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My Story by Kathy Gold

LRH Books

Idiot sp like people wanted the books of LRH to conform to their logic, ok, they couldn't comprehend them, understand them, really, not. Missed withholds, they are criminals down the wholetrack and in present time and don't want that known. How hard is it, to clear your MU's? Not that hard, their hand is not broken.

I was on the HQS course with this woman, my twin not a staff member and it was more important for her to tell me what I did wrong then to grant me any beingness, how about what I did right? That was, I missed her withholds, she just nattered up a storm. I wasn't gonna argue with her, I was doing my preps for my OT Levels.

Now looking back, I'm so glad, I did it myself. Why contribute to an out ethical organization or the people that work there? What are their contributions to mankind?

Let's see, from David Miscavige's letter in Vanity Fair, cause it's all about him, buildings, he contributed to buildings to help free mankind through his parishoners donations, money. Anybody can do that, people have been doing it for years, it's called fundraising LMAO But what LRH did, that was new.

David Miscavige is no LRH and he knows that, that's why he hates LRH so much, he never will be, not a big being, small being. Take away David Miscavige's money and he'll just die. Take away LRH's money, he'll continue and survive. That's the difference between these 2 men.

This 25 year plan of David Miscavige's, his master grand plan, the release of LRH's books in chronological order, from the looks of things, it's not working out quite how he planned. Oh well, another lesson he'll have to take with him to the grave or this rock, his eternal tomb.

LRH was one of us, the good guys, the rest, leave em behind. See you on target 3

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