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My Story by Kathy Gold

Me and Jett's Wedding

In that life with Rupert as my dad, my mob boardroom dad, Jett was a flamboyant businessman/entrepreneur who's father was Sumner Redstone. Jett had a reputation for being over the top and of course killing it, in the boardroom. Hostile Takeovers.

I had a reputation too. I was nicknamed the Ice Princess in the PR. Since both me and Jett came from rich and powerful families, even playing field on both sides. We opted for no prenup. No contracts. What was his, was mine, what was mine was his.

Rupert walked me down the aisle. My brothers were there too. I was the only daughter of the family. My father often told me, how I was the spitting image of my mother. She passed away, my father never remarried. He took lovers aka girlfriends but never remarried. He was a great dad in that life as well as my friend, advisor, confidante across the boards diagonal, we saw eye to eye on everything.

I really didn't want a big wedding, to me, it was a waste of money, long and short term. But I had to because of Jett, his family, my family, they wanted it, to celebrate. But then, when I walked down that aisle and I saw Jett standing there, I knew in my heart, right there and then, he was my soulmate and it was ok to celebrate that.

In present time, I never wanted a wedding, my father wasn't here to give me away. Nobody to walk me down the aisle.

Now that I'm 46, I'm over it. But I'm still not interested in a wedding. Just the marriage. I'm thinking justice of the peace or Las Vegas, something private for just the two of us. My soulmate this life.

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