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My Story by Kathy Gold

Krav Maga

I suggest all women take Krav Maga so that you can protect yourself and no man will ever hurt you ever again.

Real men don't hit. Ever. They don't love you and never did. I remember seeing a PBS special back in 2000 or so about men hitting women and how the men that did the hitting, turned over a new leaf and said, I never loved the woman I was hitting. I would never hit someone I loved. I was using her for my punching bag.

My past lives is asian track, warrior. My type of men, 6 feet and over. Why change my type because some asshole who was 6'3 hit me? Not gonna lol

Don't cower, don't worry about suits on target 3, your size won't matter, take this life to prepare for target 3, special suits to fight bugs lol. I might even be the same size, next life that I am this life. I'm a pilot, and guys 6 feet and over won't fit into the cockpit lol. too big lol. I might even have my own special ship, built just for me. After all, I'll be the commodore's daughter lol. Delivering his comm.

Btw, I had the best instructors down at very cool guys, not judgy or discriminative, but guys none the less. They loved to kid around, were very funny lol.

In my heart, I longed for a resolution, a why or whys. After I got tired of crying, I started researching martial arts, that's what I felt would make me whole. Complete. I researched alot of martial arts, I found one that even dates back to the Chinese Empire, where the guards would put people down, quietly so as not to disturb the royal family. I tried Hapkido, it was too technical, to forced, to rigid, I needed something that was instinctual, normal, natural.

I didn't give a fuck about winning some award, I wanted the real shit, I can use on the streets, in real life. I found Krav Maga and I knew this was it. The Isreali army uses it too, on the front lines. Both men and women. It's quick to learn and you don't need years and years of training. You just learn it and use it.

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