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My Story by Kathy Gold

Letter To David Miscavige regarding Shelly

So I was thinking about Shelly, you must have alot of crimes in present time if you would go to this length to kill her off, so she doesn't testify against you in court and since she's allowing you to kill her off, I'm gonna take a wild guess, she agrees and wants to be let off the hook, take herself out of the game.

She too has noticed, that nobody takes responsibility and accountability for their actions, which is not what LRH taught or left behind.

See in the old days, if you fucked up someone's case, you fixed it, for no charge. What you people keep doing is charging people for your fuck ups. After a while, people go wtf and stop givng a shit. We stop contributing to the out exchange. It should be free, after all, you people are responsible for the fuck up in the first place, standard tech and all.

You allowed her to compromise her integrity, btw, did she go out 2d with Anne Rathbun, Marty's ex-wife, you knowing grieving at the funeral, they were both at. Grief, the perfect place to go gay lol or explore their feelings for each other. Their loss etc etc.

The tone scale, oh yeah, the missed withhold on everybody, I'm a Jew lol I get it, you are both anti semetic and it shows.

Btw, the RPF was only for 3 months max, not years. Can you say alterised of the RPF tech, it was just for minor mistakes, losing paper, not actual crimes in present time.

I hope she loved her food up at int, Sinar gave me the scoop, she ate special food while everybody down below ate rice and beans. And her dresses, expensive, she too got to hob nob with the rich and famous. Boy was that off LRH policy or what.

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