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My Story by Kathy Gold

Married Men Are Expendable

From now on, any married man that approaches me and flows me any flows aka flirts and/or has any computation to fuck me, well I'll just tank your business, money, etc etc. You're wife will know cause she's got a psychic link with you and she'll fuck you up, beat you into submission.

She'll get her confirmation on this website LMAO, your names will go here along with address, place of employment. You will get singled out so there is no confusion.

You don't think I knew Scott, ok, when I was walking down the hall before we got into the boardroom, both of you checking out my ass ok. WTF? Who does that?

Scott's wife, fuck him up, I give you carte blanche ok. Take all his money, his assets, everything and find a good man, on Scott's dime. You deserve it, who knows who he's fucked while married to you.

No more Ms. Nice Girl Assholes, LMAO. You can't act right, then die. And Yes Scott, you are a dick LMAO. This is what you deserve LMAO.

Have anxiety, oh well, take your meds, and get stuck in the past, eventually, I'll keep beating you up via the net and you won't come back, you'll be stuck out of present time, seeing things, hearing things etc etc that aren't there. Fuck with the best, die like the rest. The force is strong within my family. My father's side. Do you hear that, that's him, you can't out run him. He'll always find you. LMAO

Your safe bet, get with Shelly, she'll take care of you, while you tinker in your underwear in the kitchen, she'll bake you cupcakes LMAO. I've got a life to lead, you can't keep up with me, you never could.


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