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My Story by Kathy Gold

Last Life

If me and Jett were together last life. You know, if I was a woman, not a man. We would have gotten married, had our kids etc etc. It would have been our research.

We wouldn't have put a church there, too much legal liability. So a non profit organization, free to the world, mankind. Just our research. Our wins, including feelings etc etc. We wouldn't have had the time to do a church, we would have been happy, doing our thing as a couple and family. As for a group, 3rd dynamic, we would have helped our local community as well as fosterkids etc etc.

Everybody would have to do it themselves, if they wanted cause over their exteriorization. We would have marketed and promoted long term what this really was about, includng a religion about past lives.

There would not have been a gradient, everybody would have to figure out their own gradients. If they wanted it, if it was important to them, they would figure it out, how to make the time to read, learn and apply it.

We would have been very blunt about it. Again it's non profit, meaning not for profit. This way, we wouldn't have had to worry about overhead, people's wages, their food, shelter, man we would have saved sooooo much money, just on advertisng alone ok.

There would be no CCHR, no, find a fuckin attorney to take your case for free, to help you for free. No narconon, no criminon and no able.

We would have told everybody, upfront, bluntly, overtly, directly, why psych drugs are bad, whether they believe us or not, who cares LMAO

We wouldn't have gotten involved in this. Everybody is too petty. They just want to bitch and hold you responsible and accountable for their lives. I wouldn't have put up with that. I would have told him, honey, mankind is not worth saving ok. Look at the stats. Let's just go, we'll hat the kids, so they can do it themselves and split, to target 3. Where the real game begins.

Don't have to worry about all the SP's LMAO they'll just automatically go into this rock along with all the pedafiles.

He did way to much work for little money. Alot of people took advantage of him and kept him in pain. He was a good man. I'll see him next life.

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