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The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough III

Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough III
7120 Hayvenhurst Ave, Suite 111
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Got a call today regarding my account,, Imagine that, they called me, LMAO.

They wanted to know if I was gonna settle, add a stipulation etc etc They wanted to know what I was gonna do. LMAO. They know what's going on with me and are playing the game, acting like they don't when they do or lying.

I told him about this website, even though, they already know, he let it slip, he already knew about Lisa Mcpherson. People play dumb to fuck you over, for no reason other than they can and they don't care.

All this so they can fuck with my spiritual freedom and send a message to Tom Cruise, teach him a lesson about his religion. Extremely petty, who the fuck are you, you're not God, yet you think you can play God.

You should have stayed the hell out of my business, but your arrogance and hatred of women, lead you down this path. A path you can not come back from. You chose this path. By your own hand.

They've been on my mind recently. I guess the child porn made them itchy, that's what they get for hacking my email. Restim of their implants, add more pedafiles to the list. Which makes sense, old attorney with nothing better to do, child porn on his comps at home, along with the OT levels he downloaded, I suspect.

This is not my tumblr account btw. I wonder whose it really is? Is it an ops by the Church of Scientology or somebody else? I guess we'll find out in the end huh, probable cause, on computers. Those pics of little girls have been up there since 2009 with comments and below that, an illustration of a blond haired woman, dressed in red and black. Hopefully, tumblr forwarded that to the police already, they have the ip addresses and can trace it down, back to whoever owns that account. If not, oh well. Not my problem.

Miscavige, why on earth would I take a screenshot of those little girls? Don't need proof, not gonna break the law. I'm not on payroll asshole, I'm not the one that's gonna be doing an investigation of you.

Better yet, did Katie and her dad see this too, did that contribute to her making up her mind. If they did a proper investigation, then it's a no brainer Tom. Pedafilia, your kid.

Oh, I get it Miscavige, you're a pedafile, I missed your withhold and you wanted Katie out of Tom's life for good for what else money and control. What are you gonna do, sue me for speaking the truth? I already got your computation on that too LMAO, Free Speech. Go ahead, make my day.

You know, Miscavige, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but now I get it. Never give anyone the benefit of the doubt ever again, only look at the negative, never the positive. Only see the bad in people, not the good. And most of all, trust no one, for if you do, they will kill you. This was your product, for not taking responsibility and accountability for your actions. This is your end product when people ask you for help. Fine, I only see you for who you are now, a pedafile, just like your crew, my ex husband, Jon Mackinder and my mother by DNA and her nazi husband, the whole lot, both men and women, including your wife who also cut her own 2d line. Boy are you guys fucked LMAO. Thanks for waking me up from my sleep My heart is closed to everybody now. Won't ever trust another man or woman, this life based on everybodies actions.

Again everybody, self containment is the order of the day, trust no one, not even your own government, just pay your taxes, keep your exchange in and get to target 3. They are worthless, look at the Colorado Shootings Those could have been prevented, lives saved instead of lost, had somebody picked up the ball, Columbine. They did nothing and allowed this guy to purchase guns and amo online with no background checks. And what else, psych drugs. They amplify his thoughts, his feelings, his FPRD case. Restims his implants and gives him a reason to kill without remorse. Another psych case.

And I won't ever help anyone ever again for free. It's out exchange. Find another idiot to run ops on. Babe Corleone

I also think your kidneys will give out, drinking scotch all those years, you're short. Oh well, you've got what, another few years left, maybe 10 tops, I'll out live you. Then once, your dead, infused and entombed into this rock. No crossing the wall of fire for you.

What tangled web, everybody weaves, all because they don't want to take responsibility for their transgressions in present time and past lives and want to wrong target a woman. Or missed withhold city.

As for this attorney, what's the worst that can happen to me? A judgement on my name. Wow, big deal, my credit is already shot, I have no assets, nothing. I took a play from the Rockefeller's handbook, own nothing and control everything, LMAO. I'll see you boys in court. No lesson to teach me, but a lesson for you to learn. Not everything is about money, there are more important things in life than the pursuit of sex and money, it's call a soul. Ethics and Morals, something you don't have.

And your insensitivity to what occurred to me, shows me, you are criminals who prey on the weak, the defenseless and you are fucked, for 1 billion years, you're gonna be burning, along with everybody else.

You assumed you were gonna teach me a lesson, you made an ass out of yourself. Pain, you don't know what pain is, but you're gonna find out, along with David Miscavige you are responsible for the condition you are in, the choices and the decisions you made. No redemption for you as well as David Miscavige and his crew.

I won, you lost. What you lost, was your soul, for the next 1 billion years.

You make a living, feeding off of other people's suffering. How many other people have you destroyed in your pursuit of money? How many other children have you harmed?

Btw Miscavige, weird handling of your niece Jenna, having Marty and Mike handle it, so off LRH policy and not Scientology, it's not even funny, why not you, face to face, or how about sending Dallas and Jenna to Paul Hagis's cabin in Big Bear, it's wack and not Scientology. Or are you hiding your real feelings for her, you scumbag pedafile.

And remember, not gonna spill the beans until I get sponsorship, an exchange, if nobody sponsors me, oh well, you'll have to experience it on your own. I have a feeling that is what's suppose to happen. No more free rides on my dime.

Updated Friday, August 17, 2012

So I was thinking, when I go to court, I'm just gonna let you place this judgement on my name, I'm gonna pay this off, apply conditions, affluence, payoffs. Then, I'm gonna get you. On pedafilia, I'll have the resources to hire my own private eyes, run my own ops on you and bring you to justice with the evidence, child porn, gotcha.

Trying to to use me to send a message to make your bones in your industry. Fuck You. I'm not your fuckin punching bag for your bullshit failed miserable life, you piece of shit. This will be fun, it will give me something to do, to pass the time, until it's my time to go. Now I'll have a paper trail to follow, public record. I'll always know where you are, besides, this is more cost effective and affordable for me, makes common cents, mine that is LOL. This will be your noose around your neck, not mine.

I don't think you'll be getting out of jail, not at your age, no second chances for you, you'll just die there, if the other prisoners don't get to you first.

Btw, you're not marcab, you're just acting like it. Big difference, I am LMAO

Updated Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I had a great idea, since you'll be putting that judgement on me, mine name, I think I'll hand out some post cards in the courtroom and to all the police, networking. This is gonna be fun. Hopefully this will go on record, if not, that's ok, I still have my postcards. I guess I'll be coming out of non-e with the police department. I love it, the double bang. Better yet, I think I'll go to each and every police department in my spare time and hand it out directly. This is gonna be fun. My new joy ride. I'm a cop, what can I say, it's who I am, it's in my soul. I'm not gonna change.

Updated Friday, November 2, 2012

You know, I was thinking since I have never been sued before, have no experience, I thought, I would take a journey to have an experience but, I'm really busy working, so maybe I'll just blow this off and not go to court. What's the worst that can happen? It's in my best interest, not to travel, gas is really expensive, won't be on the road, then I won't be put in a position of getting another ticket and well, my car has damage so it sticks out like a sore thumb. I'll contact the courts and ask them, what will they do, throw me in jail for working, since I'm the only person that is the head of my househould? Go ahead, wow automatic loss. What do I care, I'm working so I can survive, ethics. Eventually you'll get paid off, I'll save enough money to purchase a home for cash and it can go through escrow, that way it's on the up and up, title insurance, I know it will get recorded and you won't fuck me on the paperwork cause I don't have time to handle that bullshit you people do. Alot of people pay off liens and judgements and they don't file the paperwork, so it still shows, not interested in paying double, it's out exchange and unethical.

As for the police, please, they're not dumb nor stupid, their hands are not broken, they read. If by the grace of god, they stumble upon my website, they'll read and learn. I'm not interested in pissing off the police, etc etc, if it wasn't for them in the first place, I would not be here today, to tell my story, my side. They did their job. My neighbors called them and they showed up, on time. Not every cop is perfect like everybody else, but they try to do their best, everyday.

Updated July 24, 2013

They were monitoring me on social media too, this facebook page, I posted on there go ahead, sue me and so they did. They assumed I was an easy target because they saw how all these other people attacked me. Guess what, when I'm dead, nobody to sue. Oh well, I guess you can keep renewing or try Hillary Clinton oh no. LMAO. You assumed you would make your bones, 1st Entertainment Credit Union. They would give you more business, Scientology, Free PR. I guess it won't work out in your favor. I'll be dead and debt free LMAO. Assholes, you all never did a proper investigation and read mainstream PR and assumed I was like Lisa McPherson, idiots, she wasn't super woman either, she was just coming up the conditions, she was inspired, happy so she produced more, worked more then 8 hours a day to spike her sales stats. I have nothing to live for. Working to pay off bills, LMAO and we're not in the 50's. Nobody in the year 2013 steps up to the plate to take responsiblity for a woman, not even in their 20's.

Nothing to live for but everything to die for LMAO I'm clean as a whistle spiritually and you're not.

So, you'll be fucked with your paper. Nobody is gonna respect you nor hire you. I won. You lost. I got my freedom and in this rock you are going for the next 1 billion years LMAO.

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