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My Story by Kathy Gold

Larry and Leslie Roberts

I met them at Hanover. I became their adopted daughter. Larry wanted me to handle Kim his daughter. She was being a spoiled brat about something. Why he assumed I could handle her, is beyond me. Oh that's right, we're both Sag's.

Larry and Leslie's big thing at work, constantly being told, I need to get a 2d, a stable 2d ok LMAO Maybe now that I'm not part of this church I will LMAO.

This was the 3rd dynamic, why they were bringing this into the workplace is weird. Everybody had an adopted kid at work, Stanley Gainsforth, his was that preppy guy, tall, blonde hair dude. I can't remember his name.

Jennifer and Gerry Carle was Maritza (not a scientologist, years later she was on the run for embezzling money from another escrow company in Santa Monica) the escrow officer downstairs. Jennifer was the president of the escrow company.

Dean Glossup's was Brynn Hancock (and Brynn, she's married to another Scientologist, she was weird ok, she thought she knew it all cause she went to a Scilon school, one where she had a lesbian affair)

While I was working at Hanover, I had alot of randomity, see expanding an area from 2 people into 20 takes a lot of fuckin work, it doesn't happen overnight nor do the salaries just magically appear.

I was working my ass off, till about 7:00pm Mon-Friday, then slept on the weekends to catch up. I was so busy working, I didn't notice Mr. Preppy dude, he wanted to get with me, a set up. I got a best staff award for one week thing, I caught his eye, big fuckin deal, he was Stan's assistant. I think he moved out to Palm Springs with some older lady or something. I don't know and I don't give a fuck, I just know that Stan is dead.

In 1998 Aug of, I reached out to Stan, I got in comm with him. So Larry, I already know, you know that I got fucked and you nor Leslie gave a fuck, you contributed to the Super Power project.

While crossing the wall of fire, at the very beginning 2009, I called and spoke to Leslie LMAO. I found out where Larry was on the bridge, he was on OT8 and Miscavige took him off that level and put him back to OT7. I decided to play a little game with my dad from another life. So I left a message for him. Just one, I never called them ever again. I know he was pissed cause I was getting mental image pictures of him but they were hard, and every where I was going, I would see him but he wasn't there ok, my nose started bleeding. So I started writing, KR's up to Int management. It cleared up, right away, I realized, it was the right thing to do, Ethics. Larry always said, you can cross the wall of fire, anybody can, just by using your ethics book, so I did.

And I ran into Dean's wife at the Valley org, Dean just finally got done with OT7, after all these years ok LMAO. So who's taken who for a ride? I crossed the wall of fire and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

I know Dean told you, that I ran into his wife, I was asking her about work, she's selling her shit at costco and I got your enturbulation in the theta universe. I know both of you were talking about me, making fun of me, wow, look how she turned out. This was in early 2009. I'm not a fool asshole, I'm OT. But you people are like nattery little ants.

At London Financial, while I was there, I had to go in there on Larry's orders to product officer the asian broker, he flipped out and physically picked me up and threw me out of his office, where I landed on the floor. Not one person at London Financial did anything, they all watched, Leslie laughed, she thought it was funny.

I on the other hand zipped it. I got up and remembered that moment in time. I lived at Larry and Leslie's house in Valenica, I paid them rent. They were the only thing I ever had to a stable 2d. A family. Their son, Nick, I bonded with him and we went to Magic Mountain. He was like the little brother I never had. We also played video games, watched tv, ate dinner with the folks while Kim was at her friends house, she slept over alot. So it was just the 4 of us.

Kim was busy playing her drama rama games with boys, I never bonded with Kim on any level. I lived at Leslie and Larry's house for about 6 months.

Marie, she was the new loan processor at London Financial, she assumed I wanted her job. I did it better then she ever could. She lived in Palmdale with her husband, and she got raped when she was younger, she told me in confidence, I told Larry, it came up in a comm cycle. I don't know what she said to Larry, but something set him off and he started yelling at me. I just passed my test for my real estate license, I invested alot of time into getting this done and becoming a loan officer. I was at home and he called and started yelling at me, we got into a big fight, I can't remember why, Leslie asked me the next day, that morning, are you going into work and I said no, she was like ok.

I packed up my shit and left. I never spoke to them ever again. This was around the same year/ time I went back to school for my computer degree. Maybe 6 months in between,

My mother on the other hand wanted to know what happened and started interrogated me in 1998 after I moved back to her home. It's a weird thing to do after you almost died ok.

I remember in Valencia, there were problems with the neighbors, they were Christians, and started talking shit about Larry and his family because they were Scientologists. So they ended up moving.

Middle class heaven, drama rama, bitchy neighbors.

I liked Larry and Leslie, they have a high confront of evil. That one incident at work, doesn't erase how good they were to me, I loved both of them, they were the ony stable 2d I've had this life. I also remembered while crossing the wall of fire, Leslie was my mom in past lives with Larry. I just never saw Leslie as a mom, more like a best friend. Jenna was my sister in a past life where Larry and Leslie were our parents. I was the good daughter, Jenna the stripper, Larry had to handle. LMAO.

We're all Marcab. We can handle the punches, 1 is ok, they're not abusive, they just have a high confront of evil. They don't give a fuck about money, they would die first for their kids. I'm not their kid now in present time.

This is Larry and Leslie's company they have achieved their goals, their admin scale.

Their daughter Kim works there too.

BTW, are you guys going to target 2 or target 3? How will your children survive? GMO's get it, this civilization is ending, time to go.

And Larry's Twin was Kirstie Alley on OT3 LMAO He didn't even know who she was. Larry and Leslie were pirates LMAO per them. In present time Larry was an Army Ranger, he did go to Vietnam and loved it LMAO.

And both Dan Pesta and India worked at London Financial before I got there, Larry didn't like Dan, he thought Dan got shitty products, he did like India, she got products, she left London and went into the Sea Org.

And how is the country club life, Leslie? Was it everything you ever thought it would be and more? LMAO I don't do country club, it's so passe.

Updated July 21, 2013

I remember when we were hiring, all sorts of people came in to work. We didn't discriminate, scilons, non, all races, religions, my second was Virginia, she was mexican and she ran the investment couselors, got the money in.

Anyway, so the area is expanding, and I had a bunch of assistants, I hatted them all, trained them all. They were quite impressed with me. I had my lines in with everybody, even the IRS, I could just pick up the phone, call the IRS and get a demand statement, within 15 minutes faxed over. My girls were very impressed cause when they tried to do that, they couldn't get the same results.

So, this one girl, she was nice, a little too nice, and wanted to hang out. I was like ok. Her boyfriend worked there too, both non Scientologists. They invited me over to their house. I was like ok, you know I was young, early 20's. They wanted to go to the movies or something, led me to believe there was a party at their house. When I got there, it was just the two of them. I thought it was weird, where is everybody else? Oh it's just us two. Ok. The next thing I know this bitch is going on about how she needs to change, get into something more comfortable. So while he's talking to me, she goes and changes and comes out in a robe. I was thinking to myself WTF? These weirdos are trying to do a threesome, I saw the set up. I split. I told them, I gotta go.

So then the next day at work, they were like creating problems, drama. I picked up they wanted to set me up sexually and then sue the company ie blackmail for money. Their little plan never happened, I never engaged in their bullshit. Instead, they both blew, after Larry told him to fuck off LMAO Imagine that, no lawsuit. Criminals looking for a buck. They assumed cause we were Scientologist's we could be set up so easily. I'm sure Larry picked up on it, they're computation and I also told him, gave him confirmation, cause that guy was afraid of Larry.

Updated December 17, 2013

I cognited. I've had more then one past life with Larry and Leslie, where they were my parents by DNA, inlaws, where Larry was my Dad with another female and Leslie was my mom with my dad in present time Mob LMAO.

The life above was just me, Larry and Leslie and Jenna Jamison. I was the good daughter. Larry had to go handle Jenna and her bullshit. Marcab days. Larry was a cop on the force.

When Larry and Leslie were in my life, I always felt like Larry was a dad and I felt like his family was my family. I also felt like somebody was missing. I realized in a past life, they were my in laws and I was married to their son. His first kid. Same kids now but with one missing. I already pulled him in online, we've never met this life and I don't think we will, different paths, journey plus he's a wog, not a scientologist. He's superficial, low on the tone scale and I'm up in the games band.

In that life, Harvey Weinstein was my dad, and I had three sisters, we were all Jewish. We were tight. We each also owned our own Video Rental stores, which we took to the next level, corporate, we, meaning me and my husband. He didn't cheat and wasn't into porn. It was a great life. We won the game we played together in middle class heaven, across the boards diagonal. He's just like Larry. Like father like son.

Those two would butt heads but in a good way. We had two daughters, twins. Brunettes. And I've spotted both I think. One is well aware of me already. I got her comm already, she's one of Nikki's kids in present time.

Me and my sisters I was the youngest and the phoebe character. He was the Cole character. He was my demon and I was his angel. We loved role playing games. That was our thing, we would see a movie and I'd be like I'm that person and he'd be I'm that person and we'd play that for a while and then start, change and stop or play another movie. We loved movies together, that was our thing. No costumes. Just us, we'd even stay in character when we went to out to dinner, outside of the house. It was fun and our game as a couple. Our 2D.

I had drama rama to handle with my sisters and their 2d shit and he had his own, with his family, Kim LMAO, his little sister. But it wasn't entheta. It all turned out fine. Nobody hit anybody or anything weird.

And he wasn't into pain and sex. He's not a criminal. He's just very loud. I picked up his enturbulation with Scott. I believe he and Scott are friends in present time. In that life Scott was married to my older sister so they were brother in laws.

I got his comm, his anger when I tweeted CPI Solutions. It was I'm gonna kill you Scott O'Malley. I was like woooooow, ok. Then it was like you were hiding her from me. It's third dynamic, money. At first I assumed what e-commerce? What?

Then later I got his other comms and computations on how he got me and me and him sailing away in a boat, he's just gonna throw his mermaid over his shoulders and off we go, sail into the sunset. Ok LMAO

The last one was I don't want fish hooks in my mermaid. Dude, I'm not your mermaid ok. He's reading my site LMAO. But he'll never ever have me this life LMAO.

And yes Larry, these bozos online just figure out how they can get me in their head but will never put it in the physical universe. They social profile and cookie cut in their head, they have no balls to do it in the real world. They are low on the tone scale. They are all over 40 and are fucked LMAO they never crossed the wall of fire nor contributed to the 4th dynamic, it's all them, them and them, or self absorbed idiots .

LMAO. I'm sure Leslie will laugh her ass off when she reads this. She's marcab too and knows how the game is played. These guys are also out of present time, O/W's on the 2d in present time.

And Leslie hates Scott O'Malley too, she was my mom in that life where Scott raped and killed me. He caused alot of pain to my family including her.

Again the good memories are behind the bad. My husband from the life above was behind all the bad memories with Scott. I don't think I have any good lives with Scott. I think it's all negative.

Thanks for hatting me Larry, you always said, anybody can cross the wall of fire just by using their ethics book. I love you both. Please Leslie, change your postulate and go with Larry to target 3 or get left behind to die on this rock.

The game starts next life. I'm good, I crossed the wall of fire, and man was it fun.

Ownership, low on the tone scale I'm at games, higher up LMAO A guy on the same page would never do that in his head, he'd meet me, he'd be in the same band as me, games.

Also in that life with Nikki I was a paid killer, that was my job, I got paid money, the big bucks to take people out of the game. I wasn't an artist. Ding, ding, ding. LMAO.

And I wore my piercings under my clothes and after 3 months when I started getting bigger, you know pregnant, I took them out LMAO. It was our game on the 2D. Only idiots read it and assumed LMAO. Fools or same shit different day.

And the different journey is he wants to marry a younger woman, he feels he's owed something cause he's a man or his serv fac, make wrong. After all that's all he's ever heard thru the media, the tv, radio etc etc cause he's a man, don't worry, you can always find a younger woman LMAO you've got time on your side LMAO You're clock is not ticking LMAO He never found me and I wasn't looking for him. So no harm done. Just asis or poof. Case gain for me, me and me.

So while that might be true in regards to the men and their clocks not ticking, LMAO I have no kids and I'm not gonna have any this life LMAO and I'm not taking any financial responsibility for theirs. I've got time on my side too, again I'm a woman, I don't need sex LMAO. You'll all be dead from STD's LMAO antibotics aren't working anymore. Restim city LMAO present time and past lives where they had them LMAO. Oh well, not my problem it will be his younger wife's problem to deal with LMAO

I explain here, cause these guys will never get in comm with me, they will never reach out and talk, communicate. This is what cowards do. I'm not an SP, so I'll give them confirmation so they can move on with their lives and when I do that, each time, I get great case gain. Not them. So I won or Ha ha.

Btw Larry, I'm on an open comm channel, my twitter account, it's my comm board. I'm wide open ok LMAO No covert ops here. I think Larry can have a good chuckle, he was in the army this life LMAO.

And yep, this is aberrated, again I don't play the aberrated 2d game unless I'm already married LMAO. Duh. Again, you don't know me, you're just restimmed off your own past lives and assume I'm somebody that I'm not.

And don't worry Leslie, I'll keep outflowing until I pull in my soulmate this life. I get it, I have to go thru a bunch of bozo's to get to my one. See my personal blog, if you want to follow my adventures. I have a feeling I'll meet him in Scotland. Just a feeling, so I'm gonna go with the flow and have fun. Life is an adventure and should be played not read.

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