take out plan of the presidents. She was also one of my friends and confidants. For obvious reasons. She told me about this guy she met, her type, she described him to me. She was also asking me for advice in the area. I was already married, she wanted to know, how I knew, my husband was the one after all the bullshit I went thru with the 1st guy? Alot of people knew about me and my 1st love, John Rzeznik lol She felt like his mistress, she felt spinny and was trying to figure shit out, between him and her. For the most part, she was very direct, honest, like me. But this, she was hiding. Mainly from her dad. It's not something she wanted to do, it's something he asked of her. He wasn't ready to meet him. She agreed.

Both Federations had rules, security, protocal. I suspect, she didn't report her relationship with him until after it was more solid. I also suspect he got into the the Russian Federation using a fake ID. He was not who he claimed to be. And she bought it, hook, line and sinker. I personally think he profiled her. He knew about the take out plan, he got it from her and he didn't care. He got his confirmation from her. And he still continued on.

He went to trace it all down. Leaks, rumors etc etc. He got confirmation all along the way. He knew, not everybody knew about this, the general public. He knew not even the other commordore's daughter knew. She was on a job, an assignment. Security. No one on the team was in comm with each other on purpose, their protocol, procedure. They just each got orders and carried out a job.

He went from implanter's families that were killed in the war to her, exchanged information, confirmation from them and a heads up on the bounty hunters operating basis, so they could flee, blow, live another day. He knew they would be caught lol he didn't give them all the data lol he let them assume he was on their side. Tone Scale, used for emotional manipulation.

He restimmed them on their lives and blackmail, calmed them down, I'm here to help you, maybe we can help each other lol if you know what I mean, had them read into it. lol.

He killed me for more than one reason, but mainly because I was a Jew, the wrong jew on his list. His justification, ooops, he made a mistake. He had to tell his colleagues, other bounty hunters cause he was tracking me the whole time, he needed to tell them a really good reason, one they would believe lol He was using their resources, on company time, it was on their computers, so alot of them knew lol They just didn't know about the security measure, it was a big ole secret lol.

In the end, after he killed me, he was like, it's all bullshit, nothing is gonna happen lol boy was he wrong huh lol

And the fleet, they assumed we were at war, I was dead. I was third on that chain, that meant my father the commodore was dead too and his father, my grandfather. I can only assume that at, that moment in time, maybe something happened to my father and my grandfather ok. Cause the fleet including psych ops, was not stupid nor were the implanters.

My killer was a jew in his prior life.

Kinda like Hitler was a jew too, do you see the irony of WW2?

He was working for the banking clan, or marcab shit, hunting down people who had debts and bringing them in for bounty.

When he took me out of the game, he set off a chain of events that couldn't be stopped. He destroyed the lives of 300 billion people.

The two people in the prior life that killed me and my husband are here today on planet earth. She is a scientologist and he is not.

They are both easy to spot. They are celebrities. Those two people are Juliette Lewis and Nikki Sixx.

After me and my husband's death, top management was extremely upset. This caused a huge ruckus ok. Sweeps were done to find the killers. After they were hunted down and found, they were brought back to the hidden implant station, to the scene of the crime. Before their deaths, they were implanted. We didn't divide and conquer, we kept people together, we wanted to see them coming a mile away in slow motion lol.

I got the scoop later after I came back, again we all knew about cause over our exteriorization. More on that later, there will probably be a section for that too. Not sure yet. But let's just say, my killer, the ex, his dad had a plan stan. Implanters were known for their investigation techniques and getting people to spill the beans lol His main serv fac was his dad from his prior life. While he got stuck in trailer trash ville, his father moved on and forgot about him after his death, along with his mother. He spotted his dad from a distance and he raged. Serv facs, are make wrongs. He felt his father was responsible for his death and his shitty life too. Everybody but him and his actions.

By the time my husband got word of my death, he flipped out, he went psycho nuts or psychotic, he traced it all down too, and rolled it back, except he killed everybody that knew this guy was stalking me, I'm sure he killed my killer too, and spotted him from a distance when he was still here lol and sent the video evidence to his father lol my father in law, or XENU lol btw XENU spelled backwards is UNIX, an operating system, military lol His backwards implants or dyslexia was kicking in when he was trying to figure out his case, OT3. XENU is an analogy for his father lol. He ran all the implant stations, top dog.

There was special implant stations just for debters lol bounty, banking clan paid for it lol

Whether you believe this or not, it doesn't matter. Whether you think I'm crazy, it doesn't matter. When you find the why's, all the lies on the line, it will as is for you. These are my whys, the universe ended, 75 million years ago in a galaxy far far away. The universe did not have to end.

So the life prior to OT3, I kept my father in a position of power, all my father's lol I come from a long line of implanters. They passed the hat to the one after them lol. I was their best kept secret. Highest ethical and moral codes. I was the fav, me and my father's saw eye to eye on all the issues lol. I understood what it took to get the job done lol. They never abused their position of power or trust for money or threw the general public under a bus for themselves. I was my father's shrink or auditor. Confidential, no betrayal. They weren't perfect and there was times they made mistakes but I always applied the ethics book. They didn't listen to me, I was not their advisor, after they talked to me and I saw their side of things, we'd laugh and they'd have cognitions, lightbulbs from our dialog. And they would handle business, take care of the outpoints, so that the universe and mankind could expand. No society is perfect, nor is man. I loved my fathers. They were good men. In present time, I don't know any of them.

We had no sympathy for the killers, but for the victims, the families of the victims. Real investigations were done and people weren't set up because of discrimination. We all had empathy and compassion for the victims. Nobody made the victims famous for money like they do in the press ok. It's wrong, yet it's done for money. And nobody solved problems with drugs. Eli Lily, autism, causing it, mercury in vaccines. That is not only un ethical but morally wrong. When I was in the psych hospital, the 2nd time, I had to agree to take meds before they would let me leave. The first time I was in there, I said no and I got released. 10 years later, it's forced. If you don't take them, they won't let you leave. While the medical doctor tries to implant you with some disease, using buzzwords while they give you an exam and get you to agree to it lol like, it looks like you're getting this disease and if you argue with them, they cut your comm, introvert you so you have to make them right lol It's wrong on so many levels, but they do it.

I was like ok, uh huh, uh huh, ok lol, I applied look, don't listen lol You can't implant an implanter.

A violation of ethical codes. Doctors took an oath. Anyway, I agreed and I took only 2 lol I'm not on psych drugs or meds. Don't need em lol. Not a psych case. There are so many abuses in this field, it's quite sad and all the people who participate in those abuses, that allow it to go on, will have a price to pay with their souls. 1 billion years. It's not ok to sexually abuse people in there etc etc. It's done all the time.

They suffer in silence, in pain, while their abusers get away, scott free and continue to harm in the name of help while getting paid for it.

People assume that since I don't have a family or children etc etc that I'm all alone, I'm not lol. I have someone on my side, he's watched out for me, all my life. In him I trust. God lol The rest we monitor lol.

This life is about me, coming up the conditions as a woman lol Not becoming 1.1. There are more important things in life than money, it's called your soul.

My dad had a thing for jewish women. I was in the Jewish Federation, getting some food and there were some people talking shit about my dad. They didn't know who I was lol. I over heard them. I was picking up food for him. They were going on about his 3rd wife. I got pissed off lol. They had no idea how my dad made it safe for them to have their lives in middle class heaven. The owner saw my indicators. I went there alot to pick up food for my dad. He set the record straight. My dad's favorite, Kosher Italian food.

He wanted to make my dad and his wife feel welcomed. So next time my dad ordered food. He sent him and his crew a bunch of food, on the house and an invitation for both of them. He wanted to show everybody, the Commodore was Jewish and how lucky they should be that he was in command of the fleet. My step mother and him, started going there after that, every date night. It became their tradition.

And that restaurant became really really famous. Anybody that was anybody in the galaxy came by, even people from mob world.

In present time, my dad felt betrayed by his own family by DNA. We left Milwaukee and headed to Ohio. My father ended up going to the Jewish Federation there. I remember Magda told me, he said to her, you are among your people, she took his words wrong and assumed he was being anti semitic but he wasn't. He was upset with his own family and their betrayal of him, Magda didn't understand him. I don't think she liked him very much.

He made my mother do a jewish journey. He loved the jewish religion and tradition. He made her do hanukkah and passover etc etc. I loved it, I had both, hanukkah and christmas. I was totally stoked ok. I got alot of presents lol and I'm an only child, my father was the only person in my life that honored my birthday and christmas. Most people would say, it's your birthday and it's christmas, so here you go, one present, but I bought those same people a birthday present and a christmas present. They were out exchange with me. Ok. After a while I got tired of it, it hurt my feelings, the out exchange. I'm over it now. lol I could give a fuck lol.

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