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Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

The three wisemen. lol. On my journey, I contacted all three of these men. Louis Farrakhan, he's a Scientologist. Jesse Jackson cause I saw him trying to help in the Terri Schiavo Case, to save her life. And Al Sharpton, I read a book, called Freakonomics. There was a chapter where he talked about statistics and he talked about, we are not statistics, just cause a single woman had a child does not mean it was wrong and can't improve conditions etc etc. I got his comm, his words.

They are all good men, they have been fighting discrimination all their lives. I understand, they weren't given any choice, white men kept them down so they could be rich ok. For only one reason, the color of their skin.

I knew that Mr. Farrakhan didn't hate Jews. I just knew it. He and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, they came from the same generation as my father. It was ok to say Jew to describe a person. That doesn't mean they hate Jews.

Mr. Farrakhan has been fighting discrimination all his life for no exchange. He's done fighting. He is not coming back to a dying planet to keep fighting, no. He's done. He'll be setting up the universe with my dad, The Commodore, I also know, Mr. Farrakhan has been looking for my dad all his life and now he knows what happened to him and why they won't meet in present time. And he's ok with it, he won't mind not being The Commodore, it's a pressure cooker ok. Nobody will mind, believe me, they'll love having him be The Commodore. It's a huge responsiblity. And sometimes, people want to chill out and have someone they know and trust, handle that job. Major ethics presence.

Mr. Farrakhan, put out a Press Release acknowledging my religion. He was the only person, on this planet that had the balls ok. I went wholetrack on that press release. He was my uncle down the wholetrack. I delivered his gold, money when shit crashed. And he was also my dad too, he had twin little girls, we were all black. I spotted my mom from that life, she's a republican lol. Our whole family was about justice ok. My sister was with Michael and I was with Jett lol. Jett was white in that life though lol But in the end, he came to love and accept my husband cause Lisa and Michael let him down ok lol.

Mr. Farrakkahn is next to go to target 3, you people can not keep him here, he's wanted and needed over there. Keep your eyes open, old man. You have a good heart, a good soul. Tell my dad, I'm on my way. Love You. K.

And to all you racist haters, I'm not a traitor to my race, you are, you are accusing others of what you are doing.

I also had a brother in that life too and he's here, I spotted him, he assumed I was gonna do pretty tribute pictures for Trayvon lol. Boy did he get that wrong lol. It's cause I'm white now lol. The soul has no color ok, bro lol

As for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I don't know, they are not Scientologists. When crossing the wall of fire, I was watching their PR and Al Sharpton, money problems, and Jesse Jackson, 2D shit with the Rainbow Coalition. But that doesn't mean they are bad men. They are not. Jesse Jackson, a dad, an indian chief in one of my past lives. Al Sharpton, I don't know but I do know, I was on his thoughts, when he was at that funeral when I emailed him, he genuinely cared, he was worried about me. It was nice to connect on that spiritual level.

If I had to take a wild guess, I would say, Al won't mind being a chaplin in the fleet. Jesse, not too sure, I see him as a pirate, maybe break away from the fleet and go on his own. But Mr. Farrakhan, a family member for sure. Brothers to the end

September 11, 2012

As of this day, I got no comm from any of these people, I can only assume it's cause I'm a crazy white jew. Fine. This is where I draw the line and end family ties from past lives. I won't ever see these people again. They know what happened to me and don't give a fuck for more than one reason. They only care if you are black. No comm, blow off, out ethics. Based on their actions. Their words mean nothing to me.

To these men, don't ever reach out to me this life for anything, I will blow you off, I won't care if you are dying in the street. I will stay silent and watch you bleed.

These people are no longer my opinion leaders, role models, I don't value their opinion for anything and their actions showed me who they really are. They betrayed me, when they blew me off, they are no different then everybody else. They failed my test. Communication, how hard is it, to really return communication. Not that hard.

And it feels good to let them go. Won't be seeing them on target 3 or ever again anywhere in the universe.

Farrakhan's hand was not broken then, but in the year 2012 it is.

I also tweeted them on twitter and let them know about these links and this website, a few months back.

Tracking Scientologists Online

Court and Justice

Updated September 16, 2012

How will Farrakhan make it to target 3? I don't think he will, he had a plan stan, go out to hati and hole himself up, he's too old, he is not LRH, he'll have to come back to this rock and try again next life, oh well, not my problem, the holy scriptures of Scientology will be gone by then and he can say, damn, coulda shoulda, woulda. The last best great fight known to humanity and all these men, blew it off. Oh well.

Updated Monday, December 3, 2012

Farrakhan will be fine, he'll get my dad's comm after he drops his bod. I don't hate you, I have nothing but love for you and let the girls know, I got their comm, their prayers, their theta comm made it thru to me and your wife's too. Enjoy the ride, keep your eyes open. I'll see you on target 3, Love You, K

Updated May 23, 2013

How many times does he have to say to the press, I'm not an anti-semite? 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, what?

His words taken out of context, once again, I guess it gives you people something to write about to sell your little teeny tiny papers.

You breed hatred, long term. Wow, they slammed his words. That's nice, will they handle the nazi's in washington too? Or just slam their words, cause I don't see the The Anti-Defamation League handling that problem? But hey, write a letter slamming someone and get press coverage ok. LMAO Same shit different day.

Updated July 12, 2013

I can't wait to hear this album, will it be on Itunes? Tone Scale LOL

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