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My Story by Kathy Gold


So, I went and got a job at McDonalds, for more than one reason. When I was 16, I worked in the Sherman Oaks Galleria for Orange Julius. That same time, Teresa worked for McDonalds on the 2nd floor. She was soooo proud to work there, so happy.

I never applied, instead I stayed on the 3rd floor, the food court. Me and Ty, my friend, Tammy, her brother, we both worked there. We also both got high in the back and then came out to help customers. LOL It was a wild time in my life, kinda like Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Incidently, I saw this movie in that theater, boy was that a trip LMAO. The Sherman Oaks Galleria is gone now, what it used to be back in the 80's. How things change in such a short time.

I put in an application, and finally after a few weeks, got a job, working 15 hours a week at minimum wage, $8.00 an hour. Wow, that doesn't pay my fuckin rent. But I had the journey, the experience. See I also read, The Making of McDonalds by Ray Kroc, the founder himself. Facinating book, he was a salesmen. He bought McDonalds from the McDonalds brothers in San Bernardino and took two hamburger stands and made McDonalds what it is today. I really liked his personality, in the book, he talked about going into restaurants and selling them cups, and he saw that if he helped their sales, then his sales would increase. He had a pan determined viewpoint. He also started the to go cup craze. He noticed, people were on the go, and he suggested to one of his clients that bought cups from him, hey, why not put a lid on that and you can sell that drink to go. It was a new concept back then. So, his client, took his idea and incorporated it into his business and his drink sales took off, thereby increasing Ray's cup orders. He helped that guy increase his sales and it came back to him with more orders for more cups.

In today's world, that's unheard of. Helping another person, in Scientology speak, we call that taking responsibility in our field, helping another person, and it comes back to us. See Ray really cared, he wasn't a Scientologist but he was a great salesperson.

Anyway, so I thought I would experience this now, in the year 2012. 1st, after weeks going by, I was under the impression I could just apply and get a job right away, nope, you have to wait and keep calling them, reaching out to them. I also had to invest $15.00 into a California Food Handler Certificate online. Yeah, things have changed since I was 16.

McDonalds does have a program for people like me that are over 40, to come work for them. They do what they promote. The place I ended up, getting a job happened to be a corporate McDonalds, not franchise owned. My 2nd interview, I passed the assessment test, the manager Claudia, asked me about if I leave, I told her I would give her notice as she told me, people often blow out of there, pissed off and split and she didn't know why, with tears in her eyes. I felt bad for her, compassion, I understood, how mean people can be, not taking responsiblity for their emotions and using other people as their punching bag.

I got hired and I went to orientation at another McDonalds in Northridge. There I had to get on the phone with an outside company, that asked me several questions, things like have I ever worked for the military, am I on welfare, food stamps etc etc. I passed, I was the only one out of 12 people that did the phone interview that passed. I was now qualified.

What did that mean, that meant, management at my McDonalds got more money if they hired me, an incentive, so I got to go to the head of that line.

I started working there, I got 2 free uniforms, 2 black pants, 2 red shirts, a baseball cap and black shoes. I learned to work the register in the drive thru and the front counter as well as the fries. That's pretty much it. I worked about 15 hours a week. With no communication if my hours would increase etc etc. It's all a test, see I'm low on that totem pole and well, I must be a loser if I'm working there, what's wrong with me that I have to get a job at 45 to work at McDonalds. For me, it was an experience, an adventure, for everybody else, loser with a capital L, even some of the people that worked there. Management, all Mexican. Did they hate me or not like me cause I was white? I don't know. I didn't really get that vibe. More like, I'm old and don't fit in with the young kids. They were faster, I was slower for obvious reasons. They kept treating me, like I was like them, I got no slack, I had to pick up the pace, be as fast as them if not faster if I wanted to stay on top of things. I'm not super woman ok, I'm 45 not 21.

Anyway, I got bored, the randomity was not high enough. Not enough to do. I always wondered what makes people want to work for McDonalds fulltime or any fast food restaurant for that matter, it's min wage and no room for advancement meaning getting more pay so you can buy a house and for sure no life to be with a familiy. While working there, I remembered, the Cartel Corporation from a galaxy far far away, they owned their own planets, they had fast food restaurants similar to what it is now with one exception, they owned these restaurants, their workers got paid but also lived in corporate owned housing, got medical, etc etc. If you worked for the Cartel Corporation, your whole family was taken care of, you might not have gotten huge wages but you got free housing, free everything, all you had to do was show up and work. If you were a good worker, you got it all. The Cartel corporation took care of their own people. It was one big happy family for them.

I also noticed the mexican guys working at McDonalds, the majority were mexican, a few whites and a few blacks. The mexican guys were leaving McDonalds and going into the military. And I also noticed that on work applications at big corporations they ask questions about your age, gender, race etc etc, they only have room for 4 races, African American, White, Mexican and Native American. If you are european, you fall into the white catergory. Battlefield Earth, here we come, it's plain as day.

Yesterday, Wednesday, 8/8/2012, I got my first check. I also gave notice on Monday. Today, I blew. It felt so great to do that. I've never really done that before. I honored my agreement, I gave notice LMAO and then today I blew. Do I have any overts on McDonalds, nope. I decided it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. It was unethical for me to work there, not pro survival. Don't make enough money to pay my rent etc etc.

And when I gave notice on Monday, Maria, the main manager, she got an attitude. She told me, how dare I, I was given an opportunity to work there for $8.00 an hour for 15 hours a week and this is how I repay her. Ok, gimme a fuckin break. I told her, I got offered a job making over $85k a year in my field, but she didn't care, she kept running this bullshit on me. I finally said what would she do? She didn't want to answer the question and kept running a guilt trip. So I said, ok, if you had a choice of an $85k a year job or $8.00 an hour what would you do? She still didn't answer the question, I looked at her, nudged again and she said, well yeah. Ok, who the fuck is this bitch to run this shit on me? Nobody. She thinks her shit don't stink cause she's the manager of McDonalds. Fuck her. The bottomline is, she was trying to guilt me into staying there so she can get more money on her hourly wage because I qualifed to work there. They don't hire anybody unless you qualify in the orientation. It was all about her not me or my well being. Typical uncaring executive. So, like any normal person, I blew. But I did it with style and grace. No comm.

In Scientology speak, what she was doing was running suppressive bullshit on me, that was suppressive of her, making me responsible for her restaurant. Wow, I should be so lucky for this opportunity. I highly suggest to other people like me, that come from a management background, who don't steal nor lie, have high ethical and moral standards to not go and work for any fast food restaurants, it's a waste of your time. Besides, all fast food has GMO in it, from the drinks, the meat, the bread, the cheese, the sauce to the ketchup etc etc. After my experience, I won't be eating fast food for a long long time if ever again.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ok, I went there last night and got an ice cream cone, chocolate dipped. LOL, I can't help it, I love McDonalds. I wish there was no GMO, my body can't handle it, I can feel it the next day, headaches, like a hang over. Not like when I was little. Chocolate is mostly made with Soy Lecithin, it's also GMO.

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