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My Story by Kathy Gold


Marcab Bounty Hunters

So you have 2 choices when crossing the wall of fire, bank or case?

Pick one lol

Figure it the fuck out assholes lol

btw notice how he didn't go for the girl that was gonna wait for him to come back lol I had a marcab dad too, when I started that job lol I came from trailer and moved up lol got up the conditions lol

You can't restim a marcab bounty bitch on reputation lol or status lol My dad was an implanter too. get it lol Analogy

You're all gonna burn lol for 1 billion years.

He was my bounty lol That's how we met lol He was on the force lol. It was love at first sight lol

She did the right thing, and she won, they refused to pay and went BK, these guys are criminals, they break laws to collect money, by harrassing, intimidation etc etc She turned it around and won. They owe her, but instead of doing the right thing, they are blowing from the scene of the crime.

These guys harrass, intimidate, to get money. They know it's wrong and they don't care. It's justified for the greatest good for the number of dynamics, theirs, their survival.

And when they lose, what do they do, they run, blow. She should hunt them down, put liens and judgements on their homes, their assets, foreclose on them to pay their debt. Hunt them for the rest of the their lives until they pay. A debt is a debt lol

What do you do when you have done everything by the law and you still get screwed? You apply tech, and get to target 3, don't get mad or frustrated, just know they are all fucked lol

These guys owe her a debt, a debt they are not willing to pay. If they make it off this rock, and some how get to target 3, she will own their soul for many lifetimes to come, many bountys lol Easier for her to hunt down and take for treatment to the implant stations for their criminal and out ethical behavior lol I had a great implanter mom too. lol

All real marcab bounty hunters know, to pay off all debts, what you have done to others will get done to you, revenge for doing the right thing. Their anger, their rage, their justification for you doing a job well done. You will be hunted down and destroyed, killed off, simply because they can. If your're ethics are out you won't be crossing that wall of fire.

Btw the boys used to come with me for pick up lol They weren't stupid as shown above, no way, they were soooo fuckin smart lol They loved the rough stuff, if the guy was too mad lol they went by the pain scale lol Our core philosophy, what grounds all of us, ethics, doing the right thing no matter what.

The Pain Scale

Me and Jett are perfectly matched in every way, at the end of the day, we don't throw people under a bus for money. Not our families, not our kids, not our friends, not our employers etc, nobody.

At the same time, we won't tolerate others throwing us under a bus for money. It's an even playing field.

Updated September 6, 2013

Me and Jett that life had two boys. Shit crashed and he got railroaded off the force, he lost his pension. I was a stay at home mom. My boys were young. Like 5 or 6. He couldn't find a job, so I had to go back to work, I got a job, a shit job. Anything to keep the lights on. I hated my life, the only thing that kept me going was my family. Jett was miserable, he was stuck in a funk, he loved the force and in an instant his whole life was gone, just like that. He felt like the biggest failure in the universe. Our boys were quite ok though. I believe they really bonded with their dad. They were all male so, I'm sure Jett made it fun, cowboys and indians, games a plenty. My boys were a handful and very rambunctious, I'm sure they gave him a run for his money LOL. After about 6 months, he started coming out of his funk. I came home one day and there was dinner he made for me. The next time I came home, he said, you're gonna quit work, we're going on the road as a family, we're gonna do bounty hunting and the boys are coming with us. I was like ok. My boys were so happy, they couldn't wait to go into bounty hunter land. So as a family we went back into my family business and made it go right and got thru it. It worked out fine. I still had a great life, that life. My family kept me grounded. My boys as well as their father.

Updated December 26, 2013

You know when I was in jail, cause this church did a citizen's arrest LMAO I met some people in there, talked to them, very interesting conversations. I was told, when they get out, they are given a bill, their debt to society. It's no longer paid with time. For example, let's say you killed somebody with your car, you'd get a bill for $100k or more.

Now what happens if these people don't pay? Do they go back to jail? What? Warrant for their arrest? Cause I asked one girl, are you going to pay it? She said, fuck no LMAO.

Does our city have big unpaid debts from criminals? People who refuse to pay their debt to society? How will they pay? Not the police's problem. Their problem to solve.

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