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Last Open Letter To David Miscavige

August 3, 2012

I already spotted you like Nikki Sixx, the love hate implant. I've already run it out. Won't ever meet you this life. And if you some how get off this rock, which I highly doubt, I won't ever meet you then.

You have the KR's I wrote and I already know Jenny read them as well, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten her computations too.

LRH never had a long term out 2d or mistress, like you with Jenny. You are 1.1. in the covert hostility band. You are not worthy of trust and just lie.

Unlike Nikki where we had one great life. The life I had with you, was shit. I loved you, but you cheated on me, with more than one woman and wouldn't stop. I was first wife and mother to your children.

I was also black and you were white. Here, on planet earth, target 1. Where as pre earth, I never married you, I did here. I let down my guard, and trusted you. I gave you another chance.

And what did you do, you turned around and cheated on me, you had more than one mistress. You never loved me, pre earth and you never loved me here on earth. You were just using me, I was your prize possession. This is your operating basis when it comes to women.

Now I see you for who you really are. A joker and a degrader. Any joker, fool can make money but not every person can step up to the plate and take responsibility and accountability for their actions.

What my father pre earth instilled in me, still stands to this day, a cheater, is a liar, is a coward and that is what you are.

This is where I'm done. I don't care about you and what happens to you. I'll just watch and comment on the sidelines, like everybody else. I'll be a spectator. In the grand scheme of things, you are not that important, you never were.

The truth is, without Scientology, a religion, you would never make it in the real world. You would have no money, no power, no job, no home, no food, no friends. Nothing.

I never wrote you any poems nor created any art with you in mind. Nor did I ever have a desire to do so. I was never looking for you. Just Jett. My case is resolved and I'm not spinning anymore.

I have cause over my exteriorization and my heart and soul are no longer in pain. If I think of you, I feel nothing at all. No pain, nothing. I'm done.

Babe Corleone

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