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My Story by Kathy Gold


Marty Rathbun

Mr. IG Ethics (Inspector General) Himself lol What a fuckin joke.

As part of my investigation, I sent Marty Rathbun an email, he never responded, he blew me off and then attacked me on his blog, then cut comm. I gave both him and Mike Rinder a chance to come clean, but they both blew me off. As Scientologists, this is what we do. We don't jump to the wrong conclusion right away, we give people the benefit of the doubt. I never met Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder. I wasn't gonna go meet them in person for obvious reasons.

I applied Look, Don't Listen. I was also crossing the wall of fire. I did not have a whole lot of time to decide. No reasonableness, ethics book , I had to observe their actions, their response to me. Not trying to handle them. I was their ethics gradient. They refused for more than one reason.

Screen Shots from that day, over 100 people saw this interaction, but they never reached out to me. It's not ok and all those people are out-ethics. They never bothered to get my side of the story.

Marty Rathbun can play Jesus Christ SuperStar. He will never take responsibility or accountability for his actions. He contributed to David Miscavige destroying the Mission Holders, so he can now expand the Indy Field. And go to court as an expert witness to make money for hs survival. Not my game lol Btw, how much you wanna bet, when I call, if another person comes forward, they will flip out and blow me off to be a witness lol I bet you anything, I won't have to testify in court cause of everybody else's transgressions in present time lol. I can only reach out. Not gonna keep hammering away ok. I can make a phone call but they have to say yes lol get it. For all I know, OSA will get to them first and pay them off not to go to court and then have them sign a Confidentiality Agreement so it's not public record. It's faster, cheaper and easier for the victim. Look at me. Notice Ursula's indicators? lol she looks like she's gonna get an O, boy she is one sick degraded nazi lol I'm sure Marty's actions helped her secure more funding, of what else, the dissemination of hatred and bigotry against my relligion, Scientology, Ursula, you're fucked lol I'm a jew bitch lol. No Nazi Federation, you're on the wrong side lol what can you expect of stupid fuckin nazi's huh lol

Don't worry Ursula, once you drop the bod, your soul will get infused and en-tombed into this rock for 1 billion years, have fun with that, maybe you'll have your O then huh lol. You too Ursula, had one shot to get it right, and you blew it. Oh well. Ha ha, we won, you lost, eternal damnation. Nobody is gonna help you at the end, the bitter end, as you cry for help, pleading ignorance, begging for mercy, help me, please I don't understand, this is the life you chose Ursula, all the people you hurt etc etc.
I know Ursula, you love pain, you will have eternal bliss for 1 billion years :)

For years this woman has gone after Scientologist's because they were Scientologists, what they did to the Jews they did to Scientologist's. The German Government discriminated against Scientologists and then turned around and said, oh we don't want what happened in WW2 to happen here with them, their PR line. We go by actions not words.

Marty assumed he could handle her, if only she understood what my religion really is etc etc, that's his PR line, the reality of it is, he knows she's an SP ok, him and Mike Rinder, they've been watching Jesse Prince do it all those years. Nothing new here. Just a continuation of the status quo. Their status quo.


Dear Marty,

I'm a last life clear who crossed the wall of fire in aug/sept of 98. I'm sure you are aware of my cycle
as well as mike rinder. miscaviage's indictment for Lisa's murder was coming in on nov 98 and his pr was oct 98 and dec 98. I had an induced type 3 meltdown while on my pts/sp course. I wasn't on auditing lines.

But my then 2d jon mackinder tried to beat me into submission, we had a knock down drag out and i went exterior when he threw me across my dining room glass table. he is 6'3 and i'm 5'2.

while working, I had a cognition that the sea org was my true group. i had no comm lag, i picked up the phone and got ahold of gavin. just like that.

Gavin was recruiting me for a mission to get ot9 and ot10 released, part of that was to kidnap and audit the sp's.

I assumed he meant 4th dynamic so I was up for it. He actually meant david mayo and the likes.

Anyway, my case started to speed up cause of all the violence and i felt like jon mackinder's mistress cause he was still married and not divorced yet. and he was using me for money, he worked for my business, lived in my home, ate my food etc etc. Basically it was an out ethics 2d, i thought, we have the tech, i can get his ethics in etc etc.

While this was happening I was having a shit load of cognitions on my 2d, (i've never gone out2d or had
any weird perverse sex shit) one being the sp's separated us.

i thought mackinder was my soulmate, wholetrack 2d. i was stupid and naive cause i believed him, but i knew when i met him that he wasn't.

I had a bad dream (i was being killed and implanted at the same time, i could feel it, it was wild)
and i drove to cc cause i felt it would be a safe place to go. I was then sent home to be watched by
mackinder, who induced my restim into a full blown type 3 meltdown. maureen taped it on video.
I remember cause i saw her when i was coming out of unconsciousness. i was going in and out of that
state and of course present time. a meltdown is just where you are dieing over and over again
and getting overwelmed at the same time, so much to the point you go out of present time. And it's
a combination of the ge too, it's restimed at the same time your case is. hence the overwelm.

I took a journey online and blogged and figured it out, your blog was one of the places i went to
for a source of information online along with marc's and amy's books.
back in 98, after everything was said and done i cried for 3 years, every day, 3-4 times a day.

i believed my eternity was gone, my bridge was gone and all i did was ask for help. You know being there and communicating. I broke the 2 laws of the universe lol.

Did i think about suicide? yes i did, one day, i mocked up killing myself, i thought about what kind of an effect i would create and who would really care. i took a look at my arms, both of them and i thought to myself, if i would do it, i wouldn't slit my wrists, cause that's a cry for help, attention, i would do it the right way, i would slice my arteries in an upward fashion so that i would bleed out and die from a loss of blood. then i mocked up what i would look like lying in a pool of blood. i just confronted it. and then
i had a cognition. i had 2 choices, I can lay down and die or get up and fight. and i chose to get
up and fight, meaning move forward with my life and apply tech, the joy of creating. I thought about the 911 people that lost their whole families just like that and they decided to create a new life with a new family. i also saw oprah one day and she said on her show, sometimes it's not all you, shit just happens and that piece of advice really helped.

i felt betrayed by my group, the sea org. it broke my heart.

i now realize, that the sea org that is there today is not the sea org that i belonged to down the
whole track. And yeah i know you won't believe me when i tell you, that lrh is my whole track 2d
ot 3 drama rama and he was in my father's valence (the commodore) when he had his sits. in 1986,
i got a comm from him after he dropped the bod, i was at scott sak's office, they were at the event,
music thing and out of no where i got a comm, it hit me right up side my head, bamm,
i was like what the fuck! the comm was "oh good, you made it". i didn't know what the fuck it meant.
i've been trying to figure it out. eddie crismani told me, he was at ao that day and the comm
everybody got at ao was, "Get up, the bridge". through my journey and on this meltdown cycle, i figured
it out.

Mr. Farrakhan, put out a press release at the beginning of the year acknowledging my religion.
On my journey, I contacted him along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The 3 wisemen :)

I'm worried that in the event an african american has a restim, I do not want this person to get fucked over like I was and possibly die. Lisa crossed the wall of fire at flag. I knew Lisa from hanover. Lisa just wanted to have a stable 2d, she was looking for her soulmate, wholetrack 2d, the one that loves you for who you are, flaws and all.

I also contacted the aclu about getting the upper ot levels. they blew me off lol.

Anyway, if you want some more games cause I know you are trying to survive, this would be a good
way to come up the conditions and get an exchange for your survival.

Get with rinder to do your battle plan against miscaviage. my blogs ( including case shit too) for your investigation of information are located at:

and documents are located in the photos section.

I spotted miscaviage down the whole track and he's building an implant station aka super power.

If you haven't spotted him yet, i suggest you write up your o/w's so you are not occluded, apply
technique 88 and crack your own case.

me, i'm good, i'm done with that journey and have ended cycle on rtc/miscaviage/the church etc etc.

i'm still a scientologist cause i apply my religion everyday.

i look forward to my life and living every day and i'll be going to target 2 when i drop the bod in 30 or 40
years. me and lrh (aka jett) will complete our cycle of action and have our kids.

next life, i'm going to be a spy, i realized i love investigation and all that shit, it's who i am and
i'm in valence 100%.

i know you can't talk about my cycle cause of the confidentiality agreement you signed. that's totally ok.
i harbor no ill will towards you or rinder, i have no regrets. my code of honor is in.

oh and on those days you start to doubt yourself and you feel the spin, just remember, miscaviage is not an artist, lrh was.

have a good one, i hope you and mosey make it through the bad in pt and come out on top. i like her,
she seems to be a warrior with a brave heart. take good care of her.

kathy gold
p.s. the nsa is on google and law enforcement is on myspace so i know i'm safe.
p.s.s. if you start to feel the burn, apply your ethics book, that's what i did, confront and handle.
it works and everything lrh said about being a sea org member is true. ethics, tech, admin :) you never have to email me back or communicate with me ever again. :)

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