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My Story by Kathy Gold

Lock Down - My Cop Days on The Force lol

Helicopter spinning in circles, that means they're looking for someone. Stay in your home, don't leave. It's for your safety.

I'm in North Hollywood and there is always a helicopter spinning around, late at night lol Can you imagine crossing the wall of fire during that lol especially if you are a criminal lol can you say, major meltdown lol
I think so lol

Good thing I worked the night shifts lol night watch lol down the wholetrack lol

I finally said fuck it and grounded myself in my cop shit lol 1st clue, my hair, pig tails but twirled and rubber banded lol 2nd clue Star Wars lol Get it, the force lol

I know some of you downloaded the OT levels lol Me and Jett were cops lol No ESP ok just by the book, procedure, protocal lol

Crowd control ring a bell? lol We used noise to disband crowds, it was way more easier than what you guys are doing now lol And alot cheaper, less damage and of course no lawsuits lol

Btw, feel free to check out the section on Court and Justice I got fucked by the ACLU, you would think they would want my case lol After all, here in LA, they went around suing the city for Religious Symbols ok, yeah lol and Patty was looking for a new job when shit hit the fan ok lol

My Story in short format Warning, It's not pretty. I almost died.

updated 7/10/2012

More war stories from the force lol or lmao

Rapters or not helicopters, we used noise for crowd control, made it easier for the crowd to disband and go home. In present time, the noise will get them mad, anger. They are solid as rocks and will get violent instead of passive.

You can use noise for opposite effect.

On some planets where it was really bad, the general public too enturbulated to go to sleep, economy crashed etc etc, we used noise to put them to sleep, no drugs. They would wake up with a good nights sleep and back to work they went. or mass implantation of planets.

Sound, noise, the tone scale can be used effectively, for production. And for that double bang lol pick up and treatment of all the out ethical politicians that embezzled money from the taxpayers, you know broke the law and/or went out 2d on their wives. The basics of any crime, sex and/or money, multiple combinations. We'd just pick them up in the dead of night and haul them up to the implant station lol. A new crew, politician came in. The old one, disappeared, without a trace, along with his family and his crew, a clean sweep, ethics, tech and admin. Got the old stupid laws off the books too, so the new guy would not inherit the old guys condition, could start fresh, new without all the baggage. Good times, pre earth. And it worked. Clean streets, pedafilia was almost never heard of or non existent. There really was a middle class heaven for children. Worlds where they could walk the streets and be safe from harm. And the streets were actually clean, you could eat off them ok. lol.

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