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My Story by Kathy Gold

Lisa Ling

When I was in the internet industry, my friend Stephanie a non scientologist, was banging her fiance, this guy

She met him in an airport and started fucking him in the bathroom. Ok. From there they started having an out 2d. Meaning cheating behind her back. Lisa Ling to this day has no idea.

I'm sure she sensed he cheated on her, and well she was right. Congratulations on the new man in her life.

I don't go out 2d, nor will I have any friends that do. It's not ok and I don't give a fuck what LRH says ok.

Cheaters are liars are cowards. Bottomline. David Miscavige can take his repairing a marriage course and auditing and shove it up his ass lol. Jon Mackinder and him not being divorced when he proposed to me was acceptable in the scientology community. It wasn't acceptable to me. I had to 8-c him to get the fuckin divorce papers drawn up. When I would ask him, in the Scientology community it's suppose to be done quickly. His fsm, Pomm, she was like wait, what's the rush. And she, along with Jean Dale were accusing me of being pushy. Ok.

So, Take your fuckin community and shove it up your ass. All of these people, watched me bleed, and well, I'm gonna leave them here to die on this rock, for 1 billion years. Pomm, who's OT8, thinks her shit don't stink. They all made me, the victim, responsible and accountable, they perpetuate the status quo, are no different or better than anyone else. Pomm, If I personally ever run into you in a future life, I will hunt you down and take you out of the game, myself, I will make you bleed, think of it as a bonus, a freebie lol because I can lol and that's a promise from me to you Pomm lol

The thought of putting you into a room and tying your hands behind your back, while I slowly, slit your throat, makes me feel great lol. But that would be the last thing I would do to make you bleed. I would take a knife and take your arms, take the knife and in an upward fashion slice your arteries, while you watch yourself bleed out, slowly, deep lol, as you screamed for mercy, I would take your next arm lol and do the same thing lol. I would video tape it and send it to your husband and make him watch lol. Now that gives me an O lol Here on planet earth, there is nothing I can do, but walk away, hang my head high. But in a future life, you'll never see me coming. lol.

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