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My Story by Kathy Gold

LRH The Founder

SP's assume that all Scientologist's are like LRH lol That we are good little boys and girls and will do the right thing no matter what lol, in regards to our bills, debts etc etc.

Alot of SP's have gone online and viewed his record, his stats, what he did and how he went out lol. Within 24 hours he changed his will lol. He didn't want his family to fight over his money, he loved them, so he sorted everything out, to make it easier for them.

I'm not him lol. I'm me. lol. He's 24 hours, I'm 24-48 hours lol. I have no heirs, no kids, no family, no friends lol nothing left to lose but this body lol Why not go out in a bang huh lol My joyride lol I win, you lose lol Ha Ha.

I'm a woman, not a man lol.No amends to do for anything. lol I'm good to go now lol.The people that fucked me, owe me. Their amends. If by somehow they make it off this rock, easier to hunt down and take for treatment to that big implant station in the sky lol.

Here's a tip, a clue to all the women that have been fucked like me, let all these assholes fuck you over, let them kill you off. Just cross the wall of fire first lol. They'll never get it, they're men lol. On target 3, no more discrimination. Implant stations are going back. getting paid to catch the bad guys and bring them in, priceless lol Can't wait for that game in middle class heaven. Pensions galore on the taxpayers dime, no more crimes for a long time. No more pain for the victims, just the evil bad guys. Real Justice.

I don't advocate violence, there is no hope for victims of crimes. Nobody will go to court for no money, nobody helps real victims anymore. There is more in life to live for than money. I'm tired of being discriminated against because I'm a scientologist, a woman, a jew, a catholic, not being gay, a republican, an artist, for not ripping people off.

I'm tired of people looking at me weird because I liked to genuniely help people. Business owners look at me, like there is something wrong with me because I didn't make a gazillion dollars screwing people over to build websites. That's not normal behavior, it's criminal. The criminal mind. They are fucked and they know it. GMO, your kids and your grandchildren are screwed like you. Won't work with criminals. It's against my religious beliefs.

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