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My Story by Kathy Gold

Law Enforcement Out On Sundays

So, on my way to Kirby this morning, I got pulled over for speeding. He gave me a ticket. I had a nice conversation with him. He was married, I saw the ring on his finger. But he was also quite pissed off, he's suppressing his rage, his anger.

See prior to me getting pulled over, I got pulled over in Ventura county, while still in Los Angeles county, I picked up a computation, about getting a ticket, speeding. It was weird, I didn't know where that was coming from.

I decided to continue breaking the law and get my ass to work so I would be on time, cause they are extremely particular on being on time, it's a button for them, they only care if you are on time, I didn't want to get fired, kicked to the curb, have them use it as an excuse for me not to sell product.

Anyhoo, there was nobody on the freeway but me in Los Angeles county. So, I got pulled over in Ventura county, He saw me going faster then everybody else. He was parked on the right side, I was going west on the 118 freeway. I saw him, I slowed down, went the same as the flow of traffic, ethics gradient. But it was too late, I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw him coming. I was in the fast lane, saw him, he kept coming. He was after me. He pulled up behind me on the freeway, from the emergency lane on the left, I was in the fast lane, he with no lights, so I turned on my signal and moved over the the lane on my right side, to give him leway to go forward, then he got into the lane I was in, behind me, still following me, then the lights. So I started to pull over, he told me to get off the freeway. So I did, turned right at the light on the off ramp, then he said over the speaker, stop here. So, I did. I'm not even mad. I whipped out my registration and my proof of insurance. See, a few weeks back, I didn't have it in my glove, but it was in my wallet, I found it later ok lol. And the police officer stopped me for speeding, I was parked in front of the office of where I was working at that time, again sales. Actually selling vitamins over the phone. That officer told me, I had 2 choices, I could get a ticket for speeding or a ticket for no proof of insurance. I took the one for no proof of insurance. He told me the options with that, I could pay the ticket for no proof of insurance or I could not pay the ticket and go down to the court house in Van Nuys and show them I have proof. I choose that option. He was a nice guy, he understood, I was speeding to get to work, I really had a good reason. Btw, I found out later at the court house it's like $750.00 ok for no proof of insurance, yes, we are all being scammed by the police and the insurance companies, this they call middle class heaven, big fuckin deal. Forcing individuals to purchase insurance by the law where the insurance company doesn't pay out, it's actually quite criminal, or mob like. This society is really criminal and quite suppressive, forcing us to comply with the law, a law btw we didn't vote for but got passed on our behalf, the insurance companies. So who's really a criminal and who's not, on or off the police force?

But this officer he didn't care, his response was, you are trying to blame me for breaking the law. I said, no, I'm just telling you the truth. I told him where I was going, I didn't feel bad, no guilt for speeding I guess 75 per hour. I explained my situation, he could have let me off with a warning. It's a choice really and he chose not to. His choice. Not mine. I told him here's my situation, his solution was for me to wake up early, I told him I was up at 5:00am, you want me to get up at 3:00am, 4:00am ok. I told him I was going to my job, I also didn't have any gas, I couldn't stop, didn't want to be late and get fired, I told him I was gonna go into people's homes and sell vaccums, Kirby. He really didn't care.

But here's the funny thing about all of this, I wrote down this website on a piece of paper and handed it to him and you know what he said, he said that's a generic website LMAO I told him no it's not, I own it and I have proof, documentation.

So I could have avoided getting a ticket cause I picked up his enturbulation, his comm, he was looking for a speeder and he pulled me right in. Had I not speeded, I would have not known that entire police departments all across the country assume these are generic websites, they've already been told to ignore. I'm no fool assholes, I was a fuckin cop down my wholetrack. You all are not getting off this rock, to that cop it was more important to be right, he had no compassion or understanding in his heart and soul. He is a criminal. When he dies, his soul will get infused and en-tombed into this rock.

All the police departments across America can now only go off court cases and news like this

and spin for all eternity LMAO while they are going into this rock. Again still LMAO The cops can't differentiate and A=A=A everything, their policy, their procedures or psych training. One word, Bio Psych Drugs, you will all be kept out of present time permanently, that badge comes with a price, it's called your soul.

I told him, you'll know if I don't pay this ticket, that means I'm dead. He didn't quite get it, he was extremely slowwwww, or dumb. Not sharp at all, not a quick thinker, more like a robot that has been integrated into middle class heaven. He was under the impression if I didn't pay it, that meant I didn't make money to get my ass out of bed to make it go right cause I'm a loser because I was speeding. His computation. I told him there is no welfare, I tried food stamps etc etc. He didn't care. It never occurred to him, based on looking at what I was wearing or my briefcase or my lunchbox that maybe I was going to work on a Sunday and I told him that fact too. So in his universe I'm a loser for going to work.

Who gives a fuck about a speeding ticket, my clean driving record, insurance, see Mercury insurance, if you have no money to pay for rent, food etc homeless on the street. Those are more important than a speeding ticket. If I have no money to eat, then I sure as shit don't have money to pay for a speeding ticket. He knows I have no famly, no kids, no husband etc. I told him. He didn't care if I go homeless on the street, why should he, he has a regular paycheck and a pension. He only cares about writing speeding tickets for any reason, even if it leads to my death. The police only value money now. So feel free to go for their pensions, then they can have a lightbulb and realize what it means to have compassion, understanding when it comes to the human condition. We are not all criminals, I have nothing to hide.

But you all want us to be criminals, to justify your past life transgressions, to keep us in line, so you will have a job. Not my fuckin problem. I have cause over my exteriorization and you don't. You won't. Bottomline. I'm not afraid to die, you can have my body, my brain, etc etc but you will never take my soul.

And yes pres, I got your computation too, everything is still in play. Tracing money, I'm no fool. Yes, I did that on purpose, filled up my gas tank. Go on your guts and instincts. In the end, you only have you. not a love song ok

If you want to take down this website before I am dead, go ahead, I don't care. You can use Homeland Security to do it. Freedom of Speech. If you think one woman will harm you getting re elected into office, then do what you have to do. If Homeland security is worried about that too, one woman, really, go ahead. My comm has already been delivered. My story, my side is already known. I did the right thing all along the way. Can you say the same about you? The ends don't justify the means.

It really is better to just drop your bod and split, let big pharma take them all out of the game including their children and their children's children, ok. Shed no tears for these people, for their souls, just smile, take the ticket and pay it, go make more money. Get it.

Do not help these people in any way shape or form. Let them get treatment from the psychs ok, after all, they do know best huh LMAO, Bio Psych Drugs, based on blood tests, let's categorize everybody based on their blood type, I'll go first, I'm an A LMAO

They now work for their God, money, or the sign of the devil, 666 LMAO They will understand what it feels like for the next 1 billion years, burning for eternity or eternal damnation.

Updated Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So I got an extension to pay this by the November, didn't have it. So now if I don't pay this by 12/9/2012 they will add $300.00 to the $418.00 ticket. It will cost $718.00. I called them, they never responded to my email, oh no, they are well aware of this website, I told them LMAO fools.

So, they won't allow you to go to jail for the ticket, they want money. Btw, they are on a Furlough, meaning money from the gov LMAO. They're not working a full schedule. So, I'm gettng God really doesn't want me to move to Ventura county anytime soon, I wonder if that tsunami will hit LMAO.

Anyhoo, I had a nice little chit chat, what's the worst that can happen, oh no, they'll suspend my drivers license. Who cares. I'll be a criminal, after all, look at Mercury Insurance, they are criminals too, they broke the law and nobody enforced it. So, I'll follow the example they have set. The guy on the phone didn't know what to say.

Btw, this ticket is really really excessive, in Las Vegas the same ticket is $195.00 and in LA county it's in the $300's. But it's cool, I'll be a criminal, crime does pay LMAO. It's better to be a criminal than not. The people on the force in present time, have no idea what a police state looks like, fools, you can't control people with money and you can't get blood from a turnip.

And the woman at Mercury Insurance, Karen, when I told her I was gonna route into jail to pay my ticket she said, ewwwww, send her and everybody that works there to jail for not obeying the law.

And for the cops reading Marty's blog that assumed cause of Michael Fairman we put tickets etc etc ahead of our survival, wrong move assholes. You know how many police states I've gotten in and out of, because of you assholes down my fuckin wholetrack pre earth? A shit load, on payroll, undercover. Too fuckin funny. These bitches never fuckin learn, paper pushing idiots in a uniform, uniforms don't make cops, you either are one or not. And well, I'm a cop.

And why I got this cop's comm in the theta universe LMAO he was one of my brothers in this life but he's not my brother in present time LMAO. He had a choice and he chose money instead of doing the right thing. Oh well. Not my problem.

It's better to be a criminal now then not. You'll survive and live. You can't restim us on anything now. We are all free now. We don't give a fuck about money, you people do. When you handle Mercury insurance, then, we'll obey the law, until then, everybody is on their own, to fend for themselves.

4:53pm They just sent me an email, 1 hour ago, ok, they are sorry for my troubles and want me to set up a payment plan, ok, I can't do that, I won't agree to something I can't commit to at this time. It's like I'm breaking my word, agreement. If I had a stable job that I could depend on with a future, then sure, but I don't. You can thank David Miscavige and his church, read my story, my side Btw, how about you guys do me a favor, include this website, my story, my side in your intranet, so that all the police all over the United States of America can get the real data or details of what happened to me, the how's and why's, this management team broke the laws of the land and never took responsibility for it and perpetuate the status quo of criminality.

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